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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 5 – Creamed by the Spinach

Tonight they will have some Hollywood celebrities in the dining room. Drew Lachey, John O’ Hurley, Melinda Clarke, and Tom Green arrive. I have to question why Tom Green and his date have drinks in their hands as they walk up from the parking lot. When walking in, Chris “Kid” Reid says a couple of times that he is hungry. I am guessing he has never seen the show before. Kristy Swanson wants to order something that can’t be screwed up.

Jim and Ariel must prepare and serve the amuse-bouche before any other food can leave the kitchen. Amuse-bouche is a small one or two bite appetizer that is served to the entire table as a gift from the chef. Ariel is already presenting to the red dining room; Jim is moving a bit slower in the dining room. Robert compares him to Shaggy from Scooby Doo. I think he may be a little star struck.

The Red team starts serving appetizers. Poor John O’ Hurley, love him, feels like he is a cow that has just gone over to the salt lick. It is Tek’s capellini that has him feeling like a farm animal. Tennille steps up and makes it for Tek. I would think that someone who is so bothered when people step into her space would not do the same thing to someone else in the kitchen.

By the time the Blue team starts getting appetizers out of the kitchen, Red is on to entrees. Lovely is also having some difficulty and is helped out by Sabrina. Andy is now slowing down entrees. Robert is turning red and screaming at Andy. You know you are loud when Chef Ramsay has to tell you to turn down the volume. Lovely seems to be lost. Do you think the producers of this show cast some people not on skill level, but their ability to possibly render Chef Ramsay speechless?

Suzanne is now having the same problems with the lamb that the blue kitchen had. They cut the pieces too thin to serve; it seems every service this is a problem. Dave returns from the hospital and seems more driven than the rest of the Blue kitchen.

Both teams are down to three tickets; Chef Ramsay tells them the first team finished wins. They are neck to neck till the last ticket; then we see some new testosterone released. Chef Scott gets right in Jim’s face when he tries to serve raw chicken, but they bounce back. The winner was literally determined by the sides. Lovely lost it for the red team with creamed spinach. Suzanne made the mistake of questioning Chef Ramsay, and asking for a play by play. That’s a good way to make an impression with your potential boss.

Sabrina is complimented on her excellence during service and asked to nominate two people for elimination. She nominates Tek because she lost momentum on the first ticket and never recovered. Her second nominee is Lovely for failing service tonight.

Chef Ramsay points out that this is Lovely’s third time in front of him. He points out that she is slow; and she responds that she is so quick he can’t even see her. “Holy crap”, I just love Gordon Ramsay. Tek tells him that she is passionate about food and has an excellent palette. He tells her that she sunk the kitchen. Before he makes his decision he calls out to Suzanne and asks her who she would send home; she says Lovely. He agrees and asks for her jacket.

Suzanne feels that Chef Ramsay listened to her and sends Lovely home, and that she is a force to be reckoned with. She feels that everyone should be threatened by her and that no one has seen the bad side of her yet. Robert is finally happy and wants to continue to bury the women and crush their hopes and dreams. He should bury that poor broom. This season is almost tiring from all the drama.

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