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Top Chef: Masters Ep 9 Commentary – I Think The Mushiness Was in Your Mouth

Quickfire hits:

• What is poppadon? And why does Theoden think it tastes like potato chips?

• I liked Doobie’s interview questions for The Twelve – what is your best meal? His usual Zen-like approach. Meanwhile, Winky sends them on skill drills.

• CJ – I missed that giant! He calls the process speed dating. I now can’t stop thinking of that scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

• Jamie worked for The Lo in 2000. Then The Lo remembers why she stopped working with Jamie. Embarrassing.

• Again, Blais is awesome. Doobie remembers from his judging stint in Chicago and grabs him quickly in the schoolyard draft.

• Anyone else like Spike’s refusal to jump through Winky’s hoops?

• Extra scene – Winky channeling Beyonce – Say My Name!

• First Round Draft picks – Fabio to Winky, Rich to Doobie, Jamie to The Lo and Antonia to Theoden. Doobie somehow also wound up with Alex and Betty. The Lo added Dale and Ilan – talented and very high maintenance team. Theoden gets the great team of Antonia, Elia and Spike. Winky has CJ, Brian and Fabio. Great team, and he refused to use them. Dumb.

• Alex added the seafood early for Doobie, and I’m sure that played into Winky and The Lo’s problems.

• The less said about the Winky/Dale clash over fridge space the better. I did love Winky’s line – “In my first 20 years of my career, I ate three Dales for breakfast.” Classic.

• Richard – “It’s Bayless meets Blais. Rustic Mexican meets molecular gastronomy.” Man, how did Blais lose his season!

• NotPadma is now wearing nightgowns in the kitchen. How can someone on a cooking show manage to keep dwindling into nothingness?

• Blais about Winky’s spread – “It looks like a wedding from 1987.” Where’s Adam Sandler?

• Jay’s best line about Theoden’s bounty – “How many weeks you been working?”
NotPadma actually made a comment this week! Did that mean she actually ate?

Next week, it finally ends. We have the past winners judge. And Tom! And … sigh … Padma’s back. All is good.

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