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Project Runway, Aug. 20 – All-Star Challenge

Daniel explains he was inspired by athletic wear, but still wanted a polished look.  Heidi likes his looks and Nina praises his use of separates.  

Korto loves great, rich fabrics and “celebrates a real woman’s body.”  Michael thinks her clothes would look good on many women.  Nina loves the way she uses prints, and Diane thinks her clothes are flattering.

Sweet P likes to do feminine, romantic dresses with simple shapes.  Diane likes her restaurant dress, but says the other clothes look “homemade.”  Nina likes her first look best, because it was less sweet than the others.

Then the judges send the designers away and deliberate.  Diane loves that all of them have a point of view.  Nina says it was intersting to see how each designer had evolved.  Heidi comments that Chris’ clothes were more restrained than before; there were no carnival looks.  Nina admires their simplicity.  Diane thinks he will go places.

Heidi does not like that Daniel’s first model wasn’t wearing a bra.  Michael likes Daniel’s attention to detail and says he thinks Daniel has grown the most.  Diane loves the red-carpet dress.  

Nina thinks Korto’s clothes are polished.  The judges all love her restaurant look, and Nina says it’s the best restaurant outfit by far.  Diane says she “designs around the body.”  Heidi considers her red-carpet dress sophisticated, and Michael says the restaurant dress would also work as a red-carpet dress.

Diane believes Sweet P has a sense of humor.  The judges like her clothes, and Heidi says there is a market for them.  The judges call her clothes sweet and romantic, and Michael comments it’s ironic that somebody who looks like a biker chick would make such clothes.

The judges call the designers back in.  Heidi tells Chris that he has shown real evolution, but he’s still out.  Chris tells us tha he’s happy to have gotten as far as he did, and he has often felt that other designers looked down on him because of his costume designer background.  He feels he has finally proven himself.

The judges praise Sweet P for having a signature style, but auf her, too.  She goes away happy that Diane likes her collection.

It’s down to Daniel and Korto.  Daniel has shown increased confidence as a designer, while Korto has tremendous talent.  To Korto’s great disappointment, the judges crown Daniel the winner.

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