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Top Chef: Las Vegas Ep. 1 – Don't Forget to Suck the Head, That's Where The Best Part Is

Kevin gets the win with what Wolfy calls “a beautifully executed dish.”  Tom is just happy Kingpin is alive. I fully expected Eve to get the boot due to her crappy meal, lame excuse and bizarre accent.  However, the crap-inspired, glue-filled meat created by Jen Z. seals her doom.  At least she saves me from having to get a nickname for either her or Jennifer.
Quickfire Hits:

 – Flais’ scarf is going to be the new Spike hat, isn’t it?

– Eli hoards all of the scallops at Whole Foods, while Even mangles hers in the challenge.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Top Scallop has returned.  Jamie is thrilled, Fabio is distraught.

– Padma’s green dress in the new opening sequence.  Priceless.

– MM’s greatest hits – After Jennifer kicks his ass at the clams, he says a “girl shouldn’t be able to beat him,”  he thinks Robin should go because she didn’t give up immunity due to “not being confident in her own skills” and there will now be “one less old lady to worry about.”  He assumed Jennifer was a pastry chef.  Dude, you ain’t getting laid anytime soon.

– The Extra Scene – Kevin going down a waterslide.  Seriously, that was it.

– Bryan notes that three of the five winners of Top Chef won the first challenge.  Not sure if that really means much, but there you go.

– Kingpin going for the Chilean Sea Bass…I mean the Patagonian Tooth Fish.  Look it up.  I told you to do that last year.

– Jesse knew she shouldn’t be braising her chicken, but she did anyway and that’s why she almost lost.  Come on Chefs, if you know it’s wrong, then don’t do it!

– Hector talked about cooking with cojones.  That’s twice in a week a Top Chef episode (the other was Masters) made a cojones reference.  Not sure if I am hungry anymore.

– Wolfy tossing the bacon donuts across the room…pretty funny.  I once had an old meatball in my dorm room for six months.  We took it out and threw it against the metal door in the hall and managed to dent the door.  True story.  That donut was hopefully a tad flakier.

– Wolfy also wonders why the trend is now to serve “steak with baby food,” like Bryan served.  It seems Wolfy is not a fan of purees with meats.

– Kevin sounds just like Jason Lee. 

– Eve used one of my most hated Top Chef expressions – she uses “big, bold flavors.”  It always seems that the ones who say that are usually getting their asses kicked in challenges.

– I am pretty sure Jen Z’s mouthing back at Tom broke what may have been a tie with Eve.   WIth her departure, I have to say that I knew a Jen Z. in college – she used to cut my hair in the dorms for extra money – and she does not also have a throat tat.  Or so I think.  Jen, please say you don’t!

– Padma on Jen’s dish..it was Vegan Bar Midnight Special.  Padma is in mid-season form, folks!

– I actually fell asleep while taking notes as they were revealing the boot.  As I said, long night.
Next week – no idea. 

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