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Big Brother 11, Aug. 16 – The Calm Before the Storm

Whew! What a week! For those of you that don’t check out the live feeds or spoilers, you might want to catch Carrie’s update of what we do know, Still, we’re left with some questions of how it all went down. We’ll get to find that out, as well as, I hope, where we go from here.

Jordan talks about being in complete shock when Jeff stood up to use the coup de’tat last Thursday. Russell was speechless, calling it unbelievable, knowing he was dead in the water if he stayed on the block. Chima was pissed and livid, trying to contain herself, but she really wanted to ring Jeff’s neck and shout something terrible out loud. Jeff wanted to use the gift that America gave him, wanted to get Jessie out, and knew that putting him up against his “lapdog,” Natalie, was the only way. I think I might be the only person that actually likes her.

Chima started in on Jeff during the voting, saying they all knew Jeff had it, but they didn’t think he’d be stupid enough to use it. Natalie brings up that Jeff had always said that the one thing he would leave this game with would be his loyalty. Jeff says that the others were in power, and he decided to use it to take the power down. Chima tells him he’s being power-hungry, and that keeping Russell in the game is not a good idea. Jeff fires back if he takes Chima out, it is a good idea. She fires back, calling him disloyal. When were they ever on the same team for her to consider him disloyal to her? She thinks he made a deal with the devil, but he says he didn’t make it with anybody.

Even Jessie states it’s a good move, which I think is classy on his part. Chima notes the target has moved from Russell to Jeff. Russell disputes it, and Chima tells him to kiss her ass. Jeff begins to get upset for the first time, saying he talked to everyone and Jessie and Natalie came to him too late, and he would have been out at 6, instead of now having a chance at winning. Jessie tries to tell him it’s not like that, but it’s obviously too late for his comments. Chima plans to win again next week when there’s no CDT. Way to put a target on yourself for this week, Chima.

Natalie cries in the DR about Jessie leaving, saying he’s a great guy and has been nothing but decent and really great to her. It sucks, because the ugly and bad get rewarded in the game, while the good seem to go burning down in flames. I’m sure others would detract that. Chima compares Jessie leaving to a family member leaving. And honestly, this is the first obvious mark that the girl has lost it. That’s way too strong of a statement. It’s not fair that Russell gets to stay in the game when he’s done nothing but lie, cheat, and backstab.

Kevin says that Jessie dissed him as he was leaving and is exactly what America thinks he is. This is right after Jessie pushed Kevin away instead of hugging him. He thinks he’s a self-involved egomaniacal megalomaniac. He was happy to see him go. Remember that thing I said about Jessie leaving with class? Not so much anymore after seeing that.

After Jessie leaves, Lydia is in complete tears, and she cries in the DR, saying she couldn’t even stand up and didn’t want to give him a hug goodbye, as it made it more real. Jessie didn’t get in her head, but got in her heart, and if that makes her a weak player, then she’ll be a weak player. Natalie brings up again about Jeff saying he would leave with his loyalty. Chima brings up Jeff lied, as he said he was going to vote Russell out, but he counters, says he didn’t vote, so he didn’t lie. I hate to stick up for Chima here, but in this one, Jeff is stretching it. I’m not saying he was wrong, but his reasoning is really weak there.

Michele is happy to win HoH, saying she’s been waiting for it since coming into the house, and now she’s the HoH queen. Chima is happy, yet distraught, as she thought she had Russell out of the door. She’s hoping Michele comes through for them. Russ is worried, as he has had words with Michele in the past. Kevin knows that Michele winning leaves the biggest question mark as to what she’ll do. She and Jeff don’t have an official agreement, but they have a mutual respect which he hopes will carry him through this week.

Michele says that Jeff using the coup de’tat shows that he is willing to make big moves in the game. Jeff tells her, Russ, and Jordan that Jessie was walking straight to final four, so he had to make a change instead of talk and talk and talk. He knows he opened the door up for everyone else, even though the others don’t want to see it. Russ notes that Chima is going to come after Jeff now, and he says he doesn’t care. He also mentions that they’re having their own personal pity party, saying they know how it was when all of their other people left.

Natalie tells Chima she knows Michele is going to put her up, as the other four are sitting out there talking now, so she knows they’re together. Chima remarks that the same people that called Michele crazy before are now up in her ear. She vows that when she wins HoH again, Russell will keep going up until she gets rid of him. They, along with Kevin, talk about Chima talking to Michele and telling her that the house would be better off without Russell there.

Michele gets her HoH room, and everyone is shocked to see her with blonde hair and blue streaks. She also has pictures of her “babies,” her dogs, as well as a picture of her with her nephews and husband, and another with her husband and in-laws. She has also been given some stuffed rat, and Jeff notes how it’s interesting that the rest of the house is trying to get on her good side and now likes rats. She reads her letter from her husband, which is very sweet. She says she misses him a lot, and it reminded her of why she was in this game.

Jeff talks to Russ outside, saying he knows Chima is going to say anything she can. Russ says if both he and Jeff go on the block, and he wins the PoV, he gives his word that he’ll give it to Jeff. Jeff doesn’t think they’ll be up, though. Russ repeats the same statement, saying he wants to pay him back for keeping him. Jeff says if it happens, the coup was his best play, and Michele will have gotten him. Russ thinks this is a 50/50 crapshoot with Michele in charge, not knowing what she’s going to do. Russ has a point. Michele has been all over the place with her allegiances, yet so has Russ. They’re kind of in the same boat.

Russ goes up to talk to Michele, because he wants to start over with her. He thinks if he can get in good with her, they and Jeff and Jordan can flip the ties. She tells him she wasn’t happy with him when he told the rest of the house her secrets. She also didn’t like when he was acting in an aggressive manner. he admits he did that and says it’s hard when you’re sitting up here in the HoH, and you’re getting everything from every angle. They decide to “hug it out.” She know she’s a “sneaky snake” now, but vows to keep her eyes open.

The house gets Chinese food, and Natalie brings out Jessie’s bottle of wine. Jordan goes outside to tell Jeff that they pulled out Jessie’s wine, because it’s for Jessie. She notes it’s okay if one of their friends is evicted, but not Jessie. Jessie’s friends toast him with his wine, and I’ll add this includes Kevin. Jeff says “Dude, the guy is [expletive] alive. Relax.” They are definitely taking it way too far. It’s eye-rolling, to say the least.


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