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Project Runway, Sept. 3 – Catch a Wave

Heidi calls the following teams: Althea and Louise, Logan and Christopher, and Shirin and Carol Hannah. She congratulates them and tells them they will be moving on. The remaining teams have the highest and lowest between them. The high scorers are Johnny and Irina… and Mitchell and Ra’Mon. Damn it, is Mitchell going to squeak by again?!

Qristyl, Epperson, Nicolas, and Gordana head backstage, while the high scorers’ models come out for the judges’ critiques. The judges start with Johnny and Irina, and Johnny tells them who did what. Nina likes the shirt, and Rachel says their pieces are her favorites. Max likes the top of their avant garde dress.

Ra’mon tells the judges that he and Mitchell were inspired by waves crashing on the sand. Heidi wants Mitchell, the team leader, to do the talking. He says he did the swimsuit, which isn’t even visible, and Heidi quickly determines that Ra’Mon did the lion’s share of the work. Nina likes the avant garde dress a lot, and Rachel says she would wear it – after having it altered, as she’s short.

Then the losing teams come back out. The judges start with Qristyl and Epperson. Qristyl tells them that Epperson took the lead in everything, and he rolls his eyes. Epperson says he came up with the concept, and Qristyl says it wasn’t good enough, leading to them fighting. Again. When they stop, Rachel tells them she likes the green print, although it has some problems. Nina doesn’t like the avant garde piece, while Max points out that designers have to be good team players.

Heidi likes Nicolas and Gordana’s macrame bodice, but she thinks the pants are messy. She doesn’t think their avant garde look is classy enough. Nina says they went for too sexy of a look. Max believes they can do better. Rachel thinks the look is fashion-forward.

The judges deliberate. Max likes Johnny and Irina’s brown top, while Rachel likes how their two pieces connected with each other. Mitchell and Ra’mon’s avant garde dress was dyed well. Heidi says she would wear it, while Nina likes the colors. Max reminds everybody that Ra’Mon had done all the work, and Heidi isn’t sure how to judge Mitchell as he didn’t do anything.

Nina dislikes the lace Nicolas and Gordana had used. The judges all like their macrame top. Nicolas has to tame his urge to make sexy clothing. Rachel likes the top part of Qristyl and Epperson’s dress. Qristyl and Epperson didn’t work well together at all.

The eight designers then return to the runway– and Ra’Mon is the winner. This is a first. In the past, when a team won a challenge, everybody got some credit for the victory– and the captain was awarded immunity. Not this time. The judges have apparently decided to not let Mitchell skate by again– especially not after letting Ra’Mon do all the work. Ra’Mon has immunity and wonders if there will be a recount because he can’t believe he won.

Irina, Johnny, Gordana, and Nicolas are all safe, leaving Epperson, Qristyl, and Mitchell in the bottom three. Epperson is in. Heidi scolds Qristyl for her poor leadership skills. Mitchell has left Heidi “disappointed and confused”. For the first time in show history, a designer from the winning team is in the bottom two. Mitchell is then duly sent packing.

Next week: The remaining thirteen designers have to design for thirteen women. Somebody is told that their look has aged the client.

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