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Big Brother 11, August 6th – Get Out the Door, You Dork!

Don’t Let the Door Hit Your Ass on the Way Out

Eviction time! Bye Ronnie! (Oh, sorry, I got ahead of myself in my excitement there.) Julie mentions the “power” that has been handed to one of the hamsters, and says that if he or she would like to use it, now’s the time to do so. (Jeff can use it this week or next, after which time it expires.) No one stands up, but everyone looks suspiciously at one another. Jeff is smiling, but seems inconspicuous enough.

Speech time. Lydia does the “I’m grateful to be here and glad to know you all” thing and sits back down. Ronnie tears up while thanking everyone involved with the show for allowing him to play the game and fulfill a dream of his, and then says that he’s learned to see the good in everyone. He says that there is good in everyone in the house, except Michele. He stops short of calling her evil, but does say that she’s the worst person he’s ever met.

Now, I could write pages and pages on the hypocrisy of all this, and call Ronnie out for being a total waste of space on the show. But I think we all see it very clearly, and hopefully, once he gets home and calms down a little, he will as well. So we’ll simply move on.

The votes:

Kevin – Ronnie
Natalie – Lydia
Chima – Lydia
Jessie – wah wah wah wah (Lydia)
Michele – Ronnie
Jeff – Ronnie
Jordan – Ronnie


Julie tells Ronnie the good news (well, it’s good for us, right?), and he’s off. He hugs everyone but Michele (lucky girl), and tells them all it’s just a game. Michele wastes her breath telling Ronnie she never meant him any ill will, but he tells her to be silent. What an idiot.

Ronnie comes out of the house with his arms in the air, and the live crowd is actually cheering. Surely production tells them that they have to clap no matter who leaves, right? Julie calls Ronnie out a little for his tirade against Michele, suggesting that he could have used the same words against himself due to his actions earlier in the game. He says it’s different, because he was actually loyal to Jessie, Natalie, and Chima. Puh-leeze. Ronnie says some other stuff, but I’ve already added him to my filter by now.

The exit videos are pretty lame, except Michele’s. She gets the last word, saying that he backstabbed her over and over again, and then she tells him, “get out the door, you dork!” Yay Michele!

The HoH Comp, Which Makes No Real Difference This Week

The power is now back up for grabs, which is Julie-speak for “it’s time for the HoH competition.” It’s a true/false thing, based on the “advice” messages that viewers had sent in. Julie says that the messages had been played all night long the night before, which isn’t true at all. They were finished before anyone actually went to bed. But I digress.

I’m not going to bother transcribing the actual questions, because there’s no point. The only interesting time to do that is when the viewers vote on the “most likely” things, and this clearly isn’t one of those. Here’s the order of how everyone went out though:

Question 1: Lydia and Michele are toast
Question 2: Everyone gets it right
Question 3: Jessie is out (yay)
Question 4: Jordan and Jeff are done
Question 5: Kevin and Natalie are out

And that leaves Chima as the last woman standing, and the first female HoH of the season. This is perfect! Perfect, I tell you! Why? Because Chima will make lame-o nominations (some combo of Lydia/Michele/Russell, I’m guessing), and neither Jessie nor Natalie are guaranteed to play in the veto comp. Then, Jeff can use his Coup power and nominate Jessie and Natalie next Thursday, and one of them will be gone! Woo!

Of course I’m projecting my own wishes onto Jeff, but wouldn’t that be a fun ending to next week’s live eviction episode?

There’s some time left at the end of the episode for more hamster questions. In short, Chima gives Ronnie a shout-out for studying with her for this HoH comp, and she’s looking forward to the power this week more than the goodies. Lydia would get a large key with the number 11 on it as a tattoo to commemorate her time in the house, maybe with Kevin’s name on it because he’s her “sugar bear.” (Gag.) Finally, if he could choose anyone in the house to give a makeover to, Kevin would pick Natalie. Although he pretends to make it a random decision, which is hilarious.

And that’s all for this week, folks! I’m already excited about next week’s live eviction. We all know how quickly things change in that darned house though, so I’m just really hoping that Jessie and Natalie don’t suddenly become Jeff and Jordan’s best friends.

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