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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 11 – Hoo-Rah

The guys win the chance to be fighter pilots for the day. The ladies get to redecorate the dining room; I wonder if the crazy event planner guy is going to be in charge of it. The ladies are figuring out that Suzanne left out crucial key words, such as grilled, southern, and soul. Suzanne can not understand why everyone is blaming her for the loss.

The Blue team look like wanna-be Tom Cruises in Top Gun. That’s just what this group of guys needs, a testosterone boost! The prize this time is intense. They are not only allowed to fly the planes but they are all up flying in formation with mock dog fights.

The ladies are introduced to someone Chef Ramsay can trust for the task, his wife, Tana. She appears to be just as precise as Chef Ramsay. The ladies amuse themselves with the helium as the guys plan on crushing them.

Unfortunately for the Red team they need to learn the recipes from Robert. Jim wants to bury the ladies and all the guys appear to be sabotaging the food items provided to Red kitchen. They surely can not be that stupid; doesn’t anyone watch a season before they go on a reality show? Are the men that scared of the women that they don’t want a fair fight?

The guest of honor walks in, and you can literally feel the pride of the entire room through the television. All of the chefs are excited for the opportunity to cook for him.

Once the dinner service starts, Blue is flying through their appetizers. Sabrina tries to serve up a cold mushroom dish after the rest of the table was served. She told Chef Ramsay it was coming, so he served the rest of the table. You never want to make Chef Ramsay look bad. The men are already on to the entrees.

Jim is on the grill, and almost every order is steak. Kevin is on his case. Red is finally on to entrees. Tek is on the grill, and having the same issues that Jim is having. First she serves blue raw steak followed up with burned steak. Tek is falling bad. Tennille keeps trying to give her advice, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Tek hasn’t served a single entrée.

The Blue kitchen has all entrees served before the Red gets a single entreé out. Tek finally gets some steaks ready for the surf and turf; the turf however is plated raw. One and a half hours later the diners in the red kitchen are still not served. Chef Ramsey just gave the Red kitchen over to the Blue.

I don’t think we need to wait to hear who lost this challenge. Red team needs to select two people to go up for elimination. Somehow Tek does not feel that she deserves to go up. Sabrina thinks that Tennille should go up, not because she did anything wrong tonight, but because she has been up before.

Chef Ramsay calls on Tennille to tell him who they nominated. Tek & Tennille are put up. That makes no sense to me. She was the one that wanted to do a southern jambalaya and was trying to tell Tek how to cook the steaks. Chef Ramsay asks who she thinks should be up there, and Tennille replies Amanda, as she did try to serve raw lobster. Chef Ramsay agrees and brings Amanda up to stand with Tennille and Tek.

Tennille believes she is getting stronger, and she is pissed that she is even up there; he sends her back in line. Tek doesn’t want to leave a failure. What kind of reason is that to stay? Amanda believes she can get stronger and starts crying. She has to try and convince him that she isn’t done. Tek is asked for her jacket after Amanda’s meltdown.

Next week we will continue with the drama. Chef Ramsay growls at someone, Tennille pushes back, and Robert once again is taken to the hospital with heart problems.

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