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Big Brother 11 – A Strategic Overview of Week Four

The lines have been drawn. This week Russell, as HOH, decided to see where everyone’s allegiances truly lied by putting Ronnie up on the block. And Thursday it was revealed that the house was split; and by a vote of 4 to 3, Ronnie was sent packing. With Ronnie’s eviction, floaters have been forced to take sides. It has become Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, Lydia, and Michele against Jessie, Natalie, and Chima with Russell playing both sides. Also, it has been revealed that America voted Jeff the power of Coup D’Etat, a power that allows him to remove up to two players from the block and put up two new players during the live eviction show.

So now that everyone has chosen a side, how will this affect the game? Will there be any realigning? And where do the players stand strategically?

She could care less about strategy. She is just going to do what she wants to do. Lucky for her, her alliance with Jessie and Natalie should be able to convince her not to put Russell up on the block because that would be a mistake. Russell hasn’t picked a side yet, but putting him on the block would ensure that he isn’t on their side.

I knew it! Of course America loves Jeff, and now he has the greatest power in the house, the power of Coup d’Etat. The only question is, will he use it wisely? Jeff, whether he likes it or not, has become the head of the Jordan, Lydia, Kevin and Michele alliance. And who is the head of the other alliance? Jessie. What Jeff needs to do now is use his power to nominate Jessie and Natalie. It’s his best move. Jessie, the bigger threat, will be evicted. Chima won’t be able to play in the next HOH competition, so it would be the rest of the house against Natalie.

There’s no question Jessie is playing a better game than he did last season. He’s doing a fairly good job of laying low, but his unsuccessful push to keep Ronnie in the house may have been too much, and in doing so Jessie has put his own game in jeopardy. With this new power in the house, Jessie has even more reason to worry. After Russell formed an alliance with Jeff, Jessie has become the biggest target. He needs POV to ensure his safety.

No one is targeting Jordan. No one. And her alliance with Jeff is among the strongest in the house. I don’t see her winning, but she’ll certainly go far.

While Michele has chosen a side, she still hasn’t found a strong ally. Kevin could be this ally. Kevin, Lydia, and Michele would be a nice sub-alliance and a counter to the Jeff, Jordan, and Russell alliance.

Lydia has a huge target on her back, and she’s not even a threat. That’s just poor game play. She has an ally in Kevin, but not much else going for her. The best thing she could do right now is stay out of trouble; let the more aggressive players dig their own graves.

Michele chose her side a long time ago when she refused to promise Jessie and Natalie safety, but it took until this week for her to make it official. There’s no turning back now. Did she pick the right side? I think so, but she still needs a close ally, someone she can trust. She tried to find that in Russell, but it blew up in her face when she started sharing private information.

So far she has just been riding Jessie’s coattails. But Jessie is not going to be in this game forever, and when he is gone she is going to have to figure out a backup plan. For now, though, Jessie is a nice cushion as it is certain that he will be targeted before her.

For someone who is said to know the game inside and out, he really didn’t seem to know how to play it very well. Ronnie was given a second chance when Jessie won HOH and didn’t put him up. He should have stayed loyal to the alliance of Jessie, Natalie, Chima, and Russell, but because of his continued lying, he single-handedly destroyed his own alliance. He was already caught in several lies, so he should have known better. There’s no reason to talk to Lydia about Russell being a liar. Ronnie loved this game. He loved it so much that he played even when he should have kept his mouth shut.

He started this week out great, but ended almost as badly as Ronnie did during his HOH week. The secret alliance with Jeff was a great idea, and one that Jessie unknowingly started. If Jessie hadn’t suggested Russell make a deal with Jeff, maybe everything would have been different. While I’m not impressed with his behavior in the house, I do like his position. He is aligned with both Jeff and Jessie. Jeff should trust him because he kept his word this week about getting Ronnie out. And Jessie, at this point, can’t afford to turn on him. With the numbers dwindling in his alliance, Jessie needs all the allies he can get. So at the moment he is sitting pretty, but he needs to be wary. No matter which alliance he decides to stick with, nothing is permanent, and he needs to remain flexible.

Question of the Week
So according to Big Brother, the power of Coup D’Etat can only be used if the person wielding the power doesn’t reveal that he or she has this power. Here’s my question of the week: Why don’t the houseguests go around and force everyone to say that they have the power?

So how will these strategies pan out? Stay tuned to find out. I’ll be back next week with some more strategic musings.

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