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Big Brother 11, Aug. 18 – A Change In Plans

We open the show tonight just after the nominations of Michele’s HoH reign. Lots of tension builds in the Big Brother house as Chima shows her anger towards her nomination. Michele says she has a friendship with Chima, but she is there to win a half million dollars and that friendship isn’t worth it. Lydia follows Natalie and Chima in the bedroom, and Lydia doesn’t seem to be a happy camper. Natalie believes that Michele is being controlled by Jeff, Jordan, and Russell. Chima claims she has only been kind to Michele in this game. Her two minions agree with this.

Russell, Jordan, and Michele talk in the HoH room about complications in the house. Russ claims everyone now knows who their friends are. Jordan states that either Natalie or Chima need to go, preferably Chima. She says their whole group whines, complains, and is rude. Jeff joins Russell, Michele, and Jordan saying how they didn’t pout when they were in the same situation.

Chima, Kevin, Natalie, and Lydia talk, while Chima states she is going home, meaning she wants to quit, and Kevin tells her she would be screwing him, which just might be a first for him. Chima still thinks she is totally innocent and still whines. We hear the voice of Big Brother saying the lockdown is over. Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie go outside and find that Big Brother gave them a mini golf course, probably foreshadowing the upcoming Power of Veto competition. Kevin wakes up Chima thinking she wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity for practicing. Big Brother tells her to put a mic on, and she says, “I don’t give a *beep beep*”. She then flips off the camera and says, “Eat it.”

Natalie tells Lydia to get a mic for Chima, but is stopped by Chima herself. Big Brother repeats himself, and Jordan notes that Chima is a diva and thinks the rules don’t apply to her. A playback is shown of all of Chima’s diva moments, and Kevin then gets a mic for her. Natalie brings it to her, and Chima tosses it into the hot tub. As Natalie fishes it out, Big Brother tells Chima to swap out the mic for a new one. She refuses to go anywhere. Kevin gets her yet another one, and she tells Big Brother to “suck my *beep*”. She’s then asked to come to the DR, and she says directly in the mic she is finally wearing, “*beep* off”. Allison Grodner, executive producer, comes on instead of the voice of Big Brother and tells Chima she needs to go to the DR. Chima finally leaves, and is shown walking into the DR, then told not to sit down and is escorted out.

Kevin feels Chima is finally gone, and Allison tells all the houseguests to come to the living room. There she tells them that Chima, because of rule violations, has been expelled. Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin need to pack up her stuff for her. Kevin cries in the DR, because she is gone. Jeff thinks all of this is stupid, just from Jessie being eliminated. Jordan lost all respect for that side of the house. Michele wants peace in Big Brother and feels Chima should be held responsible for her own actions. Russell thinks the others are ungrateful. Natalie feels Michele pushed Chima to this point. Lydia and Kevin stops her from calling Michele out, as Kevin says it’s all dumb. Natalie continues, and blames the coup de’tat and says she wants vindication.

Michele wakes everyone up later with an announcement. She is no longer the HoH. But, they’re about to have another HoH comp. Most of Chima’s friends want revenge. Jeff thinks it’s a fun day without Chima. Walking outside, everyone finds they are at the Big Brother country club, as they have a golf tournament. The houseguests have to get a hole-in-one to get only 1 point. If they miss, the ball will go into a windmill of random point values. The highest scores is out of the competition, but earns a prize. Each time another person is out, they can steal someone else’s prize. Natalie knows this is her most important competition. Jordan feels the same way, so that Chima’s alliance won’t get it.

Lydia putts first and gets a 6. Jordan goes next and gets a 3, as Natalie scores a 2. Russell gets a hole-in-one, as do Jeff and Kevin. Lydia gets eliminated and her prize is the HoH key. She sits on the side drinking mimosas, knowing the HoH key will be stolen from her. In round 2, Jordan gets a hole-in-one, Natalie gets a 7, and Russell gets another hole-in-one, as do Jeff and Kevin again. Natalie is eliminated and uncovers her prize, a Hawaiian vacation. Natalie keeps it, knowing the HoH would be taken from her if she swapped for it. In round three, Kevin and Jeff get holes-in-one, and Jordan gets a 5. Russell gets a 7 and is eliminated, and gets a phone call from home as his prize, but trades it for the vacation. Natalie starts crying, thanking Russell. Since the beginning of the game, that’s all she wanted to win. He says it wasn’t for her; he wanted the vacation for his parents.

In round four Jeff gets another hole-in-one, Kevin gets a 5, and Jordan gets a 4. Kevin is eliminated and gets $5000 for his prize. He keeps it. In the next round, Jordan gets a 4 and is upset. Lydia, pounding the mimosas, says they’ll screw her in the end. Jeff fires back at her then putts. He throws it to Jordan, purposely knocking his ball off the putting green. Russell applauds him. He wins a massages in the backyard and trades with Russ. Jordan wins a “Captain Unitard” costume that must be worn for the week and obviously trades with Lydia, who puts down her mimosa long enough to call Jordan a fat ho and puppet. Lydia starts yelling and Jeff tells “Mrs. Roper” to calm down. Jordan asks if this is all still from Jessie leaving.

Michele and Lydia get into it inside, and Lydia starts dumping Michele’s HoH beers in the sink, then runs away. Michele starts fake crying, and she and Lydia get into a verbal fight, as Lydia begs to be voted out. Next, she starts a fight with Jeff, who really doesn’t care. He says it’s a game, and plays every side. She still wants to be a bitch until she gets voted out. She screams at Jeff to meet her in the DR and says Ronnie deserves to be there more than the them. Jordan is upset at being called a fat ho, and Lydia cries alone in the DR.

Jordan gets her HoH room, and there is pics of her attractive mom, friend, sister, and grandparents. Lydia doesn’t come to the room. Jordan tears up over the letter from her mom. The family is moving, and Jordan will no longer have to bunk with her mom in the same room. Jeff says this is why he likes her. Meanwhile, Lydia dons her Captain Unitard outfit complete with pink hair. She is just obnoxious with it on, both visually and verbally.

Jordan is nervous with her nominations. At the ceremony, Jordan pulls out Michele’s key, followed by Jeff’s, Kevin’s, and Russell’s. This means Captain Unitard and Natalie are nominated, in a surprise move to no one.

This was an interesting episode. Since Lydia wants to go home and just wants to see Jessie, I think she should stay even longer. I am also glad to have no more Chima in the house. Make sure to turn in Thursday to see how this one turns out.

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