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Big Brother 11, Aug. 25 – Can You Stay If You Don't Win Jack Crap?

The first rap is about someone with a big smile on his face, walking outside dressed as a princess from space. It’s Ronnie in his Star Wars costume. Natalie knows it’s Ronnie, gets the banana, but has a hard time getting up the slippery ramp. Jeff slides up there before her, but she eventually makes it up, followed by Kevin and Russ. Michele and Jordan are having a hard time finding it, and Michele knows she needs it, as she’s not sure where she stands with Jeff. Michele finds it, but can’t get up the ramp, similar to Natalie. She finally makes it up, as Jordan says “forget all y’all”, and walks up without a banana. She’s eliminated, and she’s worried since Jeff has been mad at her for not pulling her weight.

The next rap mentions someone being cut like a diamond, and we know off the bat it’s Jessie, but he continues saying he couldn’t spell the word continuously. Michele makes it to the ramp the same time as Russ, followed by Jeff, Kevin, and Natalie. They’re all right, but even as fast as Natalie is, she is the last one and is eliminated. Natalie is pissed, as she wanted to secure her win, and she knew she should have won. She’s a competitor, and she is extremely pissed. She never was before, so this reinforces my belief that she has been throwing the comps. Kevin admits to a lot of pressure on him now.

In the following rap, Casey mentions “that’s all she wrote” and going home with an 8 to 1 vote. It has to be Laura, although wasn’t Chima the journalist? Jeff finds it right away, and is followed by Michele. Kevin and Russell struggle to find the banana, and Kevin knows it’s his opportunity to get Russell out of the game. Kevin finds it, runs up the ramp, and just narrowly beats Russell, who is eliminated, and Natalie asks Jordan off to the side if this makes it official that he’s going up in a backdoor situation. We don’t get to hear her response before Russell arrives.

Casey raps about himself as “the first houseguest to leave as a fruit.” Kevin jokes he hasn’t left yet, so it has to be Casey. Jeff is again the first one up, leaving Kevin and Michele to battle it out. She finds it first, but struggles on the ramp, yet still gets up there before him. Kevin’s eliminated, and knows if Jeff wins, there’s a possibility he can still stay another week.

It’s the last rap, as we hear about someone wearing no shirt and a coat, being eliminated in a tiebreaker vote. It has to be Braden. Russell isn’t feeling 100% safe, so wants Michele to come out with the victory. Jeff keeps saying he has it, even though he doesn’t, and Michele isn’t sure why he’s messing with her. He admits he was playing a little bit of a mind game. He finds the banana and runs up the ramp for the win. Natalie is still pissed. Jeff could do anything at this point with the HoH and PoV. He chooses to go head first down the ramp.

Russ is hoping everything stays as is, and Natalie is putting her faith in the same guy that eliminated one of her allies and keeps putting her up on the block. Kevin congratulates Jeff in the storeroom, and Jeff tells him his wish to come off the block just might come true. As Kevin leaves, Michele enters and tells Jeff he did a good job. She notes he’s having a kick ass week.

Russell and Michele talk in the Splish Splash room, saying that one of either Kevin or Natalie needs to go home. Russ hasn’t asked Jeff directly if something’s going on, but if something happens and he goes on the block, there will be hell in the house. Hasn’t he been saying that the past two weeks, though, that he’s surprised he’s going up as he’s the best competitor, and if they were playing a good game they’d be eliminating him? Yet, if they do it, he’ll raise hell. Uh-huh.

Jordan talks about saying her prayers every night asking for guidance and thinks this veto win is a shot to break up Russ and Michele. She and Jeff both agree after the talk earlier in the morning that Michele isn’t telling them everything. Jordan thinks between her and Michele in the final 2, Michele would win, and between Jeff and Russ, it would be neck and neck, so they need to get rid of them. Jeff agrees.

Natalie and Kevin talk to Jeff asking for assurances he’ll backdoor Russell. Natalie promises if she wins, not only is he not her target, he won’t go up. Jeff talks again about his options as HoH and veto holder. Natalie gives him her word she wants Michele out. Kevin says he and Natalie have gone far “without winning jack crap”, but now their fate is in Jeff’s hands. He’s begging for Jeff to take the bait.

Privately Kevin tells Natalie to pray and hope. She tells Kevin if they get rid of Jeff, they’re still in the final four, regardless. True enough, Natalie, but that’s two votes you wouldn’t get, between Jordan and Jeff. You can’t get just there; you have to have the votes, unlike poker. She thinks if they don’t put him up, one of them will go home.

Russ and Michele meet up outside, and Russ is letting the paranoia get to him again, saying he doesn’t know what’s going on, and he wonders if Jeff is planning on sending one of them home. He’ll never got the stress Jeff is putting them through. playing it out, Jeff still has to live with whoever stays and he’ll have made an enemy. Yet, it’s better odds with Natalie and Kevin, as Natalie is such a loser at every game. Russ promises to lose it if one of them goes up on the block. Again, hasn’t he acknowledged that’s the better game move?

Jordan wants to give Jeff his space, saying she won’t sleep in the HoH, but he tells her it’s not necessary. They continue to pick at each other again, but he tells her she is not getting on his nerves. She says it’s funny, as it seems like they’ve known each other for years, instead of just a few months. Meanwhile, she doesn’t seem like she’s in any hurry to go downstairs to sleep. The have a quick peck goodnight, and he says that’s why he couldn’t sleep.

With the PoV box looming ominously on the coffee table in the living room, Jeff goes and grabs the PoV necklace, saying he has all the power and needs to make the best decision for himself, even if it breaks a couple hearts. Kevin knows Russ is stronger than he and Natalie combined, so if this goes through … “O … M … G!” Russ continues his paranoia, mixed in with his exhaustion. Natalie is confident and is hoping Jeff takes the bait.

Jeff starts the ceremony, and gives Kevin and Natalie a chance to speak. Natalie says at this point you need to have people in the game that would potentially get you closer to the money, and if Jeff thinks she can help him, he should let her stay. Kevin says he’s been playing straightforward, and if Jeff keeps him there or takes him off the block, he’ll continue to do so, and they can work together. Jeff announces he has decided to … use the veto. Russ’ chest gets very shallow and Michele looks frozen. Jeff takes Kevin off the block, and replaces him with Russell. He doesn’t want to give Russ the “good competitor speech,” because they all know he is. He does say he couldn’t get past the Jessie vote, and he and Michele were getting too close. He chose to get rid of the stronger competitor.

Kevin thanks Jesus, and Jeff expects nothing more than fireworks, knowing Russ doesn’t like it when he loses. Michele knows if she doesn’t separate herself from Russ, next week will suck. Russ tells Jeff in the DR he’s an idiot and is as dumb as he thought he was. He’s now the strongest player in the house, and he’ll be gone soon. Natalie and Kevin celebrate in the storage room, and Michele consoles Russell in the Splish Splash room with tears in her eyes.

What will be interesting is what Russell does this week. We know he recognizes this as a good game move. He’s said as much in the DR over and over. Let’s see if he can pull off a classy move like Jessie and leave on a good note and acknowledge the good move, or if he pulls a Lydia refusing to shaking hands or give anyone a hug on the way out, other than the one supporter.

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