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Big Brother 11, Aug. 11 – From Sugar Bear to Poopy Bear

I’m filling in for MarvelFan tonight, as he’s having a busy couple of days. On top of that, he’s stressed with Russell on the block this week. I don’t think he needs to worry much, though, as with Jeff having coup de’tat, I think he’s going to take Russ off the block. It’ll be a risk for him, but I think it’ll be a worthwhile risk.

Lydia does believe that Russ is Chima’s main target this week; however, Russell could “lay on the schmoozing to the other houseguests”, and she could be going home. Russell had an alliance with Chima and the others, so he knows it’s all basically in the dump right now. It would appear he is right, as Chima, Natalie, and Jessie gather after the nomination ceremony to say it all went down perfectly. Russ tells Lydia, while he slices mushrooms, not to worry, as he’s sure she’ll last another week. She knows it has to suck for him to have his own alliance nominate him. Yeah, but … it’s Chima. She’s still hurting over him spurning her advances.

Jeff gets called to the DR again, and all it does is increase the thoughts in the others minds that he’s the wizard. Natalie doesn’t think he’d use it, saying he’s not dumb like that. Chima certainly agrees. Jessie, though, is worried, saying that’s why he wants to play in the power of veto competition, since the only safe ones this week are the HoH and the PoV holder. He explains you can’t play to win if you don’t get to play at all. Natalie and Jessie even battle with each other a little on who Chima should choose if she gets Houseguest’s Choice when choosing partners for the veto.

Russell is working it too. He talks to Jeff and tells him he feels betrayed by the others. He asks Jeff to give him a chance, saying he’ll join his team, and they’ll pick every one of them off. He promises he was never going after Jeff or Jordan. Jeff tells him if one of them wins HoH next week, they have to go after Russ’ old alliance. Jeff promises that if he plays for the PoV and wins, he’ll take Russ down. He tells the DR if the vote was today, Russ would be going home, but with his coup de’tat, it could change all that. So if the vote was today, the coup de’tat would be negated?

Being that it’s not a good thing to just bank on Jeff, Russ decides to also mend some fences, starting with Michele over a game of pool. She’s no dummy, this neuro surgeon, and she asks him point blank what he wants to ask her. He wants to rehash out the disagreement between himself, Michele, and Chima over if Chima really said she would backdoor him or not. She pleads bad memory, then eventually curses and takes off back inside. Fence not mended.

Michele goes to the HoH with Chima and Natalie, and definitely gets backup and sympathy here. Chima is working on an all female alliance, and says she doesn’t think they can bring in Lydia and Jordan until they get rid of Russell and Jeff. Russell attacks Michele as she leaves HoH, saying, “What’s up Nutcase?” To the DR, he mocks her, saying she’s a complete idiot for a pHd. He says Ronnie was right about everything, as she needs medicine. She offers up to him that he needs to start respecting women. Chima just says he’s an “expletive,” asking us to fill in the blank. She’s making it a MadLib.

It’s time to pick players for the veto comp, and Chima doesn’t look too happy about it. Kevin wants to play for PoV for two reasons. The first one being obviously that he knows he’d be safe from the mystery power on Thursday, and the other to possibly save Lydia. Jessie knows that if he doesn’t get a chance to play for PoV, and not being in control of the coup de’tat aspect, it could be one helluva a way to go out of the game. When they pick names, Chima picks Natalie, and Russell gets houseguest’s choice and picks Jeff, a definite blow to Jessie. Lydia gets houseguest’s choice and picks Kevin, as she knows he’ll use it if he wins. Everyone pretty much got their ideal people to play for them. Jessie considers it the end of “Russ and Jessie,” but really that was awhile ago. Michele is picked to host.

When the houseguests walk out to the comp, they’re dressed as chickens, and they’re in a farm setting with chicken wire and eggs, and bacon bridges for them to run across. Michele, dressed as a farm girl, tells them they’re separated from their precious eggs. They need to rescue them by getting them out of the coop through the wiring, walk across the bacon, and put them in the stand. If they break an egg, they have to get a new one. They need a dozen eggs to win.

Natalie is trying to win not to save anyone, but because she wants to stay protected from the mystery power. Chima calls Russ a fierce competitor, and says she won’t sleep soundly until she knows he doesn’t have the power of veto. Jeff goes really slow with his first egg, and Kevin figures he’s screwed, as he has “tiny Asian hands.” Russ knows no one is gong to put their neck out for him, so he needs to win for himself. Kevin and his tiny Asian hands is the first to get an egg, and Russ is second, with Jeff closely following. Natalie drops her egg, and Lydia gets her first one. Natalie drops another, as Jeff chides her, then says he’d tell her to throw an egg at him, but she can’t even get one out.

Kevin gets his second egg, followed by Russell. Chima gets her first egg. Jeff squeezes his to break it, then kicks the chicken coop, admitting that patience isn’t one of his strong points. Yeah, it’s not my virtue either. Russell, Kevin, and Lydia quickly get four eggs while the others struggle. Natalie finally gets an egg as Kevin, Russell, and Lydia get six. Lydia starts to fall behind, and Natalie gets two eggs. The top three are tied again as they each work on their last one. Kevin says later he never shook so much in his life. Russell is trying to stay calm and also rattle,Kevin, as he’s not good under pressure. Kevin ends up winning by mere seconds, getting a hug from Chima. He leads his own chant, “Go Kevin. Go Kevin.”

This leads to a big decision for Kevin. He wants to use the PoV on a personal level on Lydia, as she’s his best friend in the house, yet he also needs to think about himself at this point. Russell knows he now needs to come up with a new plan and strategy, as his back is against the wall.


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