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Big Brother 11, Aug. 9 – Who Has the Goods?

It certainly sets up an interesting predicament for the week, for Jeff to have the power of the coup de’tat, yet Chima to be the Head of Household. They’re on different sides of the fence with completely different alliances. This means whoever Chima nominates, Jeff is likely to take down and replace on Thursday. That is … if he wants to be outed and become a target when he hasn’t been so far. It creates an interesting predicament for him, and it’s something he’ll need to decide on his own, whether to strengthen his alliance, yet become more vulnerable himself. Let’s see how it all goes down.

After Ronnie leaves, Michele says he was just bitter, especially because he is the Encyclopedia of Big Brother, and he didn’t make it past week four. Lydia is happy to have survived, but thinks Jessie tried to vote her out, which she says sucks, as they were supposed to be friends. Jessie had friends last season. He went home early. Jeff notes what goes around comes around for Ronnie, and he thinks now things are finally working out for him. Jessie knows it threw a wrench in their plans and says they lost a very good wingman, and he’ll be seeking revenge. Kevin tells Ronnie “toodles”, and gives him a happy dance that he left.

As we hear the the crowd cheering for Ronnie outside the walls of the house, Kevin tells Michele Ronnie was just angry because she was the swing vote, and then proceeds to do another celebratory dance, this time with Lydia. Russell notes that his alliance of Chima, Natalie, and Jessie went against him in trying to get out Lydia. Jeff says he just wants to ensure his safety for the following week with the coup de’tat.

Chima was very excited to win Head of Household, and says mostly it means she, Jessie, and Natalie are safe. Perhaps she’s forgotten about the coup de’tat. Russell isn’t very happy, since he knows he has to kiss some major ass after his and Chima’s very public fight. Lydia is preparing to be nominated as well, as Chima’s closes friend is Natalie, Lydia’s arch nemesis. Jeff doesn’t want Chima to get too excited, as he’s the one that’s really in control this week.

Chima jokes about doing eenie meenie moe for her nominations, and Natalie reminds her the “wizard” power is still out there Chima now is being more realistic about the strength of what she won, and Jordan explains the “wizard” power, hoping that it’s only going to be used by a good person, and not a bad person. Natalie notes that whoever has it doesn’t have to use it. Jeff loves this conversation, saying, yes, of course he’ll use it, and he’s confident he’ll use it wisely.

Lydia tells Michele she’ll be shocked if the two of them don’t go up on the block. Michele agrees with that, saying if not now, she knows she’ll go up as a replacement nominee. Chima tells Natalie she wonders who’s worried, and says as far as she’s concerned the only safe people are Natalie and Jessie. Natalie suggests Chima put up people she knows are coming after her. Chima knows everyone expects her to put up Russell, and Natalie points out if Russell did stay and won HoH next week, she doesn’t think he’d put them up. Correction. He wouldn’t put you up, Natalie, but he sure would put up Chima.

Chima gets her HoH room, and we sees pictures of her as a little girl, and Kevin already recognizes her attitude in that picture. There’s also a picture of her with her dad, and Jeff mentions he looks “super young”. No kidding. He looks like a young pro football player, but I can’t place which one he looks like. Not a recent one, but one twenty or thirty years ago. She replies he’s going to be 50. Her mom has her smile, that’s for sure. Or the other way around. Her mom writes her a letter, and Chima lets us know her mom is sick, but in the letter she’s told everyone’s taking good care of her and she’s doing better. Hearing from her is giving a lot of inspiration to Chima.

Michele is happy to see a woman as HoH, although she and Chima have had their differences. She hopes there are people Chima dislikes more than her. She goes up to the HoH for a talk, and Chima admits she doesn’t know what to do, as everyone is telling her to send Russell home. With Jessie and Natalie in her ear, she has to do what’s best for her, yet they want Russell to stay. Chima really wants a woman to win, and it was originally gong to be women up, but that goes against what she wants, so she’s now thinking of putting up someone who’s been playing really strongly who has burned her, like Russell.

Russell stops up in the HoH next, and she asks why. He tells her he feels like everyone makes mistakes, and he’s sorry. He knows if he doesn’t fix it with her, he could go home. He tells her he understands what she’s going through, as he was there last week. Yet between them, he calls it a personal issue and says everyone loses their cool. She admits to having a hard time accepting his apology. He throw Michele under the bus again, saying she made him look like a liar, and he’s not. He hugs her before he leaves, and being that he knows she wants him sexually, that’s only going to help him.

Jordan and Jeff watch a spider do his work, not the first people in the house to do so. She wonders where the web-making material comes from, if it comes out of their butts. He’s not sure, but suggests their wrists, like Spider-Man. He likes how they make it so symmetrical. She’s glad she isn’t a spider since she doesn’t know now to make a web, and he assures her if she was a spider, she’d know. She also wonders how they have sex, and Jeff tells her the same way she does. She knows that, but wonders if they do it from behind. He just wonders where her mind is all day. I’ll say.

Chima tells some of the houseguests she has a sad story. They encourage her to tell the Reader’s Digest version. She explains ten years ago she was raped by a serial killer who broke into her house with a gun and a mask. It was 4 AM and she was asleep. He didn’t shoot her, but she fought, as she’s a fighter, leaving her to have two surgeries on her face. He was on death row and was put to death. She knows some survivors try to forget, but she thinks you have to deal with it. She wants to talk to young girls and empower them, and Jeff encourages her. He says people sometimes get too caught up in this game, but sometimes you have to look past the game to see who these people really are. Did we really need any more reasons to like this man? Kevin finds a new respect for Chima, as she has the ability to be cheerful, happy, and have a great sense of humor in spite of it all.

Jordan tells Jeff later she thinks they’re going up on the block, but he thinks she’s just being paranoid. He wonders why Russell wouldn’t go up, and she says it’s because he and Chima are cool now. Jeff disputes this. She also tells him she thinks Michele has the mystery power, and if Michele goes on the block, she’ll take herself off and put one of them up. He thinks Chima will put up Russell and Lydia, and if one of them comes down, Michele will go up. He explains in the DR it’s hard for him not to let out he has the power, but it’s really hard not to tell her.


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