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Big Brother 11, Aug. 25 – Can You Stay If You Don't Win Jack Crap?

It was pretty much a no-brainer for Jeff to put up Natalie and Kevin. It was the most obvious move to keep everyone happy, telling them they are just pawns, and letting Russell thinks he’s safe. If they do decide to backdoor Kevin, if that’s truly the direction they want to go in, he’ll have to be backdoored. Let’s see if Jeff will get the chance, and if he does, if he’ll have the guts to pull it off.

Jeff admits there’s still the possibility of backdooring Russell; it’s going to depend on what happens in the veto competition. Kevin admits his back is to the wall, but strangely enough, he feels amped, knowing he doesn’t have any chances and has to win. Natalie is used to it, and know she has the record in the house right now, having been on the block four times. Yet, she too, is hoping for the backdoor to open up for them.

Russell gets paranoid right away, telling Jordan she seems quiet, as she says she just wants to go in the other room to change. As she leaves, he does the sign of the cross, then later admits in the DR that he is very surprised with Jeff’s nominations. If there was a time he was trying to get Russ out, now would be the time. He’s not stupid and realizes there is a shot at a backdoor. He tells Jeff outside he’s thankful for keeping him off the block, and he wants him to know he owes him and promises to never put him up or vote against him. Yet, Jeff tells the DR he doesn’t trust him after saving him with the coup de’tat, and Russell then not voting the way he wanted him to. Russ tries to back himself up to Jeff, but makes it worse, reminiscing that they were the two to have the first fight in the house.

Kevin and Natalie sit down to eat with Jordan, and Kevin tells Jordan he knows they have previous final four arrangements with the others in the house, but he and Natalie have played a loyal and truthful game. Jordan is still worried they have bitter feelings about Lydia, and Kevin says he was just glad at that point it wasn’t him or Natalie. Natalie points to a bottom row alliance, as she, Kevin, Jordan, and Kevin are all residing on the bottom row of the pictures on the wall. Jordan says they’ve always been on the other side, but she trusts them more than Russell, and she knows Russell will put up Jeff. Everything is riding on the veto.

Jordan then shares the conversation later in the HoH with Jeff as he’s shuffling cards. While this is going on, they catch Michele looking at the memory wall, and he tells Jordan she should do it as well, as he wants to keep her prepared to help protect him. They end up fighting over whether she’s focused or not. She sits and plays with her mic pack during this. At least she isn’t throwing it in the hot tub. He berates her, saying he needs help from her for them to get there, as he can’t do it alone. She doesn’t want him to feel like he’s carrying her. He tells her if she doesn’t want his help, they can split up and go their separate ways. They’re cute when they have a tiff.

Russell takes a snack and goes up to the HoH to visit, but Jeff has headphones on and can’t hear, leaving Russell to walk away. Russ then goes out to talk to Michele and admits he’s starting to feel some paranoia. Michele doesn’t know, saying Jeff won’t even talk to her. Russ is worried about the backdoor still. Meanwhile, all we get from Jeff is ZZzzzz.

Later, when everyone is hanging out together outside, Jordan asks Kevin how he knew he was gay. He says he knew early on, as he’d point out guys in his mind thinking they’re cute, instead of girls, yet it wasn’t necessarily sexual. For girls it was just wanting to be their friend. Jordan says if she had a gay child, she would want them to feel open and not feel like she would be mad or disappointed. Kevin was worried his sexuality would be a problem here, as it’s been a problem in his life, but surprisingly enough, everyone has been very accepting. He just wishes the whole world was like this.

Michele tries to pick at Jeff a little asking who he wants out of the house this week, and he says it depends on the PoV. Jeff asks what Russ is doing, and she says he’s just laying low. He asks who they think should go, and she says Kevin, with Natalie the next week. He asks who would go up next week against whoever stays. She tells him “we shall see.” She thinks he is spending a lot of time with Jordan, and she wants to be sure they’re still on track with the final 4.

Jeff tells Jordan after Michele leaves he can’t even talk to her. Jordan agrees Michele was being sneaky when Jeff relays the conversation to her, and he gets ticked at her for not talking as well, and just listening to Bob Marley. She’s not happy with him being snappy with her. He calls it good and bad with her, as he has the blood on his hands, where she just sits there and looks like the nice one. As they’re talking, Michele comes back and hugs Jordan, saying it’s okay, knowing they were arguing. Jordan now participates and asks Michele what she thinks, but they don’t get a whole lot accomplished. Jeff’s on her for talking about her and Russ as “we,” and says let Russ come up and fight his own battles.

Jordan talks to Natalie and Kevin, and tells them she thinks Russ thinks he’s safe, but he’s been acting paranoid, because she hasn’t been talking to them. She also says they have to win the PoV. Kevin tells her they trust her and Jeff, as they have never screwed them. She leaves to go lay down, and Kevin says they’re the last of their alliance. Natalie knows it doesn’t matter who’s on the block, just who wins PoV. Kevin says this is the chance to tell Jeff and Jordan whatever they want to hear, but as soon as they’re safe, they’re going to stab them in the back.

It’s time for the PoV, an they don’t even need to waste time picking players. They all walk out in safari outfits, and the place looks like a jungle. Jordan calls it the coolest thing she’s seen on the show so far. With bananas all around the ground, Jeff asks if Casey will be there as well. Sure enough, they hear his voice coming out of the gorilla mouth. His voice does a rap for them about the man in a banana suit and explains the rules of the game.

Casey will rap a little about houseguest in between each round, and when he’s done each time, they’ll search the jungle for a banana with the name of the correct houseguest he was describing. They’ll then bring the banana up the ramp and present it to OTEV the ape, which Jordan finally figures out is veto backwards. If they bring back the wrong one, or are the last to bring one back, they’ll be eliminated. The last person standing will win PoV.

Natalie calls it extremely important for her or Kevin to win to get one of them off the block. I know producers make them say such things, but really … duh. Kevin is crossing everything he has for Russ to not win, as if he does, either him or Natalie or definitely leaving. Again … duh. Russ knows he’s on his own and wants to make sure he’s staying, and knows he or Michele will go up if Natalie or Kevin take themselves off the block. Again …


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