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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 1 – Sweet Girls Don't Make Great Chefs

The next day it’s on to the next challenge, but the reward has not entirely bonded the red team. While prepping, the red team has started an anti-Suzanne team and made it very clear without talking to her that she is not wanted. Every year the women seem to do this to someone. I would think the only true way to be safe is to work with your team until it is time for the black team to start up. It does no one any good on the red team to isolate a member, again Hells Kitchen 101.

For dinner service tonight they will be serving a sorbet to cleanse the palate. Ariel is assigned the task to work the dining room and the kitchen on the sorbet station basically. The guys are one team member short, so no one is getting that task assigned. Instead they will have to remember to do it when someone is at a slow point. If this goes the way it went when they were to serve the Chefs’ Table, it could be trouble for the Blue team. Andy and Tennille step up to lead their teams tonight.

Tennille tries to tell Suzanne her scallops are too dark, but she doesn’t listen and Chef Ramsay praises her. Red needs to worry more about service and less about Suzanne. Kevin also is praised for his risotto. The appetizers are going out quickly and it is time to start serving the sorbet. Kevin goes out to the dining room while Van takes over appetizers; he isn’t doing as well as Kevin.

Both teams move on to entrees. Amanda is having some trouble with portions; Andy is having trouble taking control. Suzanne and Sabrina are not speaking to each other so fish and meat is not being timed properly. Dishes start coming back because of raw meat. Sabrina is kicked out of the kitchen and told to go eat raw meat. She is blaming Suzanne because she was pushed to serve.

Tennille takes over the meat station and shines. Both teams are doing well and nearing the finish of the service. Suzanne doesn’t time her fish right again and ends up killing an entire table. Over on the blue team, Andy runs out of mashed potatoes. Three tickets left and none of the tables can be served due to no potatoes. Dave jumps in and starts cooking. Suzanne continues to sink the red kitchen with the fish station.

Both kitchens finish service but it was rather rocky. Chef Ramsay thinks both teams are equally weak, but gives the win to the blue team, and he specifically points to Dave for the win. He tells Tennille that he is glad that he kept her, and it was her best service by a mile. Tennille is given the responsibility to pick the two chefs going up for elimination.

Tennille knows that she is putting Suzanne up. Suzanne doesn’t see that she threw people under the bus and can’t work as a team. As for the second nomination, Tennille is undecided on Amanda and Sabrina and wishes she could just send Suzanne home.

The first nominee is Suzanne because she put her arrogance above team work. The second nominee is Sabrina because she hasn’t stepped it up. Chef Ramsay also adds Amanda to the mix. When the three ladies are asked to defend themselves, it gets very frazzled.

Suzanne believes the only reason she is up there is because of Tennille’s personal reasons. Tennille interjects that she told her it was strictly on service, and Suzanne is doing what she does best, throwing people under the bus. Sabrina explains her inconsistent meat cooking on Suzanne. She tells Chef Ramsay that she had to cut new lamb to keep up with Suzanne, and that Suzanne didn’t communicate well with anyone. Suzanne argues the point which causes Amanda and Tennille to jump in to support Sabrina.

Amanda’s defense is that at least she can cook her stuff. Chef Ramsay asks her if she can win Hell’s Kitchen and she quietly says yes. When Chef Ramsay sent Jim home, it was due to lack of heart and passion. I’m wondering with that answer if Amanda just sealed her own fate.

Chef Ramsay calls Suzanne’s’ name which is a sigh of relief, and then he tells her to get back in line. Amanda is sent home. He says it is because she is a sweet girl, but sweet girls don’t make great chefs. Is it really that or did he not like that she groped him in the dark; he is a married man.

The remaining chefs are told to get a good night’s sleep. Chef Ramsay says he is going to turn it up a notch and really test them. Sabrina and Tennille are left to try again another day to get Suzanne out.

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