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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 18 – Pigs Without Prom Dresses = Lazy Cows

The guys don’t seem to be having as much fun. They go outside and find a bike that carries them all and looks like it has room for at least another person if not two. Kevin can’t believe they’re being asked to do this with a man that’s at least 500 pounds and another in a cast. They follow the sous chef riding a motorcycle. They, of course, take the route that takes them up a huge hill, and the cars are behind them beeping.

The women are enjoying some umbrella drinks by this point, as Ariel says they had a great start to the dinner service and need to finish it well. Suzanne wonders what the guys are doing, as Robert looks like he’s about to have another heart problem. They make it up the hill and now have to hit the store for the ingredients and put them in the basket in the middle of the bike. The women return and find presents for themselves, Vita-Mixes.

With the men returning, Robert asks them all to give him a nice eulogy. He’s sitting down while the others start prepping for the dinner service. Dave is concerned for him, and 911 is called, two hours before dinner service. Chef Ramsay collects all the chefs together and explains Robert won’t be back for the service tonight. Perhaps that’s the fats, oils, and butter checking in. Amanda is shocked and feels badly for him. Van knows being down one guy, it’s not going to be for the faint of heart.

During the dinner service, Andy is getting the orders wrong, and Chef Ramsay calls him brain dead. Ariel is on the spot with her appetizers, but Chef Ramsay doesn’t like her efforts. He’s also not happy with Jim’s risotto, upset that he put too much pepper in it. He wants him to piss off. Ariel finally figures out how to make good scallops, but Tennille is screwing up the spinach, making 12 servings at once, instead of one serving at a time. Chef Ramsay calls her a lazy cow, and she finds that not respectful enough. Jim screws up the risotto again, and has the other chefs taste it, and they’re no more happy with it. He thinks it tastes like baby food, but Jim thinks baby food tastes good. How about about some blueberry buckle?

The red kitchen is finishing their appetizers as the blue kitchen is still struggling. Tennille hasn’t mashed the potatoes enough and thinks Chef Ramsay is finding stuff to bitch about. I personally like them a little lumpy. They argue about it, and it ends with him telling her she’s crap, and she returns the compliment. He kicks her out of the kitchen, and we don’t get to hear what she says, as it’s that foul, but I think I heard it ending with the word “you”. Sabrina is upset because now they have to work her station. Chef Ramsay and Tennille go back into the storage area and yell at each other. She asks him at one point if he can dish it out and not take it. He asks if she can keep it shut, and when she says she can, he says she can go back to her station. She storms the red kitchen and screams at the others to get off her station.

Mental note: You can scream at Chef Ramsay and give it back, but then need to stop. You are not allowed to challenge him to a duel outside.

Jim is still struggling with his risotto for the first table, and Kevin calls it painful to watch. Chef Ramsay wonders if the breakdown is because Robert isn’t there. The sous chef helps out, and the blue team’s tables finally get their appetizers. The red team has moved onto entrees, Chef Ramsay is looking for the chicken, and Sabrina says she put it up there first. This produces a search, as the red tables are still waiting for the chicken. Sabrina wonders if it flew away and has to look for another one to cook.

The sous chef yells at Dave when he gets confused about which sandwiches get which garnishes. Kevin yells at him as well, but Dave says he doesn’t care as it goes in one ear and out the other. Chef Ramsay is still looking for chicken from the red kitchen, but Sabrina needs help carving it. Of course, it isn’t done the right way. Suzanne hovers over her trying to help, and Sabrina isn’t happy with that at all. The blue team has moved onto entrees and Andy still can’t remember the orders correctly.

The chicken is coming out raw from the blue kitchen, and it’s driving Kevin nuts. They’re waiting on one halibut from Andy. The red kitchen is zooming along with their entrees, but Sabrina sends out raw pork and it gets to the table, causing Chef Ramsay to slam it in the garbage and break the plate. She has no excuses. Andy wants to impress with his halibut, but it’s now overcooked. Kevin yells at him to cover the pan, but Andy wants him to chill out. The guy that confuses garnishes says he’s dragging the whole service down.

Sabrina has now cooked the lamb chops wrong, when they were supposed to be medium well. She argues, and he asks if she thinks the customers are wrong about what they wanted. Chef Ramsay gets upset and shuts it all down, both kitchens. Both teams lose, and they each need to come up with one person to nominate.

Dave feels Andy is the obvious choice, but Kevin wants to put Jim up. I can see both sides to that argument. Jim thinks he got yelled at the least though. That’s not the guy I want cooking my dinner. I want the guy that never gets yelled at. Also suggested is that Robert should go home since he missed the service. Some agree, and some don’t.

Over in red, it’s between Tennille and Sabrina, but Sabrina thinks she’s stronger and says she didn’t walk off her line. Tennille fires back that she was told to leave, but then came back in to help her team. She thinks Sabrina sunk them with her meat. Ariel says based on everyone’s opinions, Sabrina should go up, yet she feels strongly about Tennille’s disrespect.

Ariel is asked by Chef Ramsay who is going up and is told Sabrina is up as raw pork is very dangerous. Van is asked who the men have nominated, and he asks where Robert is. Chef Ramsay tells him it’s not fair to judge him on the performance if he wasn’t there. Yet, if he’s not back by the next dinner service, he’s out. The weakest performer of the rest of the blue team Van feels is Andy, as he got flustered under pressure.

Sabrina and Andy step forward, and Sabrina explains she should stay because she’s a team player and would not walk off the line and will buckle down and keep going no matter how many mistakes she makes. Again, that doesn’t mean I want you cooking my meal. Andy admits it was crap what he did, and is having a hard time learning the system, but he thinks he can learn it. He explains what he’s used to is different, as Chef Ramsay makes him nervous.

When Chef Ramsay thinks back on every other service, it’s always one person that doesn’t care enough. That person is Jim, and he’s leaving. Andy looks relieved. Jim is told that Chef Ramsay can teach someone to cook but he can’t give someone a heart, as he’s not the Tin Man and and Chef Ramsay is not the Wizard of Oz. But didn’t he call Jim brain dead? All we need is someone wanting to go home, could be Robert, and someone needing courage, which seems to be Amanda.

Jim calls it unfair, as he gave it his all every day, but it wasn’t enough. It’s just not him to not give his all every day, and he knows at the end of the day, he never wavered about who he is. Andy knows he needs to do better, and if he can, he will. Sabrina thinks he knows she has passion, so she’s getting closer. Too bad for her, that’s not on the Wizard plan.

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