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Top Chef: Masters Ep. 7 Commentary – Elimination is a Dish Served Cold

Next, the chefs cooked their signature dishes for each other. Amazingly, they don’t see the challenge coming; they clearly have not seen enough episodes of this show. The signature dishes:

Theoden. Lobster and Truffle Cappuccino with Corn Madeleine.

Chaos. Seared Grouper with Hearts of Palm, Trumpet Mushrooms and Meyer Lemon Zest.

The Lo. Seared Scallops with Potato Puree and Bacon, Sea Urchin, and Mustard Greens.

Winky. Fennel Balsamic Quail with Mosto Cotto Mostarda, Sautéed Greens and Roasted Apples.

Data. Chopped Sirloin with Green Peppercorn Sauce and Fried Egg.

Doobie. Rack of Lamb and Black Pasilla Chile with Mission Figs.

The Challenge. Cook one of the others’ signature dishes and reinvent it. Theoden gets to pick which one he wants because of the team winning the Quickfire and his having two turns, even though he was losing after he finished. He picks The Lo’s dish, and thus she gets his. The others randomly pick and despite Winky not wanting to pair with Doobie, he gets selected. That puts Data and Chaos together.

They will be serving the usual crappy panel, along with six defeated challengers – Rick Mooren, Ludo Lefebvre, Elizabeth Faulkner, Michael Cimaruski, Christopher Lee and Mark Peel.

Chaos. Ground Lamb, Scotch Egg, Sweet Potato Fries and Tomato Tart. The egg is universally disliked, the fries are loved.

Doobie. Quail with Parsnip and Prosciutto Stuffing over Wild Greens. They are all stunned that the Mexican genius cooked in Winky’s Italian style and did it so well.

Data. Roast Grouper with Gnocchi, Peas, Bacon and Parsnips. She plated the meal 10 minutes too early and the dish winds up being overcooked and cold. It’s a shame, because she may have done well if she didn’t make that error.

Theoden. Seared Scallop with Cream of Sea Urchin over Fingerling Mashed Potatoes. Universally loved.

Winky. Rack of Lamb Stuffed with Fig Mostarda, Chick Peas and Fried Rosemary. He gets hit for a seasoning problem and Mark describes it as being the good beginning of a dish.

The Lo. Corn Chawanmushi, Champagne Gelee, and Lobster Biscuit Sandwich. She calls it soup and sandwich. It is universally loved.

The judging is useless as usual. Bert did set up Doobie for a good line, “Nobody has said fresh innocence in my presence in years.”

Doobie and The Lo are the top two with The Lo winning. Looks like it is Top Scallop after all.

Doobie. 5 from QF, 4.5 from diners, 5 from Bert, 4 from Gael and 4.5 from Jay.
The Lo, 5 from QF, 4.5 from diners, 4.5 from Bert, 5 from Gael and Jay.

The others…
Winky. 4 from QF, 3 from diners, 3.5 from Bert, 4 from Gael, 4 from Jay – 18.5
Theoden. 5 from QF, 4 from diners, 4 from Bert and Gael, 4.5 from Jay – 21.5
Chaos. 4 from QF, 3 from diners, 2.5 from Bert, 3 from Gael, 2.5 from Jay – 15
Data. 4 from QF, 3 from diners, and 2.5 from all the others – 14.5

Chaos tears up, Data shows little reaction. Whatever. One down, five to go.