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Big Brother 11, Aug. 16 – The Calm Before the Storm

Chima tells her crowd that Jeff and Russ in final two would be the worst thing ever, as Russell tells Jeff he would rather see Jeff, Jordan, or Michele win than any of the others. Lydia says Jessie had a good presence and soul, as Russ notes they’re talking about him as if he was a saint. Kevin looks bored to tears, and tells the DR, “O M G,” saying the girls are acting as if Jessie just got killed by a Mac truck. He calls it “ridonculous,” asking why they don’t remember that Jessie nominated Chima, voted to evict Lydia, and that Jessie got upset with him for keeping Natalie. Lydia mentions him praying for them. What? Oh good Lord!

The other four don’t understand why Jessie’s crew doesn’t understand that they, too, were sad to see their friends go home. Natalie says, “Thanks, America. You’re really, uh, stand up people.” I don’t think America did this because they didn’t like Jessie as much as they did it because they liked Jeff and wanted to give him a shot. And mostly, because they wanted to see the game shaken up. You have to love the Big Brother editors that show us a quick shot of Jessie lying in bed with Natalie and Chima on either side of him.

The next day the four in power talk of who to send home this week, and when Chima’s name comes up, Russ does the best celebration I think I’ve ever seen. Michele seems to want her out too, and Jeff thinks that’s great, as Chima makes every good moment in the house a bad one, like a rain cloud. Michele just wants to figure out who to put up as a pawn to ensure that it happens. He’s so excited he wants to do a back flip into the hot tub.

Michele tells everyone later to pair up for the Have/Have Not competition, leaving the pairs Jeff/Jordan, Michele/Russell, Natalie/Chima, and Kevin/Lydia. They walk out to two huge slides leading into big pools of goo resembling casseroles with a bunch of dishes of real casseroles. Kevin knows they’re going to have to taste these. Michele tells them they’ll all be working together to earn food and privileges for the week. They’ll work with their partners, going down the slides, into a chaos-erole. There are two casseroles that have the same ingredients that match what’s listed on a podium with a day of the week. They have to taste the casseroles and put a matching pair on the right podium, then the next set of partners go. Chima looks very not into this. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard that laugh of hers the whole episode.

Michele and Russ start, and he says it’s gross, and almost as stinky as Chima’s bad attitude. They’re trying all the casseroles, and Jeff tells them to try everything, and Natalie gets pissy, telling them to let them try. He tells her to get out of here. Jordan uses her hands to try it instead of the fork, grossing out Kevin, who tells her her hands are dirty. The first she tries is salty and fishy so that’s matched up to Jeff’s who finds liver, and they have Chicken Liver and Gefilte Fish. Kevin notes that when Lydia competes she gets barky and butchy. Chima and Natalie go, but walk instead of race, and Russ complains. He looks at Chima, and she instructs him not to do that.

In the end they do not win food for Monday, but do for the rest of the week. They also win a BBQ grill and hot showers for the week, but miss out on the steak and lobster dinner. So they only have slop on Monday, that’s not too bad. Kevin was shocked they did so well.

Jeff talks to Lydia about her blanket, saying it’s her one thing, along with her unicorn called Dae Yum Yum, named after a friend of hers. He’s 2 year old and is a boy unicorn, and she talks him all over, as he reminds her of home and her friends. Kevin loves unicorns and rainbows, but says Lydia is uber-obsessed, and it’s kind of cute, but not that much. He hits Dae Yum Yum on the butt, then tries to flick him, which really upsets her.

Russ asks Jordan if she likes Jeff, and she says if he lived in Charlotte, yes. She tries to back out of it, bringing up the age difference of 22 years old and 31. She doesn’t know if she wants a boyfriend. Jeff, playing pool, asks her if she wants to get married, and she says yes. He announces they’re engaged. He knows she’d be a good wife, as she’s down to earth, country and homey. She tells him to buy her a cheap ring, and he tells her he needs to win this first. She wants a square cut diamond, but he wants to get her a diamond grill for her teeth.

Natalie goes up to talk to Michele, asking her just to be straight with her. Michele tells her she has a lot of friends here, and it’s gotten to a point where she just needs to start choosing between friends, and she basically is choosing from among the four. Natalie brings up the bad things Russ has done, but Michele says no one in this house is clean, and she knows the only thing that would make Natalie’s group happy is if she sent Russ home. Michele admits she has a target in mind. Chima then goes up for a chat, and Michele tells her she won’t BS her. Chima is not going to like the nominations. Chima brings up Russ’s attacks on Michele, telling her that by keeping Russ, Michele will go home.

Michele calls being HoH a tough job, as you get so much info, you have to sort out what’s real. You also get swayed by some valid points, and with each word, she’s been questioning whether she made the right decisions. That’s the name of the game, Michele. It’s a Mind F … well, you know.

We get to choose the food items for the Have Nots for next week, and it’s among 1. Cucumbers and Carp (goldfish?) 2. Mince meat and Marshmallows 3. Churros and Chitlins. Hmm. Churros sound good. So do marshmallows, but not for a whole week.

It’s time for the nominations, and Chima knows he’s a hard cookie to crack, and she can’t get in her head. If she doesn’t put Russ up she’s going to question her ability to reason. Russ says if Michele sticks to her promise and nominates Chima, it will be great with “ChimaPet” on the block. Natalie hasn’t had to fight at all, but if she’s on the block, it will be her biggest fight so far. Duh. Michele notes it’s purely strategic and not personal.

Michele starts the ceremony saying they’ve all spent a lot of time in the hose together, and they’ve all made lies and mistakes, and all said bad things about each other. She doesn’t want anyone to take anything personally. The first key pulled is Jordan, followed by Jeff, Russ, Kevin, and Lydia. That’s a pretty obvious order I would think. Chima and Natalie are on the block. Kevin looks more surprised than anyone. Michele explains Chima is one of the fiercest competitors in the house and is a fighter, and she respects her as a very strong woman. She sees her staying and making it to the final 2 if she stays, and she doesn’t see Chima taking her. Natalie is basically told she’s a pawn.

Natalie says without Jessie her back is against the wall, and she needs to show the house she’s a force to be reckoned with, and needs to come out with her guns blazing. Michele calls Chima the smartest person in the house other than her, making her a threat, and it’s her time to go this week. Russ asks how great it is that Chima has gone from this highest of highs to the lowest of lows, as he mentions karma. Chima says she doesn’t care if she’s nominated, “this game is [expletive}, I’m [expletive], my friends are [expletive], so as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care”. I think that pretty much clears that up.

We don’t see what happens next, but the announcer alludes that one person self destructs, and you can pretty much figure out who it is after all the foreshadowing. If you’re strong enough to not watch the live feeds or read the spoilers, are you sure you don’t want to now?

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