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Big Brother 11, Sept. 1 – Secret Room Revealed

They have to tell us tonight what’s in that dang secret room. It’s like the great mystery of Big Brother or something. We should get to see that tonight, as well as the Power of Veto competition and Power of Veto ceremony. It’s not looking good for the alliance of Jeff, Jordan, and Michele. Jeff really needs this veto win. But wait. Why isn’t Russell grayed out in the beginning? Is there a chance he could come back?

Jeff calls Kevin a snake for nominating him. He had one chance to show his loyalty and proved he was worthless, so Jeff just wants to go to war at this point. Kevin doesn’t care who goes home and just wants to get rid of the players that can beat him in the competitions. If one of them wins veto, he’ll at least get one out. Yet, Kevin and Natalie tell Jeff in the storage room that he’s safe and isn’t their target. Natalie tells the DR if he believes that, he’s dumb. Well, the paranoia’s part of the game, isn’t it?

Michele goes into the splish splash room after her nomination and says, “Yahoo,” then tells Jordan she lucked out. Jordan is sure she’s gone the next week. Michele knows she needs to win the veto, and knows she would be a lone wolf without Russell. Whoever gets the veto, if it’s not her, she feels like she’s going home. Jordan’s nervous, yet Michele claims not to be. Jordan calls this the worst feeling ever, knowing she let Jeff down. Then again you can look at this another way. He chose to align himself with someone that would easily follow him and that he was attracted to instead of a good competitor. That was his choice.

Jordan tells Jeff the same thing, and he tells her he’ll take the pressure. He needs to win, not her. He’s a winner, and winners win. Now’s his time. The best case scenario will be for her to win, as she’ll be safe and can take him off the block, meaning Natalie has to go up. Jeff knows he has to win, and he’s in good position, but wants Jordan to know she can step up and win at any time as well. He wants her to try her hardest. Again, he aligned himself with her, then threw her an HoH. I think he did it, though, knowing it was either going to be him or her, and this way he knew he’d be safe, yet could still play for the next HoH, and it worked, but made them look like major targets.

Kevin walks up to his HoH room and finds the secret room in there. He opens up a card which tells him the door is to Pandora’s Box, a secret room behind his HoH. Opening the door could reveal something good or bad. He needs to watch the spy screen to reveal a hint, and reads “To release $10,000, put your hand in the hole.” He’s worried about being locked in there, knowing this seems too easy. Yet, he also realizes it’s not written just for him. He’s thinking of doing it, because he admittedly is a greedy bitch. He finds this whole other room and admits hie’s scared. He sticks his hand in the box, and screams, right before we go to commercial.

When we come back, he laughs with his hand in the hole and says he knew it. He’s now locked in. He calls it half laughing, half distress. Suddenly money is falling from the sky outside, and the others rush to pick it up. Natalie says someone needs to tell Kevin. Kevin can see it all from the box where his hand is stuck. Natalie said she’s wanted money to rain down her whole life. Jordan’s dad used to always say money doesn’t fall from trees, but now it’s coming from the sky, as she tells her dad he’s really wrong. Jeff is shoving it in his pants and “underpants.” What grown men say underpants?

Another message appears on the screen in front of Kevin. It reads, “The key to your release is hidden somewhere in the house.” He starts yelling for the others, but they’re too busy picking up their loot. Natalie heads upstairs, and he yells to her that she has to find a hidden key. Instead, she goes outside with a wastebasket to collect more cash. Kevin sees her on the screen and says, “Natalie, you just got busted.” He then figures if it was Jessie bent over in a box, she’s be quick to help him out.

Jeff wonders what the catch is and heads upstairs with his wastebasket of cash to see what’s going on. Kevin calls to him and tells him if he wants to keep the money, he has to find the key. As Kevin is trying to explain it to him, Jeff picks up Kevin’s earlier instructions, and just starts walking out. Kevin has realized the only way to get the “greedy asses” to look for the key is to tell them they need that in order to keep the cash.

Jeff checks around the house for a key while he loses money out of his pants all over. He finds the key under a pillow on the couch, and Kevin can’t believe Jeff goes outside to get more cash instead of coming up to release him. Jordan collects $1,726, Natalie $1,904, Michele $2,563, and Jeff $3,181. Jordan comes upstairs and opens the door to the secret room and he tells her he needs the key, and then they’ll all get to keep the 10 Gs, because she’s only worried about someone getting the cash instead of her.

Jeff has the key hidden underneath his trash can. Natalie comes back down smiling, and Jeff knows she’s up to something, and she doesn’t tell him anything about the door to Kevin opening. Once he heads up the stairs, she follows him up on his heels. Jeff brings the key to Kevin who unlocks himself. Kevin now heads outside to collect his own cash. He says this is an individual game. No matter what friendships and alliances he’s created, Pandora’s Box made him realize he really needs to concentrate on winning this money for himself. He ends up collecting $626, and tells them they owe him big.

It’s time for the PoV competition, and everyone has to put on a spacesuit and enter the backyard individually, one at a time. Kevin enters the competition first, and figures it’s all on him after Natalie showed her true colors in Pandora’s Box. Seeing the backyard looking like another planet, he reads that Martians are from Mars and houseguests are from Veto. Aliens used the houseguests’ DNA to create the ultimate space creature – two parts houseguest, and one part a little green man. One at a time a face will be shown and the players have to decide which two houseguests make up the alien. The houseguest who gets all these right in the shortest amount of time will win the veto and get an HD home entertainment system.

Kevin’s first mix is Casey and someone else, and he guesses Russell. He thinks the eyes are ugly. It turns out they’re his own, but he knows he’s way cuter than that. He guesses the next one is Lydia and Ronnie and is correct. The next is Jeff and Laura, but he’s wrong, as it’s Jeff and Jordan. For the next one, he guesses Chima and Michele, but I can clearly see Natalie’s face. Sure enough it’s Natalie and Michele. The next is Laura’s “big horse teeth” and Jessie, followed by Braden and Russell, and he gets it correct. He feels he did pretty good, and he’s sure he’s first or second.

Natalie is out next and knows she’s safe unless Jordan wins the veto. She doesn’t do very well with the first one, getting several wrong attempts. When she gets to the one of her and Michele, she says she knows it was Michele because of the nose and knew her own hair. She promises America she will never have a child with Michele, as they would make some horrible looking babies. I’m so glad she’s thinking of us, yet still trying to figure out how that would work physically. She also hopes Jessie and Laura don’t have that creepy looking baby. She got much better as this went along and felt confident in her time, feeling she might come out with the victory.

Jordan knows she needs the victory really badly for Jeff to stay. She also makes several bad attempts with the first one, saying normally she notices every little thing about people. She went to see her grandpa once, and the first thing she noticed was that he had new dentures. She recognizes herself right away, but oddly doesn’t guess Jeff at first. She does admit they made a cute alien. I just don’t get how she didn’t recognize Russell at fist. I knew right way because of the scar on his eyebrow. To me it was a dead giveaway. She doesn’t think she did great, but hopes Jeff will pull through.


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