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Big Brother 11 – A Strategic Overview of Week Six

What a week in the Big Brother house!  Since the eviction of Jessie last week, the house has been turned upside down.  The powerful have become powerless, and the weak have become strong.  Jessie’s eviction sent his alliance on an emotional rollercoaster ending with Chima being removed from the house for a rule violation on Saturday. With her expulsion, a new HOH, Jordan, was chosen, and on Thursday Lydia was evicted by a vote of 3 to 1 after a failed push to backdoor Russell by Natalie and Kevin.  The house is now split up:  Jeff, Jordan, Michele, and Russell versus Natalie and Kevin.

So now that Natalie and Kevin have their backs up against the wall, what do they do?  Is it hopeless or do they still have a chance? And where do the players stand strategically?

I never thought Chima had a chance at winning.  She didn’t have enough motivation to win.  She could handle having the power, but she couldn’t handle not being in control.  By acting the way she did, she not only disrespected the game, but she completely left her alliance hanging.  It is the epitome of letting your emotions get the best of you.

Very smart move throwing the HOH competition to Jordan.  He ensured his safety for the week and that he would still have an opportunity to win this week’s HOH.  Right now Jeff is paranoid, but rightly so.  He is the leader of the majority alliance in the house (Jeff, Jordan, Michele, Russell).  He can make as many deals as he wants, but unless Natalie and Kevin are complete morons, he can guarantee that he will be put on the block if either of them wins HOH.

First HOH, then POV.  Jordan is out to prove she is here to play.  She did a good job of not using the POV to backdoor Russell.  That would have been an unnecessary betrayal and would have severely damaged her alliance’s numbers in the house.  She and Michele are sitting pretty with Jeff and Russell as the main targets of their alliance.

Jeff and Jordan trust him, so he is in a fairly good position right now even though it may not look like it.  The trick is for him to take Russell’s spot in their final four pact.  He has already convinced them that Russell isn’t trustworthy, not a difficult feat for someone in the Big Brother house.  Now all he has to do is continue to show his loyalty to Jeff and Jordan while at the same time pushing for Russell’s eviction.  If Russell goes this week, Kevin will be in great shape.

She never had what it takes to win the game.  She let her emotions lead her for the entire game, and this week they led her right out the door.  While Natalie and Kevin were trying to come up with ways of getting Russell on the block, Lydia was busy fighting with the people in charge.

Her HOH reign may have been cut short, but she certainly made the best of the time she had.  She successfully integrated herself with the majority alliance, and Chima, her target for eviction, was eliminated from the house.  Right now Michele is in a great spot. Jeff and Jordan are targeting Russell, Russell’s targeting Natalie and Kevin, and Natalie and Kevin are targeting Jeff and Jordan.  So Michele seems to be in the clear for now.

The lie that she and Kevin came up with appears to be working, but what happens this week will be the true test.  Like Kevin, Natalie needs to pledge her allegiance to Jeff and Jordan and somehow convince them that Russell is the bigger threat.  Natalie and Kevin have grown closer this past week out of necessity.  They need each other if they plan on making it further in this game, and the only way that can happen is if Russell is evicted this week.    

I don’t think he realizes it, but right now he is target number one.  He needs to open his eyes and see what is happening around him if he hopes to make it past this week.  Whether Russell is planning on targeting Jeff or not, he needs to find a way to reassure him of his allegiance.  If he does get through this week, though, it would be a good idea for him to switch alliances.

Question of the Week
What’s with Natalie drinking alcohol?  She was drinking wine after Jessie was evicted.  I thought she told everyone she was only eighteen!  I guess she never really thought that one through.

So how will these strategies pan out?  Stay tuned to find out.  I’ll be back next week with some more strategic musings.  

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