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Big Brother 11, Sept. 5 Spoiler – Surprises, Nominations, and PoV Winner

Natalie finally pulled one out. Yet when you think about it, all three of them, Natalie, Michele and Jordan, all played a pretty good social game, so it stands to reason that with that set of questions, they’d all do pretty well. Now it all depends on the power of veto. The only one that’s safe is Natalie, and the nominees really don’t matter too much, since only one person is voting.

Shortly after the feeds come back after the live show, Kevin and Natalie get together and strategize. She wants to put up Kevin and Michele, just in case Jordan wins PoV. She knows If Michele wins PoV, Kevin is gone for sure, If Jordan wins, it could go either way, but if Jordan listens to Jeff, she’ll evict Kevin. He thinks they should point out to Jordan that none of them have a chance with Michele around after all the PoVs she’s won. If Natalie wins, she wants Kevin to evict Michele. They decide Kevin should sleep in the splish splash room to keep the other two from talking. They assure each other final 2, and she assures Kevin she’ll try to win PoV for him. Natalie still wants to do this for Chima.

Once the houseguests start to settle into their final four status, they get to have the clothing comp where they get limited time to grab as many free items of clothing that they want. Natalie gets a white ruffly shirt, as well as a cute black and white dress that is too big for her, as she suggests maybe it will fit Jordan. She also gets a pink top and admires the tank top with leopard print trim that Michele got. They switch tops. Oddly, Natalie puts away her new clothes in the dresser in the red room, even though she’ll be moving upstairs to the HoH soon anyway. Jordan is told she can keep the white shirt from the clothing comp, but can’t wear it on camera. Kevin gives Natalie some of the stuff that was too small for him and keeps a yellow scarf.

With Kevin in the DR for seemingly forever, Natalie, Michele, and Jordan talk at the kitchen counter over a bottle of wine. Natalie points out often that she promised not to put up Jeff and didn’t, but didn’t say anything about not voting for him. She follows this throwing Kevin under the bus saying Kevin promised the same thing, but didn’t honor it. She’s obviously working on some jury votes.

Natalie gets her HoH room, and we see pictures of her with her dad, as well as some with her boyfriend, and when she was little with huge glasses. Hey, I understand. I also have a small face and wore the big glasses when they were in. I looked like a bug. Natalie gets a blanket from her boyfriend, Red Vines, Arizona Tea, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. That brings into question again Natalie’s age, along with her older boyfriend, a bear with a graduation cap, and talk of a friend that’s married. Her dad writes her a letter telling her the $500,000 would be nice, but not at any cost. He advises her to make good decisions.

In a funny exchange, Natalie tells Jordan she can sleep in HoH with her if she doesn’t want to sleep alone. Kevin then suggests she could sleep with him, but only if they made out like a couple of lesbians. Natalie wonders if Kevin’s boyfriend would get mad about that, and he asks if she would be mad at her boyfriend for making out with another guy. She suddenly sees his point.

When Natalie gets called to the DR, Michele and Kevin take advantage of the time alone in the HoH, to talk about her. Kevin doesn’t think he can win against her and is upset that Natalie kissed up to people for votes in the jury house, and threw comps, letting others do the work. He also notes that Jordan doesn’t have any blood on her hands either. Kevin comes out with it and asks Michele for a final two deal, but I think deals in the house this season are silly. No one is living up to them, yet everyone walks around calling each other out for not doing it. Michele doesn’t want to commit, for possibly the first time ever. Kevin says he doesn’t want Natalie in final 2, and knows he can beat Jordan in any comp. He wants Michele’s help in getting rid of Natalie in final 3. She then says if they do do this, it better be locked down. Natalie returns, and Kevin is then called to the DR.

This all seems to be a plot of Kevin and Natalie’s, as he tells her everything he discussed with Michele. It seems Natalie and Kevin’s final 2 pact is the real deal and still in effect.
They want to make Michele realize Jordan is not a good person to keep and that he would take Michele, so that Michele would keep him, but I don’t think she will keep him no matter what type of final 2 pact they have. They realize this too and agree they need to take Jordan to final 3.

Natalie rehearses her nomination speech, as she says she will tell Michele she is nominating her for personal reasons, saying she was the cause of Chima getting kicked out and that she threw her Christian values away. As a Christian, Natalie doesn’t want to make a deal with the devil. Her dad told her not to win the half million dollars at any cost, and if it means selling her soul to the devil, then she won’t be winning. She’s going to say that she’s nominating Kevin for strategic reasons. Kevin’s going to tell her he understands, as they only had a final 4 deal, not final 2. She’ll finish it saying that although she’s 18, she’s not dumb.

Jordan and Michele are pretty sure that if Kevin loses PoV it’ll be an all girl final three. Jordan knows she shouldn’t have evicted Lydia, but says she “couldn’t keep that f’er around.” Michel tells Jordan she isn’t feeling positive about her chances of winning, so if she has to give the money to someone, she wants it to be Jordan. Jordan claims to feel the same, and says Jeff told her to stick with Michele, and that he didn’t want to see anyone else as final 2. Michele thinks the best thing they could have done is not win HOH, since Natalie feels like she can beat them. But I know she’s smarter than that, as if they had won, they’d be safe now.

Pandora’s Box makes yet another appearance. Natalie sticks her hand in the box, and it results in her not being able to play for PoV. When the feeds come back, the houseguests say the theme of Pandora’s Box had something to do with babies and cat costumes. Natalie talks about it being a bad one this time, but she had gotten a key and gone to the DR, so Jordan thinks she’s lying. Natalie then owns up, saying if she used the key, she’d get to see a loved one, but she’d lose the power of playing in the PoV. She saw her boyfriend there in the DR and says he proposed. The others don’t understand why she wasn’t crying after that, and Natalie explains she was trying to think of a prank to pull about it instead. Michele calls her out for “living in bizarre world,” but really I think they both might live there. Natalie’s boyfriend gave her a twist tie to double for a ring while she’s in there.

As the talk goes on, we find out there were other people in the house during Pandora’s Box. There was a “roach lady” who sprayed Michele with something, a little person in storage, and a baby man that Kevin offered to spank. Well that seems interesting.


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