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Big Brother 11, Sept. 1 – Secret Room Revealed

Michele knows she has to win or else she’s going home. She gets the first one correct right away. The neurosurgeon does really well with this DNA. She can’t tell who Jeff is mixed with, though, and thought Jordan’s face was her own. How she doesn’t see herself is beyond me. And she’s always fancied being in Jordan’s shoes with Jeff, so the psychology behind that is fascinating. She gets herself paired with Natalie right away. She also doesn’t get that it’s Russell right away. Why did no one notice his eyebrow? She feels she did pretty good, but knows it’s possible to have lost by just a few seconds.

Jeff is up last and knows it’s win or go home. He gets the first one right away. He recognizes Jordan, but doesn’t recognize his own face, thinking it’s Laura, Michele, and finally himself. Again, how can you not recognize yourself? He thinks maybe he needs more time to look in the mirror. He also calls Laura out with big horse teeth, just as Kevin did and doesn’t get Russell at first either. He knows it was challenging for him and that Michele has a good shot at it.

For the times, Kevin finished in 3:05, Natalie 2:55, Jordan 5:09, Michele 1:52 (wow!), and Jeff 3:01, meaning Michele won the PoV as well as the home entertainment system. She just became a big competitor to the others. Jordan admits her heart dropped, knowing she’ll go on the block against Jeff. Michele tries to tell Jeff she’s sorry, but he just tells her to get away from him. Nice. He’s a sore loser, isn’t he? Russell was quite gracious in defeat walking out the door on Thursday. I don’t see Jeff doing that.

Jeff has a glass of wine alone in the splish splash room as Jordan comes in to tell him she’s sorry, asking if he wants to be alone, as he only says it doesn’t matter. She knows he’s mad and is sorry. He admits he could point fingers, but the fingers need to be pointed at himself, as he knows he messed up and will take all the blame. He’s not going to talk smack and go out like that.

Kevin and Natalie talk up in the HoH, saying the important thing is that Jeff will be gone. It works out kind of better for him, as if either himself of Natalie won, and he kept the nominations the same, the vote would be tied, and he’d have to split it, leaving him with blood on his hands. They know they need to send Michele home next because of her winning score. Natalie says she just has to fight to win HoH next week so that she can send Michele home. Kevin tells the DR she makes that promise every week, but she hasn’t won anything. I still think she’s throwing all the comps.

Jordan and Jeff sit outside as she says she’s so mad. He agrees it hurts that he lost and it’s over. Jordan knows Kevin won’t put Natalie up, leaving her to be on the block against Jeff. Michele talks to Jeff alone and tells him she wants him to stay, and she’s going to fight for it. She’s going to try to work Kevin over. She tells Jeff to not give up without a fight. She knows without him, and with Jordan, she doesn’t have a chance. Michele thinks they can align with Kevin by assuring him safety, meaning Jordan has to go home. She agrees to talk to Kevin to see where his head’s at. In other words, they’re throwing Jordan under the bus. And honestly Jeff, she just wants you to stay so that she isn’t the only target next week if Natalie wins.

Jordan sits in the green room crying, drinking wine, saying she’s so mad, because she doesn’t do good under pressure. She feels so bad, because if it wasn’t for Jeff she wouldn’t have made it this far and would have already been gone. He is her BFF and deserves to make it further than her. She tells him she doesn’t care if he throws her under the bus. She isn’t going to ask anyone for a vote, and is going to tell everyone to vote to keep him. He says that’s why he likes her. She thinks there’s still hope.

Michele talks to Kevin, telling him in a perfect world, the final group for her would be herself, Kevin, and Jeff. She trashes Natalie, saying she is sure she would want to take Jordan to the end, but if they all stick together, she and Jeff can target Natalie. Otherwise, if Natalie makes it to final 2, Michele thinks she’ll win, because she has so many friends in the jury house. Michele doesn’t see Jordan winning in final 2. Kevin admits he’s thought about all that, and admits the scenario of himself with Michele in the end is the better one. He’s putting a lot of his future in this house on Natalie next week. Michele tells him she only wants him around because people will target him. Kevin says she’s making sense and he needs to think about it.

It’s time for the veto ceremony, and Michele knows using it on herself is the obvious choice. Jordan feels 100% positive that she’s going up on the block, meaning either her or Jeff will go this week, and she always pictured them going to final 2. Jeff is bitter about the whole situation, and admits it sucks Kevin stabbed him in the back, but he had a chance with the veto and failed, so can only blame himself. Kevin figures Michele will most likely take herself off the block, and he only has two choices, Jordan or Natalie.

Michele doesn’t give herself or Jeff a chance for a speech at the ceremony, and announces she has decided to use the power of veto on herself, telling Kevin he needs to name a replacement nominee. He tells Jordan he’s sorry, and she takes her seat. Michele adjourns the veto meeting, and says she was in a negative place, but turned it around. Kevin so wanted her out, but he’s her target next week, and he’s going home.

Natalie says Michele used “what little brain power she has” and used the veto on herself. What wasn’t explained here that would have made this make more sense is that shown on the feeds this week was Michele telling Natalie she was going to save Jeff and keep herself on the block. Natalie is happy Jeff and Jordan feel the wrath of being on the block together, just like herself and Jessie. It’s looking better for her, she thinks, to win the half million. Jordan wants Jeff to stay over her and will do anything to make sure it happens. Jeff knows this is the worst case scenario and warns Kevin better watch out if he stays. Kevin knows historically on this show the gay houseguests don’t make the best decisions, but he wanted to make sure he made the smartest decision. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s huge.

I’m still wondering why Russell’s picture wasn’t grayed out at the beginning, but I’m told it was for Sunday’s show. The other interesting thing which seems lost on everyone else is that the person closest in time in the PoV comp was Natalie. If it’s true she’s been throwing the comps, she’s a true threat. She’s second to Michele in a mental challenge, and physically, she’s downplayed it the whole time, but she’s a bronze medalist in tae kwon do. She’s also a poker champion. Yet, she isn’t anyone’s target. Kevin is targeting Michele next, Michele is targeting Kevin next. If Jeff stays, he’s targeting Kevin. Jordan will target Kevin as well as payback for Jeff. If she wins HoH next, she takes out Michele, and gets to play again in final 3 for HoH. If she loses, she only leaves next week if Kevin wins PoV. She’s safer than anyone else there. Additionally, she can beat just about all those left in final 2, except possibly Kevin.

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