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So You Think You Can Dance 5, Aug. 5 – Peaking At the Right Time

Adam calls it like watching the world’s biggest wardrobe malfunction. He tells Mia her work is so special, and to bring a concept piece liked that, it was a big undertaking and very risky. It was like watching two thoroughbreds reaching. They were up there fighting for their lives, but together. He just can’t say enough about how much he loves them and is excited for them.

Mary calls it a relevant concept, shedding all those layers from the time they auditioned, the heck they go through in Las Vegas, the anguish and anxiety before they step on the stage, and to make it this far, the layers kept peeling, so all you’re left with is their heart and soul, and they laid their heart and souls out on the stage. It’s definitely another piece by Mia that will be well-remembered. She is never going to forget it, and these are the two strongest women they’ve ever had on the stage.

Nigel remembers Mia’s done this before, as Danny and Neil were princes against each other. When you see two facing off like this, it’s easy to see who you like more. He also remembers Joshua and Twitch, and thinks this will stand out this year, as a version of the 7 veils. It didn’t go on long enough for him though, and it took me awhile until I realized he meant until even more layers came off. He thinks Jeanine has peaked at the right time.

Cat now sits down to talk to Evan, and while he auditioned once before, and didn’t think he would this season, the head of the music theater department at his school told him he should. He talked to his brother, Ryan, who agreed to come audition with him. It was a dagger to his heart that only one of them made it to the top 20. The toughest thing about doing the show is being away from his family. He thinks people vote for him because he’s the first Broadway dancer on the show. His favorite routine was not surprisingly the butt routine with Randi Evans that Mia choreographed. He does think he can win the show, and says he’s definitely dropping the hammer and bringing the thunder.

For his solo, Evan dances to The Best Is Yet to Come by Michael Buble, and starts it out with some amazing flips, and again, I can’t say it enough, he looks like Gene Kelly out there. Or a shorter Dick Van Dyke. He’s just so natural and easy.

Adam tells Evan it was really interesting, as it was a variation on his audition piece. It was an interesting calculated risk on his part, as it will either make people crazy or remind them they’ve seen it. But what he does, he does unbelievably great.

Mary thinks the solo did do it for her because Evan is unique and does his own thing. He did bring his own style to the show and has excited millions of young Americas in this generation into a style that could be lost and forgotten. He has brought new energy to it and people have fallen in love with it and in love with him. Kudos to him.

Nigel does think Evan has something special, saying he brings the aaah factor, as people say aaah, isn’t he isn’t he cute, isn’t he lovely? Nigel loves watching him do the Broadway style; he loves watching him do it. Yet he doesn’t think he’s grown as much as he’d like to see. Does he think what he’s seen there is as strong as he’s seen Brandon and Jeanine dance tonight? No, he doesn’t.

Evan and Kayla got together with Tony Meredith and Melodie to work on the jive. Melodie mentions the dancers are exhausted at this point, but they’re not going to hold back. One of the simplest steps of the season is being thrown at Kayla, yet she’s really struggling with it. Melodie thinks with tight and short and sweet and sound technique, Evan and Kayla will be fine. It’s is the finale and there isn’t room for screwing around, as Evan says it needs to be picture perfect.

The two come out and dance their jive to T.R.O.U.B.L.E. by Travis Tritt, and Evan starts it with some great high jumping kicks. They weren’t kidding when they called this fast. Tony and Melanie of course used Kayla’s great lines in a few points, which is good, as the jive isn’t one you’re going to find a lot of lines in, but they found a way to work it in.

Adam tells Tony and Melanie they know he loves them, but he’s not sure if this is finale level routine for him. He gets booed again as he says, “Score!” Mary argues with him about country western, as he moves into the dancers. He thought Evan’s lift series was fantastic, as Kayla went over in great rhythm in slow motion. He just didn’t feel it was competitive, and it didn’t reach out to him to make him want to call.

Mary is sure there will be people to pick up the phone because Evan and Kayla are so well-loved. She thinks the routine was phenomenal. But as far as the dancing, she doesn’t think Evan was as strong on the Jive. And he had it before, and knows the legs really have to be pumping. The leverage, the connection they have to have, the arm movements should have been jamming. They were two dancers in their own world instead of using each other for power and speed. Mary thinks Kayla stole the show with it, as she was jamming up there.

Nigel thought they both came out with guns blazing in a great county western jive routine. They’ve been saying all night to bring personality, and he doesn’t get to finish his thought, as the crowd shouts out “Evan, Evan, Evan” making the guy tear up a little. Nigel wants to know from Kayla where the personality has been all season, as she’d be riding straight home if she put that together with that technique. It was beautiful to see.


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