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So You Think You Can Dance 5, Aug. 5 – Peaking At the Right Time

Our last chat with Cat comes from Kayla. She first started to dance when she watched Singing In the Rain with her family, and she turned and said she wanted to do that. Her mom took her to dance classes, and ever since, she’s been doing it every day. They talk about how emotional her grandfather is, and she knows her grandparents are very proud of her. They’ve told her they’ve never seen her dance like this, and she knows they’re not seeing what she really likes to do. She’s gotten amazing reviews from the judges, including being called White Lightning. Her favorite routine was My Addiction with Kupono. It hit people hard and the fact they were able to hit home with people was awesome. They’re inspiring people and showing them love and entertaining, and what they did was unique and touched them. She believes she can do this, as she never gives up.

Kayla dances her solo to The Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), and it’s an amazing bit. I think Jeanine’s tops hers, but still this is nonetheless amazing.

Adam talks about the season more than the solo, as the solo didn’t show who Kayla is. The competition is for America’s favorite dancer, but there have been some of the best dancers he’s ever seen in is life on the show, such as Travis Wall, Will, Danny, and Kayla just wormed her way into that special club.

Mary tells Kayla she is simply and plainly gifted. She’s been touched by an angel somehow and has a spirit about her with a quality of movement, her legs, extensions, and the lines she makes. She’s exquisite. Mary loved her solo.

Nigel thinks what has been difficult from the beginning is that while Kayla was the first they put through to the top 20, they’ve all been vociferous saying how much they loved her. Tonight she finally brought the personality as well. He thanks goodness she ended up in the top four, and that the audience didn’t decide not to vote for her, feeling she was so safe after all the great comments she’s received. He thinks she definitely belongs here.

Four our last routine of the night, we have Jeanine and Brandon working with Louis Van Amstel on the paso doble, and he’s excited to work with them as he worked with them once before, yet not together. There are plenty of tricks Louis wants to do, and Brandon points out the speed is going to be a push for it. Jeanine calls these crazy lifts, lifts she hasn’t done before. She’s become good friends with the floor during the show, and today even closer. Louis thinks she has no fear, and Brandon gets a challenge and takes it. Together as a couple, they’re amazing.

With the final dance of the night, Jeanine and Brandon take on Tetsujin from The Matrix Revolutions soundtrack. They are definitely bringing the passion needed into this dance. They’re both very fiery, and it quickly became my favorite routine of the night. You can literally feel the energy bouncing of the two of the them together. That’s that thing that Kayla lacks that Jeanine has. You can feel it coming off her. It’s amazing, and Brandon is capable of the same thing. Together? Wow.

After a judges’ standing ovation, Adam wants them to know why everybody is standing up. He says it’s in the transition and in the small parts between. They filled out everything in between with the intensity and the moves. It never ended, the movement never ended with so much strength and power. He calls the big move killer and thinks they shredded it tonight.

Mary gives her scream for the one and only time tonight. On a personal note, Louis is a close and personal friend of hers, and she couldn’t be happier that he’s having this moment with this, as this routine was absolutely phenomenal. They had just the right intensity, the syncopated moves and promenade with the strongest frame they’ve seen all season and all the little things. She doesn’t think the paso doble is any more perfect for them. There is one more thing she has to say and that’s a giant scream.

Nigel gets her back, screaming into her ear. He said it last week, that things can be made enthusiastic with music and lights of a piece, but they really did carry it off. It’s a great one to finish with with the music, and Brandon was like a race horse racing to get out of a stall to do things with this woman. She was ready for him, and Nigel was ready to do it to her too. Mary hits him with her note pad, as he says he means the dancing. They are in the front for him this evening and are inching the other two just a little bit.

I think Nigel said a lot there, other than the fact he wants to do Jeanine. Jeanine and Brandon definitely have the edge over the others. I thought Brandon was definitely gong to take it last week, but watching this week, it could very well be Jeanine. Kayla is nonetheless amazing, but lacks the fire of the others, and no one is better than Evan at his own personal style, but that’s where the comparisons end.

Just as I typed that out, I find out the judges aren’t done. Mary puts the judges on the spot asking who they think is going to win. Adam says Brandon tore it up, Jeanine became a dark house, Evan may be one of the most popular contestants ever, and Kayla one of the best dancers he’s ever seen. He has no idea. Cat asks Mary if she can be more of a man than Adam, and she says she absolutely cannot, and is glad it’s out of her hands. Nigel has said his feelings for Evan, and while Evan is such a lovely lad, whatever happens tonight, there’s another Kasprzak coming in season 6. Kayla is so beautiful, and they say it ever week. He wished her personality came out sooner. She could have done no more than she did tonight. However, he thinks the winner tonight is going to be Brandon or Jeanine, as they give each other a giant hug.

I think it’s pretty clear.

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