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Big Brother 11, Aug. 4 – The Power of the Floater

The first question is how many jewels are on the chariot. With guesses of 350, 123, 200, 340, 515, and 365, everyone decides to fold but Jessie. He’s awarded the first point. Chima states that there are 514 jewels, and with Kevin’s guess of 515 being just one off, he would have won had he Stayed. Next they guess the amount of arrows on a shield. This time, the guesses are 879, 85, 215, 200, 490, and 125. Lydia, Michele, and Ronnie fold, with Jessie, Kevin, and Russell deciding to stay. There are 213 arrows, and Ronnie was guessing 215 before he folded. Kevin has to leave, guessing a total of 490. Lydia is upset to lose her only hope other than herself.

Our finely dressed competitors are asked to estimate the number of grapes on a platter. It wouldn’t make a lot of wine, though. Their numbers are 401, 241, 320, 240, and 313. Michele folds with Ronnie. Lydia, Russell, and Jessie all stay. There are 947 grapes. Russell wins again, having guessed 320. Lydia it out with a guess of 241. That will take some bitter wine to get over. They next have to guess how many marks are on the gladiator’s belt. They guess numbers from 280, 245, 270, and 101. Michele is the only one to Stay, winning a point. There were 177 marks total.

Next, the players guess the amount of Ronnie’s fellow rats. The guesses are 51, 46, 125, and 78. Michele is the only one to Stay again, earning another point. The total was 149, not including Ronnie. Michele calls out Ronnie’s intelligence in the DR for continuing to fold every round when he was clearly in danger. The next guesses are on the amount of feathers on a helmet. The guesses are 68, 163, 95, and 130. Michele and Jessie are the only ones to Stay. The total is 92, leading Michele to a victory in this Power of Veto competition. She keeps getting more and more power in this game. Ronnie is already trying to figure out Michele’s price.

Everyone is congratulating Michele in a great victory. Ronnie meets up with her in the pool room and says he isn’t above begging. He even tries to get her into their alliance. I love how she doesn’t care. Later when everyone is outside, Jeff goes inside, and Michele and Russell follow to talk. Natalie and Jessie are worried seeing Russell and Michele are talking, which is bad for them. Russell is doing whatever he can to use her. They even see Jessie and Natalie outside and realizes how needy they are. Michele calls out Natalie to Russell. She starts trusting Russell, and ends up making a quick alliance.

Natalie asks Ronnie to try and get Michele to save him. He tries to throw Kevin and Lydia under the bus and threatens Michele with the power of Natalie, Jessie, and Lydia to avenge him. He is so bad at talking to her, because he isn’t able to outsmart her and doesn’t seem to like the thought of being dumb in comparison. Michele kind of got a late start in this game, but seems to finally be figuring it out. All she needs to do is think of everyone as lab rats under her control.

Chima, Natalie, Kevin, and Ronnie are scheming, and Russell gets mad at them. Chima and Russell start getting into a verbal faceoff. Russell says she is getting jealous of the other girls and says she has become the dreaded possessive girlfriend. He even briefly thinks of putting her on the block. Natalie joins Jessie in the Head of Household room and talks quickly with him about Chima. and her ears must be ringing as she shows up. She then talks with Jessie about it, and he tries to really start something.

Ronnie is tries to sweet talk Lydia, saying Russell has probably convinced Michele to take Lydia off the block and put up Natalie, Jessie, or herself. Michele is called stupid by Ronnie, and he says she will regret not saving him. How is that? He’ll go home and won’t be able to do anything about it. Ronnie of all people, says Michele has no common sense. Russell listens in as they talk about him leaving and gets pissed. Natalie walks into the room and warns them, but Ronnie doesn’t care. Chima thinks they’re going to start something.

It’s time for the anticipated Power of Veto ceremony. Chima says Michele is puppetted by Russell. Ronnie and Lydia both plead to be safe. Michele burns Ronnie at this point, telling him, “Ronnie, you can lie first,” then corrects it to saying Ronnie, you can go first. She decides not to use the Power of Veto. That’s a good move, Michele. She is still a floater, but Russell thinks she is a new ally.

The question now is if Ronnie be able to garner the votes to stay. He’s the number one target of some in the house. Chima, Jessie, and Natalie would easily vote to keep him, while Jordan, Jeff, and Kevin would vote to keep Lydia. Here’s the power of the floater again. Michele has just become the deciding vote this week. She looked to have very bad game last week when she was on the block, but suddenly in the past week, she’s become a player.

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