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Big Brother 11, August 6th – Get Out the Door, You Dork!

It’s live eviction night once again, and probably the last time we have to watch Ronnie on the show. So, by all accounts, it’s a good day! We’ll also find out who’s going to get the Coup D’Etat. I assume, by all of the support he gets online, that it’s going to be Jeff who wins that. But really folks, if y’all gave it to Jessie, I’ll be hunting you down.

On with the show.

To recap: Casey the Angry Banana left last week, Russell won HoH after the most awesome endurance comp ever (really BB, swinging them around AND whacking them with a giant diploma? Awesome), Lydia and Ronnie were nominated, Michele won veto again (woot) but didn’t use it, and lots of fights have been going on. I think that about covers it.

Julie greets us wearing a cute yellow outfit. Seriously, where does this woman find these adorable maternity clothes? I always felt like I resembled a farmer in my maternity overalls. Russell is sitting in the house wearing a suit jacket for some reason, and Lydia has decided to use makeup to create a black mask over her eyes. Anything for attention, that’s our Lydia.

You Know What They Say About Paranoia…

After the clip of the veto ceremony, Ronnie DRs something about Michele proving her disloyalty by not using the veto on him. As if there was ever a chance that she would have. The self-righteous rarely have much insight into their own actions though, so it’s not surprising that Ronnie thought he had a shot at coming off the block.

Michele and Jordan are outside talking about books. Well, actually Michele is saying that most of her books are “brain books,” as in about the human brain, rather than actual “reading” books. She also laments the fact that she doesn’t have enough time in her day to actually sit and just read. I hear ya, sister. Jordan is just nodding and smiling.

Russell comes out during a lull in the conversation, and thinks that the girls are plotting against him. He confronts them, and Michele and Jordan both say they were talking about “literature.” Russell doesn’t but it, and this leads to an extreme bout of paranoia. He ends up talking to Michele in the HoH room, where she tells him about the plan a couple of weeks ago to backdoor him (didn’t she already tell him all of this?) and how Chima warned her not to trust him.

Russell goes to Jessie with this information, and Jessie lies to his face, saying that Chima has never even mentioned his name as a possible nominee. Russell buys it completely and wants to talk to Chima. Jessie goes to get her, but before she can go upstairs, Natalie corners her and tells her to “play nice” and keep the lies going.

Chima goes upstairs, and when she hears that Michele is the one who blabbed, she goes to get Michele and bring her into the conversation. This move I really don’t get, because it’s not Michele who’s lying. What happens after that is even more confusing. Michele comes up and says that she never said Chima was after Russell. What? Michele, you’ve got the truth at your back. Let them have it!

This whole thing blows up, and somehow ends with Chima and Russell shouting at each other all throughout the house. Michele apparently was stunned that a private conversation with Russell was immediately shared with the subject of said conversation, and that’s why she denied it all. Michele, honey, have you MET Russell or his allies? This is what they do!

It might be pertinent to note that earlier in the week, Russell and Chima had agreed to stage a fake fight in the house, right after the veto ceremony. I’m not sure that this is what they had in mind, because they’re still pretty upset with each other, but there it is.

Now we get to watch Ronnie try to get an extra vote to stay in the house. He thinks he can try to confuse Jordan into giving him a sympathy vote, which is both hilarious and ridiculous.

Suddenly we get night vision, right after Jeff tells us from the DR that he wants to move in for a kiss with Jordan. Jordan’s laying in bed, and Jeff climbs over her and … mission complete. Sadly, Ronnie decides to come in, lay in his bed, and start yapping about votes and how he’s been good to everyone in the game. Jeff and Jordan try to ignore him, but Ronnie farts. Then he keeps talking. Which basically sounds the same. Finally, Jeff gives up, telling us that this is just another reason to vote Ronnie out this week. Hee.

Talking With the Hamsters

Time for Julie to talk to the prisoners houseguests. Jordan stayed out of the fight between Chima and Russell, but says it was entertaining to watch. Michele admits that the atmosphere in the house is tense. Jessie is asked about eating slop, and when he replies all I can hear is “wah wah wah wah.” It’s a mental reality TV personality filter, and I’ve fine-tuned it after all of these years.

After a commercial break, Russell and his suit jacket are in the HoH room. He says that he got emotional and said some things he shouldn’t have to Chima, and that he’s since apologized. Then he tells Julie that no one has done this yet, but he wants to thank her for all of her hard work on the show, and that she’s beautiful. Or something. Julie sees it for what it is – B.S. – and tells him that buttering up the host won’t get him anywhere.

Finally, Julie asks Russell about his alliances with Jessie and Jeff, and which one he’s actually loyal to. He says that he’s loyal to both of them and will try to keep both alliances going until he’s forced to choose.

America Votes … and Gets it Right

Now we get to see who won the Coup D’Etat. This person was called into the DR earlier in the week and given the good news. We see a pair of hairy legs walking towards the diary room. No, it’s not Natalie, it’s … Jeff! Woo! He’s surprised and actually seems quite humbled, which is refreshing. He has difficulty pronouncing “Coup D’Etat,” which I’m choosing to find cute. Jeff thanks “America” (and Canada says “you’re welcome” too, by the way), and adds that we must be really seeing what’s going on in the house.