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So You Think You Can Dance 5, Aug. 5 – Peaking At the Right Time

Adam gets up and shouts and flails around screaming it was so good. He has to be honest, as it was always those two he pictured seeing here in the finals. Having them here is just like heaven. There is nothing Kayla can’t do, and it’s an honor to have her on the show. Brandon was an animal out there just now. He looked at the propeller thing and said, “This is sick.” They tore it up, and it was unreal.

Mary tells them they’re terrific. They’re rock stars, they’re dance stars, and they’ve been front runners from the beginning. They’ve been fabulous as partners, and if they dance again tonight together she doesn’t expect anything less from the two of them. They are super heroes, he is a super hero dancer, and she is super woman.

Nigel thinks they showed why they are here in the final four together, and he points out a thing he saw them do together which he’s never seen in a pair. He thinks Tyce Dioro was strong as well, and says he’s the only choreographer he knows named after a cookie. They both brought entertaining to the audience. He asked them to fill the stage, and they did. When he had his heart attack, he didn’t have a beautiful blonde girl throw her leg over him, and he’s glad, as he would have had another heart attack. He thinks the show is beginning now.

Cat now sits down with Jeanine. She first started dancing when she was 3. Her mom had wanted to be a dancer, and when Jeanine was born, she was the one deemed to dance. She loved it when she was younger, but she was bad. She’d then come home sobbing, not wanting to do it anymore. Something about it told her mom someday she’d be good, and in 20/20 hindsight, Jeanine’s glad now. There have been moments when her family felt sorry for her on the show starting and ending with the Russian folk dance. She was fine herself, until she realized what she was wearing, but Phillip Chbeeb tried to calm her down. Her favorite was definitely the contemporary piece with Jason, as she felt very comfortable with him. She admits that the kiss at the end of that was not choreographed. Interesting! She thinks she has what it takes to win the show.

For her solo tonight, Jeanine dances to Por Una Cabea from The Tango Project. This is very unique. Who expects a tango solo? It’s beautiful, though. And that spin … wow. And who’s giving her a standing ovation in the audience? Mr. Travis Wall, along with the judges.

Adam says, “Are you kidding? Those pirouettes you just did, did you know you’d be able to do that? Dude, that was a risky solo. You could have fallen out of that, Man. You just killed it.” He is so happy for Jeanine. She is such a beautiful woman. He loves her body, shape, smile, and her dancing is so full of all the warmth and kindness he sees her doing backstage. She doesn’t need that stupid plastic flower, as she’s the only beautiful thing that needs to be up there, and she just fought Brandon back.

Mary tells Jeanine from the first moment she laid eyes on her, she was always a standout. Never say never. She saw her coming, and peaking right at the right time and has been growing every week, and has elevated every one of her dance partners as they can count on her ever single time. She lifts people. That solo was the best thing she has done on this show, the right thing at the right time, and everyone knows it.

Nigel calls it a brave solo and says Jeanine pulled it off; there’s no question. You don’t win the lottery unless you buy the ticket, and she’s in the final two as long as he’s concerned. As an equal. Brilliant.

Evan and Brandon got together with Laurieann Gibson to learn a pop jazz routine,and she calls it amazing to work with the top two boys. She’s beyond motivated to push them to a place of no return. The story of the piece is that the guys are in a battle to win, fighting over the number one spot, and only one of them can have it. They’ll find out who really wants to win.

It’s Nasty, by Janet Jackson as the backdrop, which I would have never thought would have two guys dancing to it, but whatever. It’s a great choreographed routine, and they do amazing in it, but the music choice is just hard to get past for me. It’s so connected to Janet Jackson, and to see the guys dancing to it in black leather just doesn’t put enough testosterone in it for me.

Cat asks why all the nice girls love a nasty boy. Adam admits to being at a little bit of a crossroads, saying Evan got a little dusted. As he gets booed, he explains it’s his job. Adam couldn’t get past Evan’s natural sweetness. He had the character, but it felt like a character, whereas Brandon went in there and got nasty and dirty.

Mary asks Evan what the nastiest thing is that he’s ever done. Cat reminds Mary that his family is in the audience, and as the rest of the family puts their fingers in his grandmother’s ears, Evan jokes the list is so long, it makes it a toughie. Mary doesn’t believe he’s ever done anything nasty. He’s likable, and Brandon hit everything and made it a little bit sharper. She thinks Laurieann did a really good job with the both of them.

Nigel wants it known that if you speak to the choreographers, everyone will say that Evan’s work ethic is beyond reproach. He’s brilliant and puts everything into it, but there isn’t a nasty bone in his body, along with his choochi face. It’s really unfortunate that he got nasty boys, as Mr. Nice Guys in that isn’t going to sit comfortably. But along with that, Brandon outdanced him, and that’s what will be difficult.

Kayla and Jeanine now take the stage together, as they learn a contemporary routine with Mia Michaels. She says the piece takes place from stage left all the way to stage right. The entire time it’s a journey, and Kayla likens it to the journey throughout the competition, to shed layers to get to where they are now. Jeanine says metaphorically it’s what they have to go through in life, just leaving it behind them. The timing is intense, as it’s complex.

Starting from stage left, Kayla and Jeanine dance to The Four Sections: IV by Full Orchestra Steve Rech. They’re kind of like birds with lots of fluffy feathers on them as they dance, and as they grow, they shed another layer of feathers every time they drop one of their skirts. Side by side, they’re both dancing the same, but Kayla has those lines that just can’t be denied.


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