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Big Brother 11, Aug 23 – Playing It Safe and Smart

Russell is nervous where he stands with Jeff, and he doesn’t even have the benefit of making out, so he and Michele head upstairs to the HoH to talk it out with him. Russell gives Jeff the opportunity to ask him anything he wants to know. Jeff uses the opportunity to bring up Kevin and Natalie telling him last week that Russ wanted to put Jeff up if he won HoH. Russ points out it was a last ditch stand of Natalie and Kevin and asks what the point would be of him doing that. He asks how it would help him to break up their final four. Jeff says he’s shooting straight, and he hopes Russell is as well. That’s the whole name of the game, Jeff.

Later, Jordan is not trusting Russell, and she doesn’t trust Michele either. Jordan wants to believe Kevin and Natalie over Michele and Russ. She and Jeff decide to bust it out, and they go outside to go talk to Michele and Russ. Jordan goes down and tells Russ, who is sitting on the hammock, that what pisses her off is that it was supposed to be all of them in the final four, yet Russ is saying he wants to put them up when he gets HoH. It starts the whole discussion all over again, but now it’s turned into an argument.

Russ tells the DR he has definitely thought about going after Jeff, but he hasn’t voiced it to anyone. Russ then tells Jeff that he knows he can’t beat him in the final 2, so he will try to take him out before that, but he’d like to get to final four before he gets to that point. Jeff didn’t get the answer he wanted, and he just isn’t sure who to trust, other than Jordan.

Jeff and Michele tend to the herb garden, and she thinks it’s cool. Jeff has assumed the role of Big Brother gardener, and Jordan thinks he’s hot sitting there doing the watering with his shirt off like a garden boy. Kevin says Jeff is the sexy shirtless gardener, watering it with his hose. It’s too hot for him, and if he wanted to hire a gardener, Jeff is the type of guy he’d want mowing his lawn. I think many people would feel that way, and it has nothing to do with his gardening skills.

The Have Nots get what they’ll be allowed to eat other than slop, and it’s chitlins and churros. Someone points out it’s intestines, and Russ admits he’s not excited. Michele doesn’t even want to try the chitlins, but she’s excited about the churros, as she loves those. Kevin doesn’t think it’s fair, as he had to have squid and squash. Churros are something you get at amusement parks and other fun times. I have to say I agree with him there.

This next part actually happened last week; I can tell you from watching the feeds. Natalie is wearing her hair in the braids that Lydia did for her. She tells Russ and Jeff about being in Las Vegas playing poker before she came out here, saying she had won about $7000 in her biggest game. She tells the DR everyone thinks she’s 18 and not smart, but she’s actually 24 and smarter than they think. She could school all these guys in a heartbeat when it comes to poker. Natalie tells Russ after he wins a hand that you don’t play the way he does with real money. He loses it, meaning his temper, of course, and she guarantees him she’d beat him if they were playing with real money. He thinks she’s a sore loser. He says she knows how to poke his buttons. She knows Russ just thinks he’s God and greatest of greatest. She wants him out this week.

Russ notes later to Michele that there’s nothing there to stop Jeff from flipping the script. She mentions they could go to talk to him and Jordan again, but the thinks that would be overkill. Part of this paranoia is not knowing if Jeff will stick to their pact with each other. He wonders if Jeff will put him up against Natalie or Kevin. Michele wants to go talk to them anyway. She goes up to talk to Jeff while Jordan is taking a bath, and she bring up Russell’s concerns. Jeff tells her what she wanted to hear. He doesn’t care at this point who’s happy, as he wants to win the game. Russell thinks it all seems to easy and is expecting to go up.

Sitting outside during the day, Jeff doesn’t feel like he’s getting tan. Michele knows it’ll be different going back to work, as no one goes outside … ever. Jeff pictures their lab underground, and she says it is. They work seven days a week and on holidays. She knows it’s obvious the others in the house don’t have any idea what a neuroscientist does. She notes the competition between other neuroscientists, and that you can spend five years researching something, just to be beaten by someone else in the world. He wonders why she doesn’t spend her time counterfeiting money for five years instead, and she counters that way cancer would never be cured. He was just impressed with himself building a Lego castle. I hope he means when he was a kid with the bowl cut.

Natalie and Kevin make a last ditch effort before nominations, just like the one they talked about. They point out that the others have been shady, but they’re honest, and wonder if Jeff wants a final four deal with them instead. Jeff admits he doesn’t think Russ needs to be here right now, and he almost trusts Kevin and Natalie more. It’s intriguing to him to work with Kevin and Natalie and he knows he can’t trust his own side. Jeff is honest with them, telling them they’re going up, and Kevin points out Jeff can’t play for HoH next week and nominate Russ. This is his only shot. Jeff says he understands that, but if any of them win PoV, they’ll take one of them off the block and put Russ up. He figures the odds are with them unless it’s a bench-pressing contest.

Jeff tells Jordan he explained to Natalie and Kevin that they’re going up as pawns with the idea of backdooring Russell. He wonders though about putting Russ and Michele up now, and letting Michele know she’s not the target. Jordan tells him she trusts Natalie, but not Russ.

Before the nominations, Russ is worried, as he says if he were Jeff he would put Russ and Michele up. Michele thinks if they avoid being nominated it’ll show there they really do have a valid final four deal. Natalie is worried as well and hopes Jeff sees in the end he needs to take Russ out and not her. Kevin knows there’s a big potential of he and Natalie being picked off. This decisions is Jeff’s, and he thinks it’s his best option.

During the nomination ceremony, Jeff tells them beforehand congratulations for making it to final 6. He pulls out Russell’s key first, followed by Michele’s and Jordan’s. This means Kevin and Natalie are nominated. Jeff says he nominated them for no other reason than he doesn’t like them as people. He’s only kidding, of course, as he follows it up with two people have to go up and he likes them both but Kevin has never been on the block, and he wants him to experience all Big Brother has to offer. Natalie is just getting used to being nominated, so he figured why not.

Jordan thinks Jeff was trying to lighten the mood, as that’s the type of person he is. She thought he gave a good speech leaving on a positive note. Natalie hopes thy really are just pawns, as Kevin laments his non-nomination speech coming to the end. He knows PoV could be his only shot. Russ is excited and is glad Jeff stuck to his deal, but Jeff only put his key first to make him feel safe, and he’s not. He just might go this week.

It seems everyone is playing smart this week, which just might be a first in the Big Brother house. We’ll see if that continues throughout the week or not.

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