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Project Runway, Aug. 20 – All-Star Challenge

Later, Tim checks in with the designers.  He stops by Uli first, and is surprised by the lack of prints, but admires her construction.  He doesn’t have much to say to Korto, which she takes as a bad sign.  Santino tells Tim that he chose fabrics that reminded him of wallpaper.  Tim loves the silver fabric and Santino assures us that Tim thinks he has the best taste.

Sweet P is working on her red-carpet dress, and Tim  warns her that it looks too matronly and ordinary.  Santino, of course, agrees with this assessment.  Tim praises Chris’ dress for its sophistication.  Tim is surprised by Daniel’s dress and asks about the panels.  Daniel answers that he does sportswear, not gowns.  Tim assures Daniel that he has confidence in his talent and advises him to follow his vision.

Jeffrey confesses that he’s a little stressed, and Tim tells him that he likes the fabric.  Jeffrey tells us that he doesn’t care about pleasing other people, which makes me wonder how he plans to stay in business, as designers do have to please their clients.  Mychael admits he chose his colors at random and that his fabric is “all over the place.”  Tim isn’t happy to hear this, and Mychael assures him that he knows he needs to pull it together.  Tim, of course, tells him to “make it work.”

The next morning, Tim tells the designers that it’s time to pick their models.  Each designer will get three models, plus two backups in case somebody doesn’t show.

Chris nods off again, and Santino tells hims, “Go home, dude.”  Chris laughs and says he falls asleep all the time.  Okay, that’s worrying.  That sounds like either sleep apnea or narcolepsy, and both of those can be serious.  In Chris’ case, I’m betting it’s sleep apnea, which typically occurs in overweight people.  In any case, Chris should go see a doctor after the show.  Meantime, Sweet P and Uli find they have the same tastes in models as well as fabrics and colors; they both want the same women.  They manage to resolve the problem peacably enough.

Afterwards, it’s back to work, and Santino breaks his sewing machine’s needle.  Jeffrey offers him some tweezers with which to extract the needle, and Santino waxes rude.  Jeffrey has spare needles, and decides to not give them to Santino, at least not right away.

The day before the runway show, the models come in for their fitting.  Make that most of the models come in for their fitting.  Uli and Sweet P’s models are late.  Mychael’s models all show up on time, and one of Sweet P’s models finally puts in an appearance.  None of Uli’s models turn up, and she ends up trying on her own clothes.  Chris comments that she should walk the runway herself, because she’s gorgeous and looks great in her own clothes.

Tim announces that he and Heidi have arranged for a celebration.  The designers, Heidi, and Tim will all be having dinner at S.T.K. restaurant.  The designers are all feeling time pressures and are not happy about this.  Santino says they have no time.  Tim promises they can have extra hours the next day.  Korto tells us that she would rather celebrate after she wins.  Chris asks if Nicole Kidman will also be there, and Jeffrey says he doesn’t care about that.  He’ll have dinner with her after “I win again.”

At the restaurant, Tim toasts the All-Stars- and then lowers the boom.  The All-Stars will be getting a whole extra day to finish their work, because they have to make an additional outfit.  Tim explains he and Heidi have grown “concerned” that the All-Stars may have forgotten how to work with unconventional materials.  Thus, they will have to make an outfit from materials found within the restaurant.  The designers have five minutes to grab things.  Naturally, they trash the poor, innocent restaurant in the process.  Uli comments that the owners will probably not let them come back.

Afterwards, Tim tells the designers that, to ensure cohesion, 25% of the fourth look will be made from fabrics used for their other looks.  The next day, Tim stops by with Collier Strong and Phillip, the hair and make-up team.  The designers consult with them on how they want their models to look.  Afterwards, Tim makes his rounds, and he is annoyed that neither Uli or Jeffrey have started their fourth look.  Uli admits that she doesn’t know what to do, as nothing goes with her fabrics’ colors.  Jeffrey has ideas, but simply hasn’t emptied his bag yet.  Tim is happier with Sweet P and Korto, as he likes their choices of materials.  He is surprised by the black tubes that Daniel has chosen.

Mychael is planning a short dress with shoulder details, and Tim cautions him not to use too many of his non-restaurant fabrics.  Korto is making a solid black outfit with beading.  Chris is sleeping; he’s evidently already finished.  His habits seem feline:  somnolence interspersed with frantic activity.  He apparently can sew extremely fast between naps.

The following morning, Mychael notes that the runway is waiting.  Sweet P and Uli are almost finished, and everybody rushes to the workroom.  Chris takes yet another nap on the couch in the lounge.  In the workroom, Tim tells the designers that they will have an hour for hair and makeup.  We are treated to the usual shots of models being dressed, styled and made up.  Tim gives Uli some bad news:  One of her models won’t be coming.  Uli tells us she is using both her backups.

Heidi welcomes everybody to the runway.  Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are the judges as usual, and today’s guest judge is Diane von Furstenberg, a top-flight designer who had done the guest judge gig in Season 5.