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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 25 – New On Menu, Plastic Encrusted Fish

I guess the biggest question I have before the show starts tonight would be about Robert. Can he continue, will he continue, and if I am being honest ,why did he decide to come back? Once upon a time a long, long time ago I was accepted to cooking school; for a long time I only dated chefs it seems. Anyone that thinks this job is not as grueling as it appears has not worked in a professional kitchen. The problems Robert had last season are still there; I just can’t figure out why he would have put himself in the same position again. Hopefully we will get answers to this, and the torrid Tennille relationship with Chef Ramsay still has some sizzle, I think.

Because of a long night, I am getting to this in the morning. I have no wonderful foodie snack that I treat myself to when watching and reviewing, just a cup of coffee with 2 Sweet and Low and milk. I am going to be in trouble if they do another breakfast challenge!

Does anyone else wonder why those pots are always steaming when the chefs walk back from elimination at the beginning of each show? Is it because Hell is steamy or someone forgot to turn off the soup?

Sabrina knows she escaped a bullet during elimination and apologizes to her team. Andy, right away, starts throwing Robert under the bus. I could understand if this guy was a good chef, but come on Andy, you know you are throwing him so you don’t get thrown.

The morning’s challenge starts off with the revealing of a craps table and two huge dice, a red one and blue one, with 12 different letters. Each team member will roll their color-coded die to get the starting letter of an ingredient they will need to use in a single dish. It is a test of spontaneity and creativity. Suzanne rolls first with an R; she chooses Rabbit. Now everyone else on her team should choose an ingredient that would compliment a rabbit dish. Amanda rolls an H, Haricots Vert (French for green beans), Tennille adds potatoes, and Sabrina follows up with Garlic. Ariel finishes the dish with Ham Hock. Chef Ramsay likes the sounds of their rustic dish.

Blue teams up at the table, with their egos. Andy rolls an H and can only think of Henrietta Hippo. For those of you who are not in your mid 40’s Ms. Henrietta Hippo was on my favorite show when in preschool, New Zoo Revue. He chooses Haddock. Dave rolls an F, but it appears he might be drawing a blank. He could choose Freddie Frog, who also was on New Zoo Review. 40 years later and I now have the theme song to this show running over and over again in my brain; I might need something stronger then coffee.

Kevin is trying to channel Fennel to Dave but I don’t think it is working. He chooses Figs. You can just see on Chef Ramsay’s face he loves this. Van chooses Angel Hair Pasta; hey, at least it’s not figs. Kevin rolls another A and goes with Apples. Maybe they can make some kind of dessert. Andy rolls again for Robert and decides on tomatoes. Wow, blue team, good luck with this.

The teams get 30 minutes to complete the dish. It would seem that Red has a definite advantage because they called their letters like they were reading a recipe. The guys are forced to figure out how they are going to get this to work. If they can, it would be very impressive. Red’s problem might be cooking if they get overly confident with the ease of their dish. Suzanne again is taking control of everything.