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Big Brother 11, Aug. 30 – Playing the Numbers

We better not have to wait again this Thursday to find out who wins the HoH. Two weeks in a row is enough. So who do you think won? Did Michele pull it off to save herself? Did Jordan pull out an HoH on her own? Did Natalie finally do something, or did Kevin finally stop coming in second and win?

As the show picks up tonight, we see the start of the HoH competition again. Kevin slips first, as he recounts later “falling on my behind.” Jordan then falls. Jeff is rooting eveyrone on with asurances from them all that he won’t be going up.

The importance of this HoH isn’t lost on anyone else, as they’re all feeling vulnerable. Natalie thinks her and Kevin moved up one notch after Jeff did their dirty work for them evicting Russell. Michele sees the ups and downs of Russ leaving, but knows her safety is compromised. Jeff gave Russ a little respect going out the door as he left on a classy note, yet he’s glad to have Russ gone as he didn’t trust him, and he was a good competitor. Kevin says it’s nice that the really schemey, plotty, paranoid person that got on everyone’s nerves is finally gone. Jordan is still not liking Russell at all.

Jordan is leading in the beginning of the comp, and Kevin notes it’s all about consistency and rhythm, as you have to get a good pace and not fall. Natalie seems to be falling all over the place. Jordan got winded after her early lead and started slipping all over the place. She even worried about popping one of her implants at one point. Twenty minutes into it, Kevin has taken the lead, with Jordan and Michele right behind, and Natalie bringing up the rear. Michele knows she needs to beat Kevin, so even takes the time to wipe off the top of the grate to get everything completely inside. Perhaps the extra time that takes isn’t worth it though.

Natalie is slipping really badly but as a fellow tae kwon do practitioner, I can tell you she’s throwing it. She’s doing break falls on the track, not slipping. She admits later that as long as Kevin was doing so well, she had no need to show herself as a good competitor. Jeff loses a little bit of respect for her for not even trying and letting Kevin carry her. She even loses her cup inside the barrell of hot chocolate, saying she can’t reach down there to get it, as it’s almost as tall as her. Kevin notices it too, and is a little upset with her. Michele has now moved securely into second place, then bites it, falling again and again.

Kevin gets his container all the way to the top, and no one is close. He still can’t see the marshmallow, though, and it looks more like a ping pong ball than a marshmall which should have disintegrated by now anyway into the hot chocolate. Eventually he gets it and is the new HOH. He’s proud of himself, and Natalie is ecstatic, as she hasn’t been safe in about three weeks. Jeff knows Kevin said he’d keep him and Jordan safe, so he hopes he sticks to it. Michele is devastated and says this week is the most crucial, and she didn’t pull it off. She knows she should be putting on the happy face instead of crying.

Once everyone is cleaned up and inside again, Kevin and Natalie are looking at possible nominations, and deciding Jeff is a triple threat, able to win the physical and quiestions. He wants to get Jeff out, but Natalie focuses on Michele, saying that if it’s a memory comp next week, that’s what she’s good at. Michele knows she’s a target and goes into the green room and cries her heart out. I guess she decided to do that instead of putting on that happy face. She did everything she could to win, and now it seems she’s all by herself as she suffers alone in a fetal position. She tries to remind herself that it’s just a game.

Kevin gets his HoH room and everyone comes up to see it. There are pictures of him and his boyfriend, who I’ll add is quit attractive, and you can see why Kevin is attracted to Jeff, as it’s the same type of look. However, Jeff thinks Kevin’s boyfriend looks like Enrique Iglesias. Kevin wants them to back off, as “he’s my man.” He writes Kevin a letter, which makes him cry reading it, although he didn’t think he would. Kevin recalls it being one of the first times he had tears of joy.

Jordan talks about her sister’s boyfriend and says they call him Johnny Appleseed. She mentions living in the same house with her mom, brother, and sister. They had their house go into foreclosure, making her see now how good they had it. She thinks it’ll be good to go home and be around positive people and thinks she’ll live with her mom until she gets married. Jordan also helps her mom out financially, so she obviously feels a responsibility towards her family.

Natalie tells Jordan she hopes Kevin is sticking to the plan, as she wants Michele gone this week. Jordan has a feeilng she’s going home this week, and Natalie tells her no, she’s voting for Michele. Jeff walks into the room, and Natalie says in the DR that even though she and Kevin really want Jeff out this week, she’s making sure she doesn’t have any blood on her hands, and admits to letting Kevin do the dirty work. Jordan tells Jeff secretly later that she’s worried he’s going to be backdoored. Jeff hopes Kevin isn’t going to break his word, meaning that Kevin won’t do to him what he did to Russell.

Jordan is trying to distinguish between a nectarine and a peach, and it invokes a debate between her and Jeff. It smells like a peach but has no fuzz. Jeff tells her that’s what a nectarine is, a peach without fuzz. Natalie agrees with Jeff. Jordan now seems to be mad at him for being right, although she still thinks she’s right.

A dragonfly is flying around the pool area, and Natalie wants Kevinto get it for her and kill it. She’s worried about it biting her. Kevin runs away with the tennis racket instaed of getting it, as Natalie spazzes out. She then tells Kevin he was supposed to be hersavior, but ran away. Natalie is deathly afraid of bugs and can’t stand them at all. She would like every bug of mankind to be destroyed, and Jordan tells her she doesn’t see the need of having bugs. Don’t they factor into the Circle of Life somehow?


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