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Big Brother 11, Aug. 29 Spoiler – HoH Winner, Nominations, and PoV Winner

Kevin talks to Jeff before the nomination ceremony, telling him he is going up on the block with Michele. Jeff gets pissed and asks why Kevin isn’t keeping his end of the deal to not nominate Jeff at all. It’s kind of a funny question from the guy who went back on his promise to Russell, and didn’t understand why Russell was upset, as it was a good game move. He asks why Kevin can’t put up Michele and Jordan, as if Jeff wins veto, he would take Jordan off the block and they’d vote out Michele. Kevin tells him that’s putting a lot of power in his hands, telling him that would be the biggest bonehead move in BB history, and he’s right. Yeah, and he just had the power for two weeks. Maybe this is where the greed comes in?’ Kevin tells Jeff he knows Michele is still giving him information, so he doesn’t believe he would keep Natalie and vote out Michele.

Michele is the next one up to the HoH for a chat, and Kevin tells her he never knows what she’s thinking and where’ she’s siding, and she admits she keeps doing that. She then throws Jeff and Jordan under the bus, saying she can’t trust them and she feels they’re floppers. Natalie busts into the conversation again, just as she does every time Kevin is talking to Michele, as she bold-facedly explains why Michele needs to go home. Jeff is outside telling Jordan how upset he is and that the bottom line is if he doesn’t win, he’s going home. Kevin and Michele talk alone again, and she acknowledges she wouldn’t have gone final two with Jeff and Jordan anyway, and she won’t win the jury votes, so she knows she’s playing for the $50,000. Kevin is right in saying Jeff doesn’t like to look bad, so he’d never cut ties with Jordan.

After the formal nomination ceremony of Michele and Jeff, Kevin tells Natalie he still wants to send Jeff home, but Natalie tells him Michele is coming after them. Kevin is now considering Michele, as Natalie says Jeff will beat them in final 3, but they can’t get that far ahead. Being that Natalie is a fan of the game, she knows they’ve already reused comps form season 8, so they start rehashing all of those to get ready. Natalie again says she needs to win the next HoH to secure her safety, but she pretty much does that every week, and it never works, yet she stays anyway. Kevin can’t get over that Jeff expected Kevin to let him make all the decisions week.

Jordan sees a white alien face in the mirrors in the bathroom and runs to tell Jeff about it. Michele goes to see for herself, and acknowledges the aliens and says she’s not scared. Once she sees the alien, it turns more green. Jeff thinks it all has something to do with Pandora’s Box, that now that they opened it, they have to close it somehow. He wants some more details of what happened in the story of Pandora’s Box, but MIchele says she doesn’t remember. When Jeff presses her and calls her a liar, she assures him she has to rely on her husband for details like that. The neuroscientist relies on her husband to remember things for her?

Jordan heads up to HoH to tell Kevin and Natalie about the aliens in the mirrors, and now they appear in the mirrors there in the HoH. Kevin and Jordan laugh hyserically, but Natalie isn’t very amused. Jeff comes up and knocks and scares the hell out of Kevin. Natalie screams at the faces that they can’t scare her. Jeff again tries to get Pandora’s Box info. Jeff finally sees the aliens when he’s up there in the HoH. Apparently they’re right about repeating the comps from season 8.

Everyone is on extra alert, as they’re waiting for a late-night PoV competition. Michele is walking around counting and searching the house, and Jeff makes a Buddha with the Play-Doh so he can rub the belly for good luck. He adds a beer can to it. Michele asks him about calling her a liar, and he tells her it’s because she is. She goes back to crying and sitting in a fetal position after that. Natalie and Kevin try to be nonchalant about playing cards, but Natalie is counting everything while they do it. They get incredibly smart and cover pieces of faces on the memory wall, knowing that comp is coming up soon.

Michele goes up to the HoH to watch Natalie and Kevin play and argue about chess, and tells Natalie she thinks she threw HoH. She claims she didn’t, but once Kevin agrees, she admits to it. Ah-ha! I knew she was throwing comps! Michele also claims her alliance with Jeff and Jordan is officially over. It’s hard to believe anything she says at this point. Kevin fakes everyone out about it being time for the PoV, then he and Natalie go back to arguing about chess.

Form the details gathered after the PoV, the houseguests had to wear silver spacesuits, and it was indeed a photo morphing comp. Michele wins, meaning she’ll save herself, and Jeff will obviously be going home. He can bemoan being on the block all he wants, but even if Michele and Jordan had been up, when Michele won, he would have gone up, and still gone home. It really didn’t matter too much this week, unless that odd person out would have won.

Assuming that Jeff leaves this week, that will make Kevin the only man in the house, and means the best comp winners are Michele and Kevin. Since Kevin can’t play in the next HoH, Natalie really needs to stop throwing it and step it up already, otherwise, Kevin will go home next.

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