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So You Think You Can Dance 5, Aug. 6 – Mom Always Knows Best

C has to pick a routine whether he likes it or not. He breaks it down for us … real quick. Hah! The Jai Ho was the most intricate of any Bollywood numbers that have been featured on the show. Any time you’re blessed to be on a vessel to facilitate dance, that’s a blessing to him. It’s Caitlin Kinney and Jason dance to the song made famous from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. This is another one from week one. I normally am just not that into the Bollywood routines, but this one I liked. And it’s another dance that ends in a kiss. Lots of kissing going on tonight. As Cat points out, Jason gets to kiss all the girls.

The top four now step out onstage, and Evan Kasprzak looks like he’s wearing clown pants. It’s an interesting outfit. We’re getting some results. One person will now be done with their journey. In fourth place tonight is Kayla. That’s not such a surprise. She says she will remember working with all the choreographers, especially Mia as she can push a dancer to get something out of them you never thought was imaginable. She then trails off into what seems like a Miss America speech.

Adam picks another favorite routine and gives it up for Mia, as its usually very dark and emotional, but in this particular piece we got to see a light, fun side, and he’s a butt man tonight. It’s the butt dance, Randi Evans and Evan dancing to Koop Island Blues by Koop Feat. Ane Brune. Ah-ha, that’s why Evan had the interesting outfit on. I’ve missed Randi, I have to say. I know she wasn’t one of the best dancers, but she just had such a fun personality, and I don’t know if any of the other girls could have pulled this one off like her.

Mary picks another routine, and says it’s still fresh in her dance, as it usually represents a fight to the death. It’s the paso doble form last night with Jeanine and Brandon, choreographed by Louis. Gee, he’s becoming a new favorite on this show, isn’t he? I mean Louis, not Brandon. Could this be the 1st and 2nd place finishers of the night? Maybe that’s why they’re fighting to the death.

Evan comes and joins them onstage as it seems we’re about to get another result. We’re about to find out who the third place finisher is. Indeed third place goes to Evan. Again, it’s not a total shock. He talks about the moment last night when the entire place was chanting his name, saying how fantastic it was. He also thanks everyone for their support, and says he never thought when he auditioned with his brother that he’d be standing here. And “heck yeah,” he’s going to keep on dancing.

Another of Nigel’s favorite moments was when Mary admitted to using Botox. She slaps him and asks him what’s the matter with him, saying this night was going so nice and was so classy. More seriously, he says every season Mia manages to touch him with her choreography in a profound way. Her routine about Addiction did it for him this time, with Kayla as the addict and Kupono Aweau an extremely terrifying, malevolent addiction. They dance to Gravity by Sara Bareilles. Kupono just has the right face for this type of “malevolent” routine. Most of the judging panel is in tears.

Back by popular demand, it’s the Rage Boys Crew, the troop of really young dancers, dancing to Feel It by Colby O’Donis & Mauli B. I have to agree they are fun to watch, and if there was any of the guests that came back, I’m glad it was them. It’s just … fun. The youngest boy in the group, 7, shows us that he lost his tooth, but he admits he lost it in a back handspring off the couch. Not good, Young Man!

Tyce picks a Doriana Sanchez disco routine for a favorite, and says it’s fan-friggin-tastic, and it requires two well-oiled machines called Brandon and Janette. Tyce danced to this song when he was 12, so it really resonated with him. Dancing to Loving Is Really My Game by Brainstorm, I have to say of all the disco routines, this was one of my favorites.

It’s our last judges pick, and Mia picks a very tender piece, choreographed by Tyce, and danced by Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi. I was wondering why we hadn’t seen them yet. It broke her down in front of millions of people. It must be the cancer one, and indeed it is. Some news came out this morning, and Tyce shares with us that his friend that he choreographed this for found out she is cancer free. The announcement gets a standing ovation. Here’s Melissa and Ade, dancing to This Woman’s Work by Maxwell. It makes me cry all over again. He tries so hard to help her fight. Christina Applegate in the audience, a survivor, is crying as well. She’s with Lance Bass.

Before our last group dance, the judges’ table has mysteriously emptied out. Our top eight dancers are dancing again to One from A Chorus Line. I’m not sure when Melissa and Ade had time to get these costumes on. At the end, the judges coming out dancing. Lil’ C isn’t in the mix, though, interestingly enough. Apparently they were taking a key from Kara DioGuardi on the American Idol finale.

It’s time. That’s right. It’s time for the announcement of the winner of this season. Jeanine and Brandon are back out onstage. Nigel recalls saying last night that he thought these two would be standing here right now, and they justly deserve to be there. It’s corny to say everyone’s a winner and would detract from the actual winner. He did find out earlier who the winner was and is absolutely delighted. He begs Cat to tell us already, or let the rest of us in on it, since he knows. He can leave now, we can’t. The winner is … Jeanine.

Jeanine never thought auditioning for this show would lead her to such amazing people. She’s spent her life looking up to amazing dancers, and has always wanted to be a role model. She never thought she would be giving an acceptance speech at the Kodak, but thank you Academy. She used to hate dancing when she was little, but now she thanks her mom for forcing her to go, as she never would have been here. See? Mom always knows best. Now I just need to convince my own kids of that. She’s going to remember this moment, the other dancers, Jason and Travis and “that whole thing,” and Cat, who is shocked at only being number four on the list. And now the confetti falls, as the other dancers finally get to congratulate Jeanine, and it’s Vitolio and Max that boost her up on their shoulders.

Mary was right last night. Jeanine peaked at the right time. All along we thought it would be Brandon, but last night, I was sold on the possibility of Jeanine winning, right along with the rest of America. There was just something special about her performance over last night. We didn’t get to see Paula, but that’s okay. I trust Nigel will take great care of her when he meets with her in Las Vegas.

And the best part of all? We get to do it all over again next month! Maybe we’ll see Paula then.

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