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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 30 – Introducing Your Final Four!

I’m not even wasting any time on a lengthy intro here. We all know the importance of tonight, and the votes were probably too close to guess who will be voted out tonight and not make it to the final four.

I wonder if this group number tonight is Wade Robeson, as we have slow moving clowns dancing to Send In the Clowns. I do have to say it’s a really good routine, either that or it’s just the really good dancers we’re seeing. It’s just a little out there, which usually means Wade Robeson. Evan looks very very sad at the end. I wonder if he knows people are saying he’s probably going home. Ah-ha, it’s Tyce Diorio. Really?

Cat is joined onstage by Jeanine Mason, Kayla Radomski, and Melissa Sandvig. Honestly, to me, I can’t imagine losing any of them. Mary thought Jeanine’s second routine last night saved her from going home. Melissa had to do the quickstep that’s taken out more than a few dancers. Lil’ C thought they Kayla was beyond amazing. One of them is being sent to the finale right now.

It’s Jeanine. She’s beyond thrilled. C calls her worthy indeed, saying the nature of this contest is savage, demanding, and formidable, and survival of the fittest, but also of the most open-minded and most dedicated, and who’s the hungriest. Week after week, Jeanine has proven she is the epitome of what he just described.

We have our first Emmy-nominated routine of the night with Jessica King and Will Wingfield dancing to Silence from the Unfaithful soundtrack. Ah yes, this is the one where they were half-dressed. We liked it. We still do. I’m also diggin’ Will’s new hair.

Cat now brings the top three guys onstage. Ade Obayomi, with pick, had praise from Lil’ C for getting down finally. Evan Kasprzak, the only one in a tie, was the other half of the quickstep and the judges expected more. Brandon Bryant was told he had one of the best solos ever last night and had a standing ovation.

The first guy being sent to the finale is Brandon, and honestly it’s not too much of a surprise. His mom picked a great week to finally visit. I hope they let Mary, his biggest fan since day one, address him. She’s on her feet. She points out that there were a few people that will remain nameless (Mia Michaels and C) that thought he shouldn’t be part of the top 20, yet she has believed in Brandon since day one. He has been proving himself every single week, and the one thing she’s going to ask from him next week is to keep believing in himself and dance from his heart.

We get another Emmy-nominated routine. It’s Mia Michael’s Mercy with Twitch and Katee Shean. Yea! It’s the Door routine! I think there might even be more animosity involved in it than there was last year. Katee has some wild hair going on too. Chelsie and Joshua do another Emmy-nominated routine with A Los Amigos. She still has hips that move, but we knew that from watching her on Dancing With the Stars. He’s still in top form as well.

We also get to see the solos of the four in danger of going home, and just as they’ve been since the final ten started, they’re the same solos they performed last night. And let’s be honest, we love watching all of these, but don’t we feel a little cheated since they already called Brandon safe and we don’t get to see his solo again?

The JabberwockeeZ are here tonight to dance a special routine to Freak-A-Zoid by Midnight Star. They have some Friday the 13th masks on along with what looks like safari hats and red safari uniforms, although I thought they were red scrubs at first.

It’s our last Emmy-named routine for the night, and we have Chelsie Hightower and Mark Kanemura with Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. We know this one well, as we see a little bit of it at the start of the show every week. And although Kupono Aweau got credit for being like Mark since they were both from Hawaii, I have to give a big edge to Mark.

Sean Paul takes the stage to sing his song So Fine, and this is definitely wrong, as it’s not in the spirit of the thing, but I really don’t care about this right now. After seeing the great performances from last season and also the four solos, I just want to see who’s going home.

Kayla and Melissa are brought onstage to find out the last girl in the finale, and it’s Kayla. Her family is of course ecstatic. So is she, celebrating with Jeanine and Brandon, as Cat shows Melissa’s video package. She says she can’t imagine not dancing, and to make it this far, she’s proud of herself. Her husband is there sign-less and blowing her kisses. She admits to doing things she never thought she’d do, and she’s so proud of herself. She wishes good luck to all the ballerinas out there and thanks her husband.

Now Evan and Ade are up to hear their judgement. Nigel says they don’t have losers on the show, and you can look at it that that we only have one winner and nineteen losers, but he doesn’t. He thinks every second on the program you’re a winner working with these wonderful choreographers. At this point last season they lost Mark and Chelsie, and look where they are. Umm, they’re still here kind of. The guy moving onto the finale is Evan. I have to say I’m a little surprised. I know he was popular, but Ade seemed to have a little more talent. I’ll miss his pick. He says dance means the world to him and this only added to it. Of course, his package closes with that really high flip he did.

Whether your favorites made it through to the final final four, you have to admit it’ll be one great show next week. The talent this time has been amazing, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. No, I can’t.

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