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Big Brother 11, August 2 – The Snake, The Mongoose, and the Frogs

Wow. I can’t believe I just wrote August for the date in the title. That means we’ve been in this Big Brother house nearly a month. We just had our first endurance comp this week and need to get the show started tonight to find out who won Head of Household. It could be interesting, since the cliques were taken away. Not that they were doing any good anyway, as none of the cliques worked completely together anyway. Even more importantly, who won the mystery power?

We start off tonight seeing the houseguests being spun around and slammed into the giant diploma. Chima asks if she can just get her G.E.D. And as far as the end of the cliques, she says, “See ya later, Dorks!” Russell knows he needs to win, as it’s the only way to guarantee his safety with the cliques demolished. Jeff never felt a part of the athlete clique, so being split up, it’s his turn to take a shot at them. Natalie isn’t happy about the clique thing being done, knowing she was looking pretty being able to depend on the other athletes to keep her safe. The girl is a bronze medalist in tae kwon do. She needs to start playing.

The water starts pouring on the houseguests as they are spinning, and Jordan says it’s getting colder and colder. Ronnie shouts out that that’s nothing to him. The spinning is making Natalie dizzy like an amusement park ride, but Russell is whipping off his shirt. Jeff appreciates Casey not going down without a fight, yet now all he has left is Jordan, making it bittersweet. Natalie calls Casey a very bitter banana walking out the door. But if memory serves me correctly, it was her that was a little out of line. Russell is keeping to himself that he was the vote to keep Casey. Jessie can’t compete as the outgoing HOH, so needs to rely on his alliance.

Kevin is the first to drop after 21 minutes and says it feels so good to be off the contraption, he doesn’t care who hates him. Lydia asks Kevin if he’d hate her if she drops, and he replies he’d never hate her. She drops at 25 minutes. Jessie looks completely ticked off with these two in his alliance, nevertheless is compelled to tell Kevin he gets to pick the first graduation gift, being given to the first five to fall off the swings. He gets $5000. He’s happy, because he’s broke. The greed side “was like yes,” but the Big Brother side was hoping nobody targets him for it. Lydia gets a 42″ flat screen plasma TV, which she says will be an upgrade from the 12″ busted VCR/TV she stole from her ex. Apparently she’s goes through life the same way she goes through this game. Jessie isn’t happy about them dropping willingly, yet getting great prizes. It’s a big deal they didn’t try, and he won’t be forgetting that anytime soon.

Russell knows the weaker players are tempted by the easy way out and the prizes, but he’s in it for the real prize, HoH, and will be holding on until they cut him off. As the water starts again, Natalie is gagging, as Ronnie says later in DR he’s hearing the symphony of the puking noises, and knows the vomit will make him sick. He’s the next to fall after 46 minutes. Natalie is still having a hard time, as Jessie tells her to concentrate on one spot on the wall. She half falls and drags her feet, then falls at 49 minutes. She says she got to a point where she thought she was going to faint, as her body could no longer take any more. Jessie calls it the worst feeling in the world when she fell and says all his eggs are now in Chima’s basket, meaning he’s only thinking of himself. Are we surprised?

Ronnie picks a prize and gets an empty box. Natalie sticks with lucky #1 and also gets nothing. With five people left in the game, Jeff knew it was going to be a long night, and he’s in it for the long haul. He knew either himself or Jordan needed to win. Jordan recalls later that her legs were getting numb after an hour, and she falls at 1 hour 16 minutes, with Jessie smiling. She was pissed to fall, though, and felt like she let Jeff down. She gets the last prize, and that means she’s a Have this week, but at the end of the competition, she has to pick three Have Nots.

Michele doesn’t feel she has any true friends in the house, so is going to play her hardest to guarantee her safety. Her and Chima are the only girls left, and Chima takes some big hits with that diploma, as Jessie notes she’s getting battered around like a pinball, yet still holds on. Kevin, at least I think it’s him, tells her she’s his hero. She knows she holds the fate of Jessie and Natalie in her hands, so she really needs to do this. Nevertheless, Chima falls at 2 hours 22 minutes. Jessie feels as if he pulled his parachute with nothing coming out. Again, apparently only concerned with himself, instead of being grateful for her for staying up there for him.

Michele vows to hang on as long as possible as the stakes are too high for her, and she’s just hoping the only other two in the game still, Jeff and Russell, slip up and make a mistake. For Russell, this is the point in the game when you begin to question if it’s worth it. Jeff is hurting and wants to jump, but knows he can’t. Jessie starts mouthing to Russ about making deals, telling him to make a deal with Jeff about getting Ronnie out. Russ indeed says something to Jeff about it, and Jeff promises to discuss it after Michele drops Jessie says later he just wanted to be sure Russ was on his side.

Sore all over and freezing, Michele is barely hanging on, and says the diploma is starting to hit harder and harder. She’s half way off her swing, and Russ tells her just to drop, or she’ll “rip.” Her body or her clothes? She tries, but she’s hanging by her feet at 2 hours and 41 minutes. Jessie, Kevin, and Ronnie go out there with a towel and help her down.

After three hours, Russell says the pain is unbearable. Jeff tries to catch the water in his mouth as they spin around, then gives thumbs up to Jordan. Jeff and Russell start to make deals and agree they both want Ronnie out. Russell says he’s heard Ronnie talk about him behind his back first hand. He doesn’t trust him and knows whatever comes out of his mouth is just game. Jeff just wants to be sure he and Jordan are safe and doesn’t care about HoH. Russell tells everyone else to leave, then tells Jeff it’s just about them. Jeff is scared to give it up, but Russell just wants a letter from his dad who just had neck surgery and almost died. Way to use the sympathy card. Russell swears on his dad that Jeff and Jordan are both safe. Jeff agrees ad drops at 3 hours and 38 minutes.

This gives Russ a new respect for anyone like Jeff that can compete on his level. For his part, Jeff says if Russ is the man he is, he’ll keep him and Jordan safe, and that’s ultimately what he wanted from the beginning. Russell is happy to be HoH and says finally he gets to do whatever he wants. He’s going to put some people on their ass. As soon as I saw there were two martial artists in the house this season, I knew they’d have a big advantage in endurance comps. I’m a martial artist myself, and one of the things we work on is balance and rooting yourself, and extreme advantage here. Had Natalie not been suffering from motion sickness, she could have lasted as well, as she was looking very balanced and rooted.

Jordan now has to pick the three Have Nots and doesn’t want it to put targets on her back. So she puts names on a napkin and draws them from a graduation hat. They didn’t mention it on the show, but from the feeds I can tell you that she didn’t put Jeff in there because he bitched since he nearly won, and she didn’t put the brains in there since they’ve already been Nots twice. That left just the Offbeats and Athletes minus Jeff and Russ. Natalie is the first one drawn, and has a slop pass, so she just has to take cold showers and sleep on the cold slab for the week. She can still eat. Kevin is the next name drawn, followed by Jessie. He’s pissed, saying there’s no way he’d lose a food restriction competition. He pouts about it, and Lydia calls him a big baby. Yep. That about covers it.


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