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Big Brother 11, Aug 23 – Playing It Safe and Smart

Don’t you hate it when real life gets in the way? This would be the reason for the recap being so damned late. I didn’t even watch the show on Sunday night, let alone get a chance to recap it. So here I am today, apologized for not getting this in on time.

We start off with last night’s show finishing off the Head of Household competition that cut off at the end of Thursday’s show. We had seen that Kevin was doing well. Jordan says it’s important that Jeff wins, as he’s the only person she trusts right now. Kevin says it’s just as important for him, as he and Natalie are the only two left from their alliance, and it means a lot. Russell thinks this HoH will be the deciding point in the game for him, needing it to make final four. Natalie says now that Lydia is out of the house, it’s extremely important for her to win to guarantee her safety.

It was sad for Kevin to say goodbye to Lydia as he and his besty had been together sine the beginning. Natalie had tried to get the rest of the house to get rid of Russell, but it didn’t quite work out that way for her. She’s going to now make friends with people she doesn’t consider friends and align with them. Russell mention that Captain Unitard decided to hug Kevin and fly out the door, and he just has to say to her, “Rock on, Lydia.”

Jordan was happy to see Lydia leave, because she was a drama queen and made their lives there a lot tougher. She was also another person from that side of the house gone. Jeff says it was all lined up to get rid of Russell, but if they did, the numbers would be even. Just because he didn’t leave though, doesn’t mean he won’t be a target in the future.

Returning to the HoH game, Kevin is in the lead with 4 cans as Michele ties it up, followed by Jeff with 3 cans, Russell with 2 cans, and Natalie with just 1. As if the game isn’t hard enough, Russell notes the sliding ledge coming out blocks the cans and makes it disheartening. Kevin seems to always be one can above everyone else. With the biggest thing in the game being precision, Jeff says his biggest problem is Russell, as every time Jeff would have his cans lined up, Russell would come and run across the platform, shaking it, like a bull in a china shops.

Kevin and Jeff have 8 cans, Michele has 7, and Russell and Natalie both have 6 cans. She says later it was extremely hard, and you had to drop them just perfect. Jeff came up with a strategy, that he thought it would balance better if he dropped the cans by the tabs instead of holding them around the cans. Suddenly we have a rule addition. The two players in the game with the least amount of cans at the end of the game will become the Have Nots for the week. Kevin is trying to not be one of those this week, so that puts a little fire under him.

Kevin and Jeff are tied again with 11 cans each, and Kevin gets a double, getting 13, and thinks he’s “dropping it like it’s hot.” Even when he hit the platform, a can got stuck on it, then fell into the tube. He’s then in first place with 14, Russell’s in second place with 12, and Jeff is in third place with 11. Natalie and Michele are tied in last place with 9. It’s time for another rule change, as they’re told that they each have some gold cans on a shelf. If they can get one of those in their tube, they can close off one of their competitor’s tube for 60 seconds. Michele doesn’t want to make herself a target by using them.

Russell doesn’t have a problem trying to get that opportunity. Kevin is just 4 cans away from winning, and Jeff is in second with 15, with Russell and Natalie in third place with 13, and Michele in last place with 9 cans. Russell gets a gold can in and deems Kevin’s tubes to be shut off for a minute. Kevin says he’s still going to win it, as he’s going to take a little breather, then still take it home. Jeff starts getting into a rhythm and catching up, so that minute is crucial.

Kevin wants to pause him for a minute, saying revenge is a bitch. Kevin uses a gold can on Russell and it works. For Jeff, it now helps him even more, as it helped to not have Russell shaking the platform. Kevin and Jeff are then tied at 22, and Kevin takes a 1 can lead, but Jeff ties him up shortly after. Jeff then gets the next can in to win the HoH. Michele and Russell have the least cans in and are the Have Nots for the week. I don’t think Russell is going to handle this well.

Jeff says he finally got HoH, and it was a long time waiting. He is excited and happy, and it’s his time to shine. Jordan is just as excited and happy, knowing both she and Jeff are safe, and it’s huge. Kevin notes the power is once again on their side, and he’s going to be nominated and go to the jury house. He thinks he’s screwed. Natalie is worried, as she’s been up on the block by both Jeff and Jordan, and he foresees him doing it again. Russ should be happy with someone in his alliance in power this week, but he’s the strongest player here and has reason to worry. Jeff wonders if this is his time to make an unexpected move.

After the comp, everyone is wowed at being final 6. Natalie notes, smartly, everyone has won HoH but she and Kevin. He’s asked if he got the shakeys at the end or something, and he says he just always chokes in the comps. In the DR Kevin explains he just wants to keep reminding Jeff this week that there are people there more threatening than him. Privately, Natalie tells Kevin it sucks he lost by one can. She’s also happy that she beat Russell. Kevin says it’s Russ’ fault he lost, and he is hoping Jeff will nominate him since that’s what he was planning to do himself. Natalie wants to make a final four deal with Jordan and Jeff and point out that they’re more loyal.

Jeff gets his HoH room, and the guy may be hot now, but he looked nothing like he does now as a child. He had a bowl cut hairdo, believe it or not. Jordan guesses the bowl cut was in when he was little and she thinks it looks like Dumb and Dumber. There’s also a picture with his Pops, and another with his buddies. Kevin thinks the coolest part of the HoH room is seeing Jeff’s pictures, as they’re all various stages of hotness in Jeff’s life. There’s also a pic drawn for him by his niece, and some cookie dough he requested for Jordan. He got a letter that’s very short and sweet from his parents, saying they get the same thrill watching him on the show as they did watching him play football. Jordan thinks it’s neat that she and Jeff are both really close to their families.

Later outside, Jeff is talking about going on the Hawaiian trip he won. Jordan says if he can’t find anyone else to go, she can always bring him. Michele points out he can bring one of his friends, and Jordan asks if he wouldn’t rather take a girl with him. If he takes a girl and is there for seven nights, he doesn’t want to just make out. Michele calls Jordan a tease, and she says she’s just waiting for the right moment. Jordan points out her mother always told her boys think with their penises and not their heads. Well, there’s some jokes in the phrasing of that here, but I’ll move on. If she gets the chance to go to Hawaii with Jeff, it’s going to be kissing and cuddling, and will draw the line there. He’s never been there and always wanted to go on his honeymoon. So maybe they can both win here, as he can go on his honeymoon with Jordan, and she’ll then end up doing more than kissing and hugging since it’ll be as husband and wife.


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