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Hell's Kitchen, Aug. 5 – Creamed by the Spinach

As I collect my thoughts before watching Hell’s Kitchen, I can’t help but wonder what will happen tonight. This is only the fourth episode and already we have seen tempers, meltdowns, injuries, and fire trucks. The contestants are having trouble cooking everything from scallops to garlic bread; don’t even get me started on their customer service skills. What can tonight possibly bring to the table? I don’t know, but weekly I am reminded as to why this is my favorite foodie show.

Tonight’s’ show promises more of the same. After the contestants are sent back to their living quarters it becomes obvious that the guys are not the only ones with tempers this season. Suzanne seems to really get under Tennille’s skin when she tries to take charge during dinner service.

The following morning Chef Ramsay addresses the lack of teamwork on both sides; he tells them that in his kitchens everyone has to work together. Have you ever heard something as an adult that flashes a childhood memory in front of your eyes? I just had the clearest flashback of being 9, at summer camp and not getting along with another camper. The counselor tied our hands together for 24 hours.

For the next challenge Chef Ramsay makes pairings of contestants, Tennille / Suzanne, Van / Andy, Robert / Jim, Ariel / Sabrina, Kevin / Dave, Tek / Lovely, and Amanda sits out. It’s funny that he paired up Kevin who has two injured ankles with Dave who has an injured wrist, and I think they are the strongest team.

The challenge is making sausage; it must be a perfect 6 inches for Chef Ramsay. The first kitchen to make six chains of six sausages wins. There are quite a few ladies that are not familiar with the process, but all of the men are. I am glad I don’t eat sausage after watching this; the chefs must blow into the casing to open it.

Tennille and Suzanne are the first team to qualify a chain for a point, followed by Kevin and Dave. Red scores another with Ariel and Sabrina, and another with Lovely and Tek. Andy and Van score one for the guys, but seriously, if this was about team building skills, Van’s constant screaming at Andy is missing the boat. Red scores another, followed by Blue’s 2. Tennille brings another bringing the score to 5-4; Lovely finishes with the win. Van looks like he is going to explode.

The guys will have to spend the day cleaning the dorms, while the ladies go to an Oktoberfest. Before they even start cleaning testosterone is flying. Robert is angry with himself and Jim, but tries to take it out on Kevin. It’s going to be a fun day cleaning. The ladies are greeted by a polka-playing band out in the parking lot to start their reward. JP meets them at the Old World Village in Huntington Beach for dinner, which as near as I can tell consists of sausage and beer.

Robert is not done taking out his anger. Chef Scott tells him that he needs to bring this passion to the challenges, not show it after when they lose. Robert starts yelling that he almost died for this last year. He then proceeds to kill an innocent broom.

The following day the two teams go in to prep for dinner service. The women seem to be getting along great and really bonding. Let’s see if that holds up when something goes to the pass raw. Over with the guys, no one is talking, and the mood is very different. Dave goes up to the dorm only to hear that his wrist is fractured, he will need a full arm cast, and won’t be able to move his thumb. I can’t help but feel bad for him when he talks about how much he has given up to be there. He goes up to talk to Chef Ramsay, and points out that it is the weaker, left hand. Dave decides to stay and goes off to get his cast.

For dinner service tonight Chef Ramsay asks Jim and Ariel to work the dining room. Dinner service starts before Dave can get back, so the Blue team is down two people in the kitchen.