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Breaking Big Brother 11 News: Chima Walks

If you’re a fan of watching Big Brother without the benefit of the live feeds or live feed reports, then I apologize for the spoiler in the title of this article. But really, this is big news, and there’s no other way to phrase it. This is your warning, however: if you don’t want to know what’s coming up on the show (and I will be spoiling Michele’s nominations here), don’t read any further.

Still with me? Good, let’s carry on.

Feed watchers had been expecting a Chima meltdown after Jeff used his wizard power on Thursday. She had been threatening to “go off” all week, and trying to warn everyone that the wizard had better not mess with her nominations or he/she would make enemies. Of course we knew that Jeff was man enough to use the power (and many, many thanks to Jeff for that – how awesome was it to see Jessie exit the house for the second time in as many seasons?) despite Chima’s threats. (And was I the only one who jumped onto my couch and yelled “Technotronics!” when that happened?)

According to people who were at the taping of Thursday’s show, Chima was as silent as we saw her on television when it all went down. We saw her starting to bubble a little at the end of the episode, but really, she didn’t go off the deep end. Not until last night/early this morning, anyway.

Before the meltdown, Chima, Natalie, and Lydia all spent hours together mourning the loss of Jessie. They wore his shirts and cried at the table together. Seriously. And avenged his death eviction.

Then, nominations. Michele stayed true to her new alliance with Jeff, Jordan, and Russell, and nominated Chima and Natalie. The stage was set for Chima to lose it.

The short version is that Chima acted out against Jeff, Jordan, Michele, and Russell in small ways at first, before losing it completely.

For example, Russell says that he was making his lunch in the kitchen, and Chima kept intentionally bumping into him. She also took some of their belongings, called Russell a terrorist again (and referred to herself as the Twin Towers), planned to throw boiling water on Russell (didn’t actually do it, however), and generally caused her own brand of chaos in the house. She destroyed (or tried to destroy) some of the others’ clothing and other belongings as well, including Russell’s rosary. She claimed that, since he was a terrorist, he wouldn’t need it.

Chima decided that she would block her enemies from washing their clothes, so she stood guard in front of the washing machine outside. Big Brother asked her to adjust her microphone, and she tore it off and threw it into the jacuzzi. When she got a replacement mic courtesy of Kevin, she told BB to “suck a dick” into it.

The feeds went to the “we’ll be right back” message in the early morning hours, after we learned that Lydia caught heck from BB for threatening to throw red M&Ms into Michele’s drink (Michele is allergic to red dye). When the feeds came back, Chima was no longer in the house.

Conversations between the hamsters indicate that Chima will not be returning, and that at least one of the show’s producers came in to talk with them about the situation.

Despite her continued claims of being a strong woman, it’s very clear that Chima has issues. I’m not going to get into her ordeal of surviving a rape and attack by a serial killer – this story is absolutely true, and no one should have to go through something like that. But maybe being in the Big Brother house just wasn’t something that Chima could have handled, no matter what her situation is.

It always bugs me when the hamsters blame show twists and things like that for their demise. Take Jessie for example – he takes no responsibility whatsoever for either of his evictions. Surely Chima knew that her HoH “power” was going to be overthrown, and her reaction goes above and beyond that of a “diva” who likes to get her own way.

Now, we’re left with a few questions. First, the jury. They’re going to be short one member, and they can’t bring Ronnie back to serve on the jury because he wasn’t sequestered. The best solution here would be to have a jury of six and let the viewers cast the seventh vote, which would only be needed if there was a tie.

Also, we’ve got the whole double eviction thing coming up. If they still do the Fast Forward, the finale will have to be bumped up one week. The only way around this would be to bring Jessie back into the game. I’m shuddering at the mere idea of this, but from a production standpoint, it almost makes sense. Or, they could just skip the whole Fast Forward on Thursday night.

Alternatively, they could just let Michele make her replacement nomination during the live show and have another instant vote, but that might mess with the veto process.

I don’t know how they’re going to deal with this, but it should make for an interesting week on the live feeds! You can share your thoughts about this new development in the Reality Shack Forum.

Update: The official statement from CBS claims that Chima was evicted because of rule violations. Also, apparently Michele’s HoH reign has ended, and the new HoH competition will be held today. The Fast Forward week is still happening, it’s just not all going to occur in one episode.