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Big Brother 11, August 2 – The Snake, The Mongoose, and the Frogs

Jessie tells Natalie hopefully they at least don’t go home. He tells her the deal is that Ronnie is supposed to go home, yet they know Russell can’t control everyone’s vote. She asks if he even wants Ronnie to go home, and Jessie isn’t sure. Jeff tells Jordan he tried to cut a deal and tells her that above all, they’re safe, and he knows that. Jessie and Natalie continue to complain to Russell about Kevin and Lydia dropping first and getting the prizes, and Jessie mentions the end is near for them, and their floating time in the game is over, if he has anything to do with it. Russell listens, but won’t promise them anything.

Ronnie meets with Natalie and Jessie asking if they know about the deal, and Jessie says they haven’t heard. He asks if it’s something about putting him up. They tell him they don’t know and agree to tell him if he’s going up. Ronnie says his only hope is winning the mystery power, hoping that America knows he’ll use it wisely. He tells the DR he would love to wield the power omnipotently like a Jedi knight, then while still with Jessie and Natalie, pleads to the camera directly to give him the power. Something tells me he will not be the benefactor.

Russell gets his HoH room, and we have pictures of little Russell, and a picture of him with his best friend, one with his brother, in which he’s told they have the same eyebrows, and one of his sister and mother, and Kevin tells him his mom is hot. I have to say I’m not altogether sure which one is his mom and which is his sister. He reads his letter from his Pops out loud, and reads his health is improving. It’s a very touching letter form a man thankful just to be alive, and I’m sure to Jeff he realizes it was worth it, and let him know Russ is one the level. Russell says it brings the game into better focus for him, and he can only hope he’s making his dad proud.

Jeff and Russell high five later in the HoH all alone, and Jeff says he wasn’t shocked, thinking it would come down to the two of them anyway. Russell tells him he’s keeping his word, and Jeff says he appreciates that as a man, and seeing his family, he can tell he comes from the same thing he does. Russell tells him they had their problems in the first week, but that was because they were the two alphas going head to head. He asks Jeff about partnering up, and Jeff admits he was thinking the same thing. They don’t think anything can stop them, and I’m inclined to agree.

We’re still voting on the coup d’etat power, by the way. It’s not over yet. Although listening to the feeds, Ronnie told everyone it would be decided by today, and if they don’t hear from Big Brother by today, then they’ll know they didn’t win. Yet, it ain’t over yet. This means everyone will think they didn’t win it.

Big Brother has another surprise for the Have Nots, and that’s that they have Squids and Squash added to their menu. Everyone says ewww, and Jeff thinks it smells a little funky. Jordan notices the black things look like eyeballs on the squid and is told they are eyeballs. Natalie says it’s better than eating nothing, but Jessie just says, “Whatever.”

Lydia comes into Russ’s HoH to talk to him before nominations. She says she’ll do whatever she has to to keep herself off the block. Lydia tells him when he got this room, he turned into a completely different person, so sweet and loving. Well, that’s pretty much out there what she’s saying, isn’t it? She also tells him she’s interested to see what will happen with the cliques and hints about “certain people” on his team saying they will put him in the block when they get the chance. She then names Natalie and Jessie point blank. If he wants to target a little weirdo, though, that’s fine.For the record, that was her word for herself, not mine.

Jessie is the next one in for a visit, and he’s followed of course by Chima and Natalie very closely. Russ tells them what Lydia said, and Jessie warns him to not let Lydia drive a wedge between them. Chima says it pisses her off and calls Lydia a bipolar drama queen, and Jessie notes that it’s interesting this didn’t come out until Russell was in power. Natalie agrees, saying she always follows whoever is HoH.

Ronnie knows he could be nominated this go-round and also heads into the HoH to talk to Russell. He tells Russ it’s not even his business what the deal is between Russell and Jeff, but if part of the deal is to put Ronnie up, when he was HoH and people were chirping hardcore wanting him to put Russell up, he put himself out there for Russell, as it’s what he and his team wanted to do. He claims he never wavered for a second, even though he told us and most of his teammates all week he wanted to put Russell up. He wants Lydia and Kevin up as floaters. Russell agrees he doesn’t like the goal of playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Ronnie knows he’s persuasive and a good manipulator and hopes he pulled that off.

I just love how Ronnie likes to changes the facts. He says he is somewhat on the same team as Russ and that he did keep him safe, but he doesn’t necessarily trust him. He obviously forgets about his DR sessions telling us his goal was to get him out of the house. Lydia has a feeling in the pit of her stomach telling her she’s not going to be pulling her key. Kevin fell first and got $5000 and knows it gives Russ an excuse to nominate him. Jeff hopes he made an ally in Russ that before he didn’t think could be made. Russ promises to start shaking up the game, something that everyone has promised to do so far, but hasn’t yet done.

At the nomination ceremony, there are no safe clique keys pulled right off the bat. The keys pulled, in this exact order are Jeff, Jessie, Jordan, Chima, Michele, Natalie, and Kevin. This means Lydia and Ronnie are on the block. Russell explains he chose Ronnie because he slapped him in the face when he went behind his back (and he works in both cliches!) when he talked to Kevin and Lydia in the room. It was Russ behind the door that heard verbatim what Ronnie said, and he lied to every single person in the game. He’s been a snake, but to catch a snake, you need to be a mongoose, and Russ is the mongoose.

Jeff calls Russ’s nominations on the money, following through with his promises. Things are looking good for him. Lydia says to be nominated dos times is not a happy feeling, and she’s going to fight like H-E-double-hockey-sticks and do whatever to stay in the house. Russ hopes Ronnie doesn’t get the mystery power and turn them all into frogs and win the game. Ronnie says he’s not just a snake, but a king cobra, and many times the king cobra kills the mongoose.

Judging by Russell’s speech there, I’m inclined to believe him, and don’t think he’s looking to backdoor anybody. I think judging by his order of nominations it shows his personal order, and I think it’s by an order of who he feels is there to really play and who he feels is floating or just coasting by via someone else. Jessie may not always be an ally, but I think he respects his gameplay. I think it was putting Natalie and Kevin on notice, telling them they better start playing to win. Let’s see how they do.

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