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Big Brother 11, Sept. 5 Spoiler – Surprises, Nominations, and PoV Winner

Shortly after all of this strange fun, we move onto the nomination ceremony where Michele and Kevin officially get nominated. Natalie wore an outfit of the HoH robe and crown and carried a scepter. Nothing like ostracizing yourself late in the game. Kevin thinks she looked more like Flava-Flav than a Queen and gets upset with Natalie, as they had planned. What he is really upset about is her choosing to not play for PoV, and she tells him she just didn’t think about it when given that choice. Michele, though, claims to not be offended, and Natalie tells her and Jordan that Kevin is the real target.

Jordan and Michele confront Natalie about the engagement story and don’t think they should believe it. Jordan says she can tell when Natalie is lying, but that didn’t seem to stop her from believing she would stick with her and Jeff for final 4. Natalie tells more and says he proposed to her right away and got down on one knee. He also told her there were a lot of Natalie haters out there online, and Natalie believes this is because she was aligned with Jessie.

Kevin, Michele, and Jordan talk about Pandora’s Box and are sure that Natalie is keeping something from them, not understanding why anyone would keep getting engaged a secret. They figure she really isn’t allowed to play in the PoV, but think there was something else that happened. Kevin thinks it’s odd that she said she got engaged, yet when he went in the DR, they didn’t ask him about it. Plus, they asked for food for an engagement party and were denied. Michele knows Natalie is in good control of her emotions. I’ll say this, when you’re in tae kwon do, it’s one of the five tenets that you learn as a white belt, “self control – control your actions and emotions.” The others are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, and indomitable spirit. I think that’s why she keeps talking about her integrity, as it bothers her to think she might not be playing with integrity, but that’s why she leaves the blood on others’ hands.

Natalie then works Jordan a little to see if she can get her to evict Michele if Jordan wins PoV. She asks if Michele has asked for a final 2 deal, and Jordan says no, but honestly, who hasn’t had a final 2 deal? Natalie lies that Kevin said she isn’t getting his jury vote since she nominated him, but says she’d rather have Michele go this week, as she knows she can beat Kevin. She thinks Kevin could win it all, though, if he made it to final 2. She believes the same about Michele. She explains it was that way with Dan last year, meaning it’s not a social game then and more the better strategist wins. Jordan and Michele then talk with each other and agree that Kevin has to go,

Later on when Natalie is talking to Jordan and Michele in the HoH, they’re discussing final 2 scenarios, and she says “The only guaranteed vote I had in the jury was Jessie, and I don’t know if I have it anymore. I was telling him today … my boyfriend … today …” It could be that that’s the lie she has created. She really met with Jessie, and did game talk with him, but is telling the rest of the house it was her boyfriend, as she doesn’t want them to know. I wonder if Kevin had gotten the key if he would have seen Lydia, Jordan Jeff, and Michele Russell. However, neither Michele or Jordan seem to notice or think anything of Natalie’s Freudian slip.

And if they were really listening, they would have noticed that Natalie then went into game talk that she surely went over in her time with Jessie. She says Jeff should not have taken Lydia off the block with the CDT, as he didn’t know who Kevin would vote for, Natalie or Jessie, but had it been Lydia and Jessie on the block, Kevin would have surely voted out Jessie. There’s really no reason to bring this up, except that it was new knowledge and thoughts given to her today by the person who spent his last minutes in the game that night.

Kevin ends up winning the PoV comp, saying he has five days to make the other two suffer. Natalie warns him to not torture Jordan, and that he should befriend her. In other words, Natalie’s still working a final 2 with her, or is working her really hard for a jury vote. He wants an acknowledgement from Natalie on their final 2 deal, and she swears on her engagement. He states that could be fake too, and she doesn’t exactly appreciate that comment, but offers up a guarantee on her dad instead. Jordan is humiliated after doing really poorly in the comp,

Kevin thinks he can sit pretty for five days now. What he doesn’t realize is that the live eviction will be Tuesday. They’ll find out before Tuesday night as production has to get ready and all, but that ought to be interesting when they all realize that. Hopefully it’ll be in time for Michele to use her last day wisely. It’ll be her last surprise, but it’s guaranteed to not be the last this season.

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