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Big Brother 11, Aug. 9 – Who Has the Goods?

The doorbell rings, and everyone runs to see who it is, as they don’t seem to get many visitors here. In walks Jeremy Piven when Natalie opens the door. He tells them they’ve been in the house too long and pulls them into the living room. Jeff says if any celebrity would come in the house, Jeremy is probably top 8 for him. Chima thought it was great bringing some new energy into the house.

Jeremy asks who they think will be the first to lose it, then points at Lydia and says his money is on her. I think the better question is who hasn’t lost it. He understands, saying after only eleven minutes in the house, he’s bout to lose it. His next question is if any of them have hooked up, and Jordan shoots Jeff a look right away. Lydia says she laid on top of Kevin, and he replies she was the first woman to lay on top of him. Jeremy quips, “Big Brother turned you straight?”

It’s a luxury competition, and the winners will get to see Jeremy’s new movie, The Goods, that comes out this Friday. For some reason he walks past Jessie as he leaves, pats him on his back, and says, “Good to see you, my Friend.” We get to see the trailer, as do the houseguests, and they seem to really enjoy it. One member of the winning team will get a cash prize. Jeremy asks Natalie for a hug, and she obliges. She’d be nuts not to. He tells the DR they seem like a bunch of really nice kids, and he thinks he’d go insane in there. He also wishes luck to his “new straight friend.” He tells them he’ll see them on the other side, and Jessie only wants to know the particulars of how and when and where.

After Jeremy leaves, the houseguests walk outside to the comp and find what they explain as the cross between a used car lot and junk yard. Chima thinks she just walked out on the set of Sanford and Son, calling it an organized mess. They’ll have to sell the most cars, and split into two groups: Ties being Jeff, Kevin, Lydia and Michele, and the others, minus Chima, make up the the Shirts.They have to pack their team car up with “sale tools” that are marked with exactly how many cars that particular tool will sell. After packing up the car, the team then has to fit in the front seat. The team at the end with the highest total of what the sales tools are worth will win. The losing team will be the Have Nots. If Chima correctly chooses the winning team, she’ll get to see the movie, and could win the cash prize. She picks the shirts, as Natalie and Jessie are on that team.

The houseguests have to choose carefully as the items are bulky and worth different amounts. Kevin calls it a blur, not even caring about points, as they only had five minutes. Jessie admits to no problems bargain shopping for other people’s things. Lydia’s big complication was that the other team could snag the items that you choose, but then put down to move other things around. Jordan wants to get a giant stuffed bear in the car as it’s worth 17 points, but I saw a lot of things worth more that weren’t that big. Jeff had a tough time getting in, but knew he wasn’t having as large of a problem as others. Kevin finally shoved his face into Lydia’s butt to get it work. Jessie had a hard time because of his 19 ” biceps of course.

With the game finished, Ties got 399 points, making the Shirts not feel very confident. Pulling everything out to add up the points, Jordan wasn’t sure what a harmonica was called. In the end, it was that giant teddy bear that wins the game for them. Jeff isn’t happy about losing and says he’s going on a cigarette and coffee diet. Each of the winning team gets a commission check, and the one with the highest gets a prize. Russell gets one for $10,000, meaning he wins that money, his second cash prize so far. Like the guy really needed a bigger target on him this week?

Lydia lays on top of Jessie, and he tells her he can’t breathe. At least she doesn’t have to worry about turning him straight. She says she’s still going to be his friend, even though he voted against her, as that will help her in the game. Natalie waltzes in and asks Jessie to go lay in the bed with her, and Lydia calls it really annoying that she stole him away. Jessie walks in later to say goodnight to Chima and and Natalie in the HoH, but Natalie won’t say goodnight to him, yet wants him to say goodnight to her. She’s holding a grudge, as she’s mad about him being too close to Lydia. He was trying to mend the fence, but says someone just drove a tank through it, and all he has is popsicle sticks and bubble gum.

Jessie pouts on his own, and Natalie seems restless without him. She sleeps, but he wanders around alone, then comes back into the HoH. He tells her that at the end of the day, all he has is her and Chima. She wants him to remember that if he’s going to be friends with Lydia, she should have their backs at the end of the day. Chima agrees she doesn’t trust Lydia either. Chima realizes their alliance will be helped by Lydia going home, as if Natalie and Jessie stop talking to each other, their whole alliance is done.

We get to choose what the Have Nots will eat next week again. 1. Jalapeno Peppers and Pepperoni. 2. Squeeze Cheese and Kimchi. 3. Sweet Pickles and Anchovies. I think I’d pick 2. I need my cheese on a daily basis, even if it’s processed.

Just before the nominations, Michele is still worried, knowing she and Chima have had their ups and downs, yet hopes they bonded over their hatred of Russell. She’s hoping for girl power. Russell knows he’s a target and the cards are stacked against him. Jordan is scared, because she and Jeff are not on the cool side of the house. Chima admits here nominees are based on personal and strategic reasons. She’s keeping in mind those that have betrayed her. Hmmm. Sounds like Russell for sure.

The ceremony starts and I think Natalie and Jessie are the only ones not scared, as they all realize that it is strategic and personal with Chima. The keys are pulled in the following order: Natalie, Jessie (he thanks Chimacus), Kevin, Michele, Jordan, and Jeff. This means Russell and Lydia are on the block. Chima explains that Russell shouldn’t be surprised, as while he apologized, she has a big problem trusting him. She tells Lydia the reason she is up is in order to avoid her voting for Russell and keeping him in the house.

Lydia figures Mama Bear is protecting Baby Bear from the Big Bad Wolf (Chima, Natalie, Lydia). Russell is going to try and put his pride to the side and kill them all with kindness. Jessie still worries about the mystical wand power/wizard man/Mystical bean/the unicorn that’s going to come out of nowhere and says Jessie, you’re out of here and going home.

Basically, it’s as assumed. These nominations are worthless, as Jeff can change them both if he wants. It would behoove Jeff to use the power to take Russell for sure off the block. It’s not a real solid alliance for him, but it’s the best thing he has right now, other than Jordan. Again, though, it will create enemies for him. Chima and whoever is left would now be gunning for him. I think in the long run, he needs to take that chance.

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