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Project Runway, Aug. 20 – All-Star Challenge

Santino is up first – and his favorite color appears to be silver.  His first model is wearing a black sequined top with a fringe and very snug silver leggings.  Girl Number Two is wearing an asymetrical catsuit made of the same silver material.  The restaurant look is a puffy white tunic with black leggings.  His red-carpet look is relatively conserative:  a floor-length silver dress.

Mychael’s first model is wearing a strapless blue minidress.  The restaurant outfit is a white and yellow minidress.  His third model is wearing a blue skirt with a yellow shirt.  His red-carpet look is a violet dress.

Uli is up next.  Her first model is wearing a short salmon dress with ruffles on the shoulders.  Her second model is wearing a tan minidress with big ruffles.  The third look shifts gears to silver and tweed.  The restaurant look is a silver tunic with black leggings.

Korto starts off with a short red dress.  Her second model is wearing tan pants with a matching halter – the first pair of pants thus far.  Her restaurant outfit is so far the best:  a little black cocktail dress dusted with what looks like black beads.  If you squint, you can sort of see it was made from placemats or something similar.  Her final outfit is a black and white print dress.

Next up is Chris.  His first model is wearing orange tights and a hooded tunic made from grey tweed.  His second model is also wearing a grey hooded tunic.  His restaurant look is somewhat reminiscent of his costume designer origins, as the black top has sizable breasts, as if it were made for the lovechild of Madonna and Dolly Parton.  The accompanying skirt is silver.  His final look is a dress made from the same grey tweed as the tunics.

Daniel’s first model is wearing a blue and white top with a black skirt.  His second model  is wearing blue leggings with a white shirt and black vest.  His restaurant look is a blue dress with the black tubes around its waist.  His red-carpet look is a black dress with white insets under the arms.  

Jeffrey’s first model is wearing a lovely sequined black and green minidress.  His second model is wearing a shiny silver dress with a black jacket.  The third look is a black tunic with matching leggings.  His restaurant outfit is a magenta dress with fringe.

Sweet P is the last to go.  Her first look is a pale green, one-sleeved dress.  Her second look is a peach dress with ruffles.  Her restaurant look is a yellow and green outfit in which the skirt flares out stiffly.  Her red-carpet look is a floor-length green dress with ruffles at the bottom.

After the show, it’s judgement time.  Nina starts with Mychael and tells him she loved his red-carpet look.  Micheal Kors doesn’t like the restaurant look and says it looks like “a hootchie mama who just walked through the garbage.”  Diane, however, thinks it is fun.  

Heidi tells Uli that she was surprised by the lack of colors and prints.  Uli explains that she’s experimenting with different fabrics.  Nina thinks she is more sophisticated, but less spirited (and fun) than before.

Michael thinks Jeffrey’s looks shows less polish than before.  Nina likes the first dress – but nothing else.  Michael tells Santino that he took the easy way out with his silver lycra and overdid it.  Diane thinks his looks are a little vulgar, and Santino says that wasn’t his intention.

Mychael, Uli, Jeffrey, and Santino have the lowest scores.  They are all out and get aufed.

The judges then call out the models for the remaining four.  Chris is near tears and amazed he’s still in the running.  Heidi assures him he’s talented.  Chris says he wanted to show updated retro clothes that were comfortable and glamorous.  Michael tells him he loved his first two designs.  Nina likes his restaurant outfit, but not his red-carpet dress, which she calls “overwhelming.”