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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 25 – New On Menu, Plastic Encrusted Fish

The guys love what they have created. Tennille suggests to Ariel to balance out the garlic with some sugar, and again she is shot down. You just have to believe this is going to come back to haunt them; you would think that they would figure out not to shut her down as she has come up with great ideas in the past that they don’t listen to. The red team’s dish is beautiful, the meat is cooked beautifully, but the garlic is too strong. Tennille is going to explode. Chef Ramsay really likes the blue team’s dish and awards them the prize. Red team loses because of the garlic.

The guys win a trip to Vegas; watch out. The ladies get to deal with delivery day and full cleaning. This is a grueling punishment in the past; the first box off the truck opens at the bottom and lemons are everywhere. In Vegas the guys are going wild. The Palms casino has a huge welcoming LCD display for them. The women think they are done when JP lets them bring in his wine delivery. At 1:15 am the ladies are woken up to collect another order of food.

Two hours before service the guys are happy Robert is gone, and the women really want to ship off Suzanne. The guys feel they are a more bonded, confident team without Robert and are excited about the service. Of course, enter Robert. I honestly don’t see how anything Robert did caused the issues with their team. It seems to me they are using him as a scapegoat for all the teams’ problems. Nobody is even talking to him, which is really ridiculous.

At tonight’s service they will be having Chefs tables with Chef Ramsay’s special guests, his executive chefs. I have eaten at one of these once at Buca di Beppo; if you get a chance try it. Dave goes over and greets the chefs at their table and orders for them two risottos. Ariel seems to be ignoring the special guests completely and has to be told to go over there. At least she goes over and asks them what they want, although she serves overcooked and under-seasoned scallops to them.

Van, who works cooking fish, serves a woman a piece of fish with cooked plastic on it. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it for myself but he does it again and serves plastic encrusted fish. He doesn’t do much better talking to the guest chefs at the table. Tennille and Amanda are pushing out entrees. Robert is having a very hard time with the lamb, horribly butchering it.

Ariel is slowing down the kitchen waiting for her pasta, yet Amanda is the one getting yelled at; it makes no sense. Blue is falling apart now serving raw rabbit. Chef Ramsay shuts down the Blue kitchen. The women finish their service nicely. The chefs table comment cards also reflect the good job the red kitchen did.

Dave is in charge of deciding the two up for elimination. This is a hard decision as Van and Robert did the worst tonight, but they are not the weakest on the team. He nominates Robert because of his weak service and health problems. He also nominates Van based on tonight’s performance. What a shame that a strong chef might be taken out because of one weak service. Chef Ramsay calls them down and adds Andy to the mix. Chef lets Van go back in line.

When Robert has to fight to stay, he and Andy really get into it. Chef Ramsay sends Robert home because the raw rabbit was inexcusable. Robert says that he is going home to focus on his health and his career. The third time is a charm.

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