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Big Brother 11, Aug. 29 Spoiler – HoH Winner, Nominations, and PoV Winner

Don’t you sometimes wonder if CBS is rooting for certain people to win? Anyone that reads my recaps and commentaries regularly knows that I’m not a big conspiracy theory person, but what was with this veto comp? We’ve only had one endurance comp so far, other than the first one with the toilet seats. And after the can challenge last week, they do another similar one with the hot chocolate. Are they running out of ideas?

Kevin’s been coming in second in almost everything, and that’s not lost on anyone. Now when Jeff can’t play, and Russell is out, it wasn’t even a close race between Kevin, Jordan, Michele, and Natalie. When the feeds come back on after the live show ends, Kevin is in the lead, with Michele and Jordan a distant second and third, and Natalie slipping all over the place and losing her mug. Eventually, Kevin is running back and forth with the little cup, and the others are pretty much just walking.

Not only is Natalie dropping her cup, she loses it for awhile and isn’t able to figure out where it went. My insistence that she’s throwing the comps is getting old. C’mon, Natalie, show me what I know is there! She asks Kevin for tips, and he isn’t giving it up. She then just starts encouraging him. After this she loses her cup inside the hot chocolate. Not that she’s the only one falling, as Jordan and Michele are doing their share as well, yet Kevin never falls. Of course, he wins HoH. It was never even a contest.

Right away Kevin says he wants to put Michele and Jeff up. And that’s not a surprise. Natalie is sure the next HoH will be questions, so she thinks they need to get Michele out as the undisputed smarted person left. Jeff is a double threat, good at endurance and questions, unless of course he has to spell technotronics. Natalie also advises to make Michele think she’s a pawn. They realize the only way they can get screwed here is if Jordan wins the PoV and takes Jeff off, as then that forces Kevin to put Natalie up, and Whoever isn’t on the block will vote her out.

Michele takes all this really hard, sitting around crying, while looking at the cuts and bruises on her legs. Jordan doesn’t seem to have a lot of worries, just wondering what would happen if they had a luxury comp and got to bring back a hot guy from past seasons. Natalie says she’d pick Drew. She’s a fan of the game to go back that far. Kevin is saying he feels like he just had the best sex ever. I’m certainly hoping he means the euphoria of it all, or maybe that’s how he stays thin, running back and forth during sex.

When Michele takes her sobbing to the DR, Jeff and Jordan take the opportunity to dump on both her and Russell to Natalie and Kevin. Jeff seems to want assurances that they indeed want Michele out. Kevin and Natalie tell Jeff and Jordan that Russell told them before he left that Michele was using Jordan and Jeff to get to final three, as she was sure she could beat them, and Jeff figures it’s because she assumes they’re dumb. Everyone agrees she makes stuff up and they can never tell when she’s telling the truth.

When Jeff and Jordan are alone, they agree that the plan is probably to backdoor Jeff, since Kevin had said he would never nominate Jeff, but if he puts Jordan and Michele on the block and one of them win PoV, he’ll have to put Jeff up. Jordan says if she and Michele are on the block and Jordan wins PoV, she’ll leave herself up there, so that Jeff doesn’t go up, as she knows they’ll vote out Michele over her. Jordan is smarter than we give her credit for, I think.

Michele does as expected once she dries her eyes and pleads her case to Kevin. It obviously doesn’t look good for her, since she targeted Chima and Natalie, his teammates, yet he tells her that won’t play into his decision at all. He refuses to reveal his plans until the nomination ceremony. Natalie comes up to the HoH, breaking up the conversation, and the minute Michele leaves, Kevin confirms it’s Jeff and Michele going up. They know they can’t let Jordan win, but don’t think she will. Kevin thinks she won the one veto by listening to Michele’s steps. Looking at it on TV, she could have been.

Michele has figured out the same thing Natalie and Kevin were talking about and shares with Jordan that if the person on the block wins PoV, they can force Kevin into nominating Natalie. The next morning Jordan share the same information with Jeff. They figure if Jeff gets a key in the nomination ceremony, then the plan will be to back door. Jeff is realizing, too, that it would be a good move for Kevin to get him out of the house. Jordan is hoping for a final four with herself, Jeff, Kevin, and Natalie. Jeff knows Michele is again playing both sides, and after she talked to Kevin the night before, she excitedly told Jeff and Jordan that she thought they could still do a final three with them. Jeff says, “get real.”

The final five participate in a luxury comp with $10,000 to be split among all of them in the mystery room. Kevin has to make a choice of a prize of just his or a prize for all the houseguests. When he chooses everyone, he has to step inside the secret room called Pandora’s box, and is then handcuffed, learning he needs to find a key. Natalie goes outside and sees money all over the place. Even the pool filter is clogged with money, as apparently it got stuck in there in a trial run of the competition. She starts collecting right away without telling anyone, then tells Jordan to go get Kevin.

Natalie heads in to find him herself, and finds him locked in the room, where she learns he needs a key. She tells Jeff the room is locked, because she didn’t want him to know about the key. Jordan tells him, and he finds it, and lets Kevin out. They get to keep all the money they collected. Jeff is calling Natalie a snake for telling him the room was locked. Why he keeps thinking he should trust the admitted poker player is beyond me.


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