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Top Chef: Masters Ep. 7 Commentary – Elimination is a Dish Served Cold

Quickfire Bits:

• Tom joking on how the masters don’t do their own prep work anymore, you forget that until you see them struggle a bit with skills, or with shopping. One of the more interesting things about this series.

• Winky commenting on Data’s Jedi powers while beating Theoden on the oysters. The marriage of Star Wars and Star Trek in a single Top Chef reference.

• Chaos’ making a “cry me a river” comment during the onions. Sadly, my mind went right to Timberlake. I feel weird about that.

• Chaos surely drops his famous names a lot, doesn’t he? The Randy Jackson of Top Chef.

• Loved, loved, loved the old photos of the chefs. Theoden as a boy, The Lo graduating, and of course, the photo to inspire the Doobie!

• Data’s story about sometimes spitting her mom’s fish into her napkin – a tad ironic after the grouper incident, no?

• Did you feel bad about The Lo’s poor lobster trying to escape? Sorry, sweetheart.

• Chaos has a problem with eggs. So strange because as we have learned on this show eggs and soup seem to be the mark of a great chef, and Chaos is obviously great.

• Winky has non-stop bad jokes and can get quite annoying. I like all of them, but I am running out of patience with him.

• Extra scene – Chaos being funny. Ha. Ha.

• Theoden actually knows the differences between regional sea urchins. He’s like a superhero.

Next week. Zooey Deschaniel. What, does she have a movie coming out?

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