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Project Runway, Sept. 3 – Catch a Wave

The models come in for their fittings and hair consultations. Carol Hannah is happy with her replacement model, because she looks good in her creations. Gordana tells us that her and Nicolas’ avant garde look is supposed to be a mermaid turning into a human. Oookay. Weird can work in avant garde, so we shall have to see if they pull it off. Ra’Mon thinks Mitchell has trouble staying focused. As if to prove him right, Mitchell clowns around with Nicolas, letting Ra’Mon do all the work. During the hair consultations, Philip shows the designers sketches of his ideas, and all the designers seem to like them.

Tim comes in and starts with Johnny and Irina, and he likes their macrame. Epperson and Qristyl have a dress that can be converted into a bathing suit; Tim doesn’t think it’s sophisticated enough. Shirin and Carol Hannah still have a lot of work left, but believe they’ll be fine. Logan and Christopher made a floppy white hat as part of their outfit. They tell Tim their plans, which he calls “ambitious.” He also likes what he sees of Althea and Louise’s work, as well as Nicolas and Gordana’s.

Lastly, he stops by Mitchell and Ra’Mon, and he thinks the avant garde jumpsuit looks more like a scuba suit. He also doesn’t see how it connects to the beachwear. “I feel like I’m in a cartoon with a superhero and a Greek goddess,” he says. Tim warns Mitchell and Ra’Mon that they need to pull their two looks together. Ra’mon hates that, once again, they’ll be throwing something together at the last minute. Tim tells everybody to “work like there’s no tomorrow, because for at least one person, there won’t be.” Are we talking double elimination here?

Ra’Mon decides to scrap the brown leather jumpsuit. Qristyl and Epperson are still quarreling.

On the morning of the runway show, the designers get back to work. Qristyl is worried that that there will be a double elimination, while Christopher is feeling confident. Ra’Mon is working on both pieces and trying to keep Mitchell focused. The latter project doesn’t seem to be succeeding. Tim sends in the models two hours before the runway show. He wonders if Ra’Mon will finish his new second look in time.

Ra’Mon dyes his new outfit. Tim warns him that he is running out of time. He doesn’t want Ra’Mon to be disqualified for not finishing.

At the runway, designer Max Azria is subbing for the absent Michael Kors, while Rachel Bilson, who is an actress and a designer, is the guest judge.

Qristyl and Epperson are up first. Their surfer look is a green and white print dress with a leaf pattern and spaghetti straps and a gathered skirt. The avant garde piece is a brown swimsuit with large buttons down the front, a train in the back, and a swath of bright green cloth tied over one shoulder. Um, guys, “avant garde” doesn’t mean “throw random stuff together.”

Johnny and Irina are next. Their beach look is a white skirt and a long-sleeved brown shirt with an asymmetrical neckline. The shirt is apparently intended as a cover-up, but brown’s not a color I generally associate with beach wear. The avant garde look is a brown dress with a big shoulder piece over the right shoulder. Was Mood having a sale on brown fabric? And Christian and Chris did the big shoulder decorations back in Season 4.

Mitchell and Ra’Mon have made a cream, blue, and brown dress cinched in with a wide black belt. It’s made of some kind of soft, floaty material. Their avant garde piece is a short, one-shouldered, yellow-green dress with a big blue-green splotch across the middle. I’m not sure I’d call it avant garde, but then the other so-called avant garde pieces haven’t looked all that avant garde so far, either.

Shirin and Carol Hannah have made the best beach look so far. It’s a pretty, long multicolored print dress with a halter top that can be detached from its red bikini top to reveal the rest of the swimsuit. The avant garde dress is a long, satiny blue dress with a shoulder piece on the right side.

Althea and Louise’s beach look is a red bubble dress with a halter top connected to a blue-and-white bikini top. Their avant garde look is a black dress with a glittering bodice, a short ruffled skirt, and a cascading train in the back.

Nicolas and Gordana’s surf look is a lavender macrame bodice paired with white wraparound pants. I have seen pants like these at the Renaissance Festival– and the people who wear them know enough to tie the legs in a certain way, so the material doesn’t drift all over the place. The model didn’t do that, and the pants consequently look messy. Their avant garde look is easily the strangest of the bunch. It consists of a white miniskirt with big ruffles on the shoulders, translucent lace at the midriff, paired with lacy blue stockings that somehow come over the skirt and have a large hole cut in the front.

The last pair up are Logan and Christopher. Their surf look is a grayish tank top over a multicolored bikini and skinny, gold-and-white pants. This look is accompanied by the big floppy hat they’d shown Tim earlier. The avant garde look is a sleeveless, zippered white top with a large collar and black trim and a very short white and gold skirt that flares out over a huge black, cream, and pink tulle skirt.