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Big Brother 11, Aug. 4 – The Power of the Floater

With no more cliques, the house turns to turmoil with Russell as Head of Household, nominating Lydia and Ronnie. In the DR, Russell says he wants to see where loyalties are, which is why he put up Ronnie. For his part, Ronnie is confident that he will be able to remain safe, and he has gotten out of worse situations. Jeff is excited that Russell stuck to his bargain, and says he and Jordan will try and lay low this week. Lydia is confused because of her old alliance with Russell. Well it must be you, Lydia. You even erupted at Jessie, and certainly seem to have a “special” relationship with him.

Kevin goes to comfort Lydia in the bedroom. She constantly throws a pity party for herself, talking about how she won’t stay. Kevin is practically forced to say “You will be fine.” He also states that Power of Veto changes everything. Yeah, but you need to be more competitive in the competitions and able to win them, then you can have power as such. Kevin tries to convince Lydia that she’s only going up against Ronnie, which is good, seeing how he is only competitive at Mario Kart and persuasive speaking.

Ronnie goes to the Head of Household room to try and talk Russell out of evicting him. Good luck, Rat. Ronnie pleads how sorry he is. He even tries to fake some tears. Russell knows what Ronnie is doing and notes how bad of an actor he is. Chima is next to go meet Russell in the HoH room. She is really laying on the flirting big time. She brings up how she wants Lydia gone. Russell, though, gets mad because he really wants to be a mongoose and get rid of the snake, yet the snake always seems to find a way out of everything.

Natalie and Jessie are lying down briefly, and Natalie says she wants Lydia gone because she is trying to get between them. Well, that’s because Lydia and Jessie have been fighting for Jessie’s attentions since the beginning. In the DR, Jessie says how he likes Ronnie much better than Lydia. Chima even says that Lydia needs to be gone more than Ronnie. Russell agrees, but then gets mad at him, and goes off on how much Ronnie sucks, and how he lies. Natalie and Jessie want him to stay over Lydia, but I’m not so sure how smart of a move it is.

As Natalie and Michele play pool, Natalie tries to get Michele to keep Ronnie and get rid of Lydia. Michele says she doesn’t trust Ronnie at all, and in the DR says she can’t lay low anymore. Jessie comes to join them, and I honestly think he’s stalking Natalie. Everywhere she goes he tends to just pop up. Michele asks his opinion on the issues, but he circumvents around an answer. Jessie tries to push along this floater.

Russell yells to the house that it’s time for the Power of Veto comp. All I notice at first is Lydia’s pants that pretty much scream the word “GOLD!” Ronnie is afraid to see three names show up as they pick partners, Kevin, Jeff and Jordan, since none of them would use the Power of Veto to save him. Lydia only really wants to see one name, and this is her “Sugar Bear,” Kevin. Russell picks Michelle, and nobody, especially Natalie, wanted her to be picked because she is a floater. Ronnie picks Jessie and seems oddly excited. Lydia’s dream comes true as she chooses Kevin’s chip. To test hosting abilities Russell chooses new new “Lovebug,” Chima.

The competitors walk outside dressed in finer threads than Julius Caesar. There is even a sign that reads Vini Vidi Veto. Lydia mentions seeing statues and arrows. Michele points out the chariot reading “Chimacus” and how it’s obviously Chima’s. Jeff points out a real guy standing in the middle of it all dressed as a gladiator, and Kevin wants to “touchacus.” The competitors have five minutes to observe all things in the backyard. Ronnie sees a box with rats and claims to be starting a T Minus countdown to “Ronnie’s a rat” jokes.

Kevin says the Power of Veto is important because he can ensure his and Lydia’s safety. Ronnie wants himself or Jessie to win, because he knows Jessie will save him. He doesn’t want Kevin to win for the opposite reason.

The object of this Power of Veto is to obtain three points, and one point is awarded each round. The questions will be about the items in the backyard, and each answer is an amount. After the players see each other’s answers, they can either stay or fold. Unlike a game of poker, they get to see what the others are holding. If they fold, no point can be awarded, but they are allowed to stay for the next round. If their answer is the furthest away and they choose to Stay, they are eliminated form the comp.