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Big Brother 11, Aug. 11 – From Sugar Bear to Poopy Bear

Kevin and Lydia celebrate quietly in the bathroom, and he talks about calling a meeting with the others to see who they’re voting for, as he’s thinking of not using it, as that’s short term. He wants to think long term. In addition, he’s come this far without making any enemies. Russell knows his only hope is the coup de’tat, yet he talks to Jessie like they’re still good pals, telling him Jessie’s only opportunity is to get rid of Jeff. Jessie tells him he didn’t’ even get to try for PoV, and if they want him out, they can still put him up. Yeah, I have to agree Russ was barking up the wrong tree with that one.

Jessie instead goes to Jeff and tells him he has people behind him. Yet he also asks why Russell chose him to play PoV and not Jessie. He spills to Jeff how Russ was just throwing him under the bus, and tells the DR if for some reason Jeff has the mystery power, he wants him to see that Russell isn’t worth it. He then sets to work talking to Jordan, trying to get at why Russ thinks Jordan and Jeff are on his side. He tells her the only people that probably told them that Jessie was coming after them was Russ, and he’s not coming after them. Jordan, however, doesn’t trust Jessie at all.

Jordan and Jeff get a chance to catch up outside, and she tells him how nice Jessie was being. He explains to her it’s because he knows he’s in danger and thinks one of them has the power. She asks who she should put up if she gets HoH next week, and he tells her he’d like to see Jessie on the block against Natalie. Is this a clue to what he’ll do Thursday?

Chima gets upset when she can’t get in the shower, telling Jessie and Russell to hurry up. Russ tells us it’s worthless to be nice to the “complete bitch,” as he knows he’s not going to get her vote. She tells him he should have been on America’s Top Terrorist, and he calls it funny, trying to tell her something, as she says, “LaLaLaLaLa,” blocking him out. During this, BB flashes back on Russell terrorizing Jeff and his spelling, Ronnie about being a Rat, Lydia for talking, etc. They get in another screaming match, and she fakes crying, with Jordan looking more scared than either of these two. Personally, I think they both have to leave.

The Haves get to see the Jeremy Piven movie, The Goods, after their luxury comp win, and this group consists of Chima, Jessie, Natalie, Jordan, and Russ. Chima calls it nice to be away from the game, even if she has to be with her mortal enemy in the house. The others work on their tanning. After, Russ takes his hat off to Jeremy Piven, calling the movie hilarious. It’s on my list to see. Thanks for the recommendation, Russ.

Lydia, with a blue head wrap, tells Russ she thinks Kevin isn’t going to use his PoV, as he wants to be true to Chima and her picks. Russ, of course, tells Lydia he would have used the veto on her. He explains she’s a beautiful girl and he wouldn’t want to see her cry, and everyone else is in it for themselves.

Kevin comes out as Russ goes in, and Kevin asks Lydia if she told him he wasn’t going to use it, and when she says yes, he says if he wanted Russ and the rest of the house to know, he would have told them. They go into the bubble room to talk, and he tries to explain that he’s looking out for her in the long run. When she continues to be upset, he says, fine, he’ll use it. They just continue to argue.

It’s time for the PoV ceremony, and Kevin is still being bothered with thoughts of not knowing what to do. Chima thinks the person that wins PoV should respect what the HoH wants. Umm, what’s the point of having the PoV then? She won’t trust Kevin anymore if he uses it. Lydia wants her SugarBear to use it, and says she won’t be fighting as much for Kevin if he doesn’t use it. Russ would love it to be used on him, but thinks there’s a bigger chance of lightening striking him while he’s in the BB house.

Kevin gives each of the nominees a chance at explaining why they want him to use it. Russell just stands up and says he doesn’t really expect Kevin to use it on him and it would be a big surprise if he did, as Lydia is his friend. Lydia tells Kevin she loves him and it would be nice if he used it on her. Kevin decides to use it on no one, and apologizes to Lydia, saying he knows it’s going to strain their relationship, but they can talk about it later. As everyone else is hugging him, Jeff chest bumps Kevin.

Lydia wonders how it couldn’t straining their relationship. She’s now calling him Poopy Bear instead of Sugar Bear. Russ is still hoping the mystery power will be used on him, yet he knows he still has to fight like hell. Jessie thanks us for the mystery power and giving it to Jeff, saying he’s not safe because of us. Jeff knows he has free reign, and he’ll choose who he wants out.

Jeff has already said he’d put Jessie and Natalie up next week. Will he do that Thursday? As shaky as the alliances have been this season with all the floaters and people turning on each other, I think Jeff has to make hay while the sun shines. He doesn’t know who will be in power next week, and if he lets Russ go, he could face losing Jordan next week. He needs to get rid of Jessie, the guy that’s already won HoH twice, and the only way to ensure he goes is to put Natalie up against him. She’s been losing badly so far, but I think that girl is throwing every competition. Once she loses her protection of Jessie, watch for her to suddenly come alive.

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