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Project Runway 6, Aug. 20 – Welcome to L.A.!

When Tim makes his rounds, he starts with Christopher, who shows him his dress. Tim likes it, but warns Christopher to be careful, as it could end up looking like a waitress’ outfit. Ari is quilting some silver material with hexagons, and Tim warns her that it may look like a “halter diaper.” Ari isn’t worried, and she probably should be, as Tim generally knows what he’s talking about. Ra’Mon is worried that his outfit may accentuate the butt too much, and Tim agrees. Mitchell is making something that looks Victorian, and Tim reminds him that it’s the 21st century. Qristyl is thinking Emmys, not Oscars, and wonders if her look is dramatic in a good way. Tim responds that she needs to answer that herself. In my opinion, the designers need to pick the red-carpet event they’re most familiar with, as that’s the one most likely to inspire them.

The models come in for their fitting. Here, Mitchell discovers that his model’s listed measurements are off, which means he now has to seriously alter his dress to ensure a proper fit. By the time the models leave, the designers have four hours left before they have to call it a day. Qristyl thinks Ari’s outfit looks interesting, but has no idea what it’s supposed to be. Mitchell believes all he has is a collar, and comments, “If I’m the first to go home, I’m going to feel really stupid.”

The next morning the female designers discuss their chances of winning. Qristyl believes she has a good chance. Ari isn’t sure how the judges will react.

When the designers get to their workplace, we’re shown that Macy’s, not Bluefly.com, supplied the accesories this season. Mitchell is frantically altering his dress to fit his model, but the fabric looks very gauzy and sheer. He plans to stitch her into the dress, and Nicolas notes that she is basically nude, as the dress is see-through. Ooops. That can’t be good. We also get the usual hair and make-up montage.

On the runway, Heidi gives the usual spiel: “In fashion, one day you’re in; the next day you’re out.” She tells the designers about the $100 grand they could win, and introduces the judges. In addition to the usual suspects, Michael Kor and Nina Garcia, the guest judge is Lindsay Lohan, who is a singer, actor, and has a clothing line of her own.

Althea’s model goes first, and she’s wearing a long silver halter dress with white decorations on the bust. Gordana made a short green tube dress. Malvin turns in a cream, sleeveless dress with pleated details on the back.

Mitchell’s dress is a disaster. It’s creamy and has a high-necked Victorian collar – and it’s see-through. Literally. Louise made a two-toned silver dress. Christopher’s model is a wearing a black and ivory dress with ruffles. Ra’Mon made a floor-length blue dress with asymetrical sleeves and a train. Shirin sends down a silver dress. Epperson’s model is wearing a black dress with a ruffle at the bottom. Irina sends down a champagne dress with lace and a flowing skirt.

Ari’s look is another disaster. It’s a silver halter with hexagons sewn into it to give it texture, and it looks as if the model is wearing blue shorts with it. If they have red-carpet events at Star Trek conventions, it might work. Otherwise, no. It also looks like some of the stuff that Blaine from Season 5 conjured up. I hope Ari doesn’t last as long as he did.

Johnny’s dress is made of red satin and has a bare back. Carol Hannah sends down a peach dress. Qristyl’s is a mix of purple satin and a multi-colored print. Logan made a silver dress with black insets. Nicolas made a black and silver mini-dress.

Heidi calls the following designers: Shirin, Epperson, Gordana, Carol Hannah, Logan, Althea, Nicolas, Irina, Malvin, and Louise. She congratulates them and tells them that they are moving on to the next round. The other six designers have the highest and lowest scores between them.

The judges start by asking Qristyl what her inspiration was, and she tells them she wanted to make a dress for the Emmys. Lindsay loves the back, but thinks everybody would focus on the front, which Heidi calls “a mess.” Nina points out a crooked hem, and Michael says the tabloids would kill a star who wore it.

Christopher says he had the Video Music Awards in mind. He wanted to juxtapose hard and soft looks. Heidi doesn’t like the ivory parts, but thinks the dress is hip and young. Michael and Nina both like it, while Lindsay thinks it has too many ruffles at the bottom.

Ra’Mon’s dress is for the Oscars. Heidi thinks it’s well-made and looks expensive, while Michael thinks it looks too respectable.

Ari was thinking about the Video Music Awards – in the year 2080. She was also thinking about the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year. Michael says the outfit makes the model look like a “disco soccer ball.” Nina, in the understatement of the year, calls the outfit a “little out there.” Lindsay says it’s too odd. Nina appreciates the concept, but points out that somebody would have to want to wear it, which apparently doesn’t strike her as too likely, at least not in 2009.

Johnny’s dress is for a premiere, and he was thinking about a starlet from the early 1920’s. He adds that he loves the liquid feel of it. Nina calls it seductive, while the others don’t like the color. Heidi says she would have preferred it in black. The judges agree that he did do a good job.

Mitchell was designing a dress for the Grammys and explains that the model’s measurements were off. Heidi responds that models always change their stats. Nina calls it sheer and unwearable. Michael says it is obvious that he whipped somthing together – and ended up with a cool nightgown. Heh. Too bad this isn’t a sleepwear challenge.

The judges then the designers away so they can deliberate. They call Ra’Mon’s dress safe, but well-made and think he needs more confidence. Johnny’s dress had a nice shape, while Christopher’s was elegant, but had bite. The judges question Qristyl’s taste level and call the front of her dress a “nightmare.” Ari is too out there and Nina wonders if she’ll be able to take her seriously. Mitchell’s dress is simply unwearable. Okay, I’d say it’s fairly obvious who the top three and bottom three are going to be.

Johnny is in, and Christopher is the winner. He’s ecstatic, as he believes that he’s just proved that he has the right to be there, despite not having the education of many of the others. Ra’Mon and Qristyl are in, leaving Mitchell and Ari in the bottom two. Mitchell is in and Ari is the first one sent home.

Next week: The designers have to create a look for a celebrity.

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