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Big Brother 11, Aug. 30 – Playing the Numbers

Kevin tells Michele he’s in a bit of a pickle with nomintions, but wants to see where everyone’s head is at to help him decide. Michele cites again that she’s all alone and doesn’t have anyone. Natalie comes in and plants herself right between them as they talk. She butts in and says right now it’s two against three, although Michele tries to defend herself and say that she doesn’t trust Jeff and Jordan. Natalie points out if Michele had won HoH, she would have put up Natalie and Kevin. Jordan walks in then to stop the chat, followed by Jeff.

Michele cries again, and everyone talks about it, as Natalie says it’s because she knows they all want her out. They talk about the promises she’s made, saying she’ll be doing that all week just to stay, and they know they can’t trust her. Kevin tells the DR that it’s very obvious she’s all alone right now and an easy target. He knows no one likes her, and she’s also a huge threat. He knows no one would hate him for getting rid of her.

With everyone sitting around except for Michele, Jeff says he loves chicks in sweatpants with their hair tied back, as if they look pretty like that, they’re pretty. He doesn’t need them to get all jazzed up when they go out, then take their makeup off and look like Fright Night. Nice, Jeff. Kevin then starts playing game show between Jeff’s choices and Jordan. He finds out Jeff prefers brunettes, likes age 25-30, and has to have a sense of humor, finally giving Jordan a point. Natalie guesses correctly that he likes the schoolgirl look, and Jeff admits he likes slightly athletic and Italian chicks and loves girls with accents, but not like Jordan’s. He likes foreign accents, and wants a girl to be slightly shorter. He doesn’t like them to be outspoken, but every girl he dates is, so he guesses he does. Jordan kind of wins there.

Kevin is honest with Michele and tells her he has never been able to get into her head. He wants to trust her, but he doesn’t know if he can, as they haven’t played a lot together. He’s in a predicament, and genuinely 50/50 this week. Michele admits she’s been true with her alliance, but says they ended up coming after her and never tell her what they’re doing. Kevin tells her there is two equally strong players here, but she explains she has no chance of winning. He’s wondering if it’s not better though to break up a duo in Jordan and Jeff.

Jeff and Jordan come up to talk to Kevin, and he tells Jordan he knows it sucks and nothing he does is personal. Jeff and Jordan both say they don’t trust Michele and know if she’s there next week, Kevin is her main target. Kevin agrees she’s a very real threat. Jeff again says she doesn’t share anything with them, so who knows what they know. Jordan leaves and Jeff says he’s fulfilled his end of the deal. Kevin knows he’s not going to like what he’s going to say, then tells him he and Michele are going up. Jeff wants Jordan and Michele up, and if he gets PoV, Natalie will go up, but he promises they’d vote out Michele. Kevin tells him that’s putting too much power in his hands. Kevin knows it’s risky to put Jeff up, as if he comes off the block, he’ll come after him.

Before the nomintaions, Natalie isn’t worried at all for the first time in about a month. She thinks her opinion weighs heavily with Kevin, as they only have each other. Michele is worried as Kevin knows she’s a strong competitor and only have so many people to nominate, it would be a good move for him to get her out. Jordan is pretty sure she’s going up, and Jeff has his deal and feels safe because he gave him his word. Didn’t Kevin just tell him he’s going up? Why does he feel safe after that? Kevin knows this is the best move he can make at this point. It’s strictly strategic.

At the nomination ceremony, Kevin pulls out Natalie’s key first, which isn’t a surprise. The next key pulled is Jordan, leaving Michele and Jeff nominated. Kevin says they’re both strong competitors and while it’s uber-lame to say that, as he hates it when others do it, it’s true. They’ve both won a lot of competitior and Kevin needs to be sure one of them goes home this week. He had to go against the deal and hopes it’s worth it. Michele isn’t surprised and knows she needs to depend on herself. Jordan feels badly for Jeff as she needs him and is her BFF. Jeff says Kevin showed what type of man he is breaking his deal and knows he needs to step it up and win PoV.

Now we just need to find out what’s behind the secret door. Really for Kevin this was his best move. As everyone figured out this week, the person with PoV this week could hold more power than usual if it’s a person whose alliance is in control and isn’t nominated. If Jordan wins PoV she can keep herself safe and pull Jeff off the block, meaning Natalie has to be nominated. Because of that, Kevin couldn’t leave the stronger competitors in that position. He had to make sure the person not nominated, other than Natalie, was the weakest. If he can keep Jordan from winning PoV, he stays in control and either Michele or Jeff go home. If Jordan wins PoV, Natalie goes up and the others vote her out. It’s nothing but a numbers game at this point.

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